Mother of Accused BYU Fan with Disabilities Speaks Out

The Defender Reports: Doctors File First Lawsuit Challenging California Law That Seeks to Punish Physicians for COVID ‘Misinformation’

Who defines "misinformation"

Note: Doctors like Andrew Wakefield and Bob Sears blazed this trail of tears whereby medical professionals can lose their licenses for doing their job.  California used measles and autism as the groundwork for draconian control and paybacks all in the name of public health.  From The Defender at Children's Health Defense:

Doctors File First Lawsuit Challenging California Law That Seeks to Punish Physicians for COVID ‘Misinformation’

Two doctors on Tuesday became the first to file a federal lawsuit to stop a new California law that subjects the state’s doctors to discipline, including the suspension of their medical licenses, for sharing “misinformation” or “disinformation” about COVID-19 with their patients.

Dr. Mark McDonald, a Los Angeles psychiatrist, and Dr. Jeff Barke, an Orange County primary care physician and founding member of America’s Frontline Doctors, filed the complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

The lawsuit names 12 members of the Medical Board of California and California Attorney General Robert Bonta.

The plaintiffs also filed papers seeking a preliminary injunction to protect their free speech rights as the case unfolds.

Barke told The Defender:

“[This new law] puts patients at risk. Requiring physicians to consider the state’s narrative when making a medical decision, is bad medicine and dangerous. Consensus in science only occurs when dissenting opinions are censored.”

Commenting on the lawsuit, Mary Holland, president and general counsel for Children’s Health Defense, said, “California’s new law is a clear violation of the First Amendment. It’s startling that the legislature and the governor would even attempt to pass such legislation.”  Read more at The Defender, and please share.

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Morag Lyons

RETURN THE BILL TO SENDER .@ Headquarters for festering forensic flunkies . Containment sector for the "Forensically Furtive" Define Furtive !

Catch 22 /Consent and truly informed consent issues for Health and Social Care Practitioners .
See- duck and hare picture .
Do ewes want to be a sitting duck or a jack rabbit heading up a hill ? Because that's your choices ,that's your options ,so you can take it or leave it !

United Nations Substainable Development Goals > World Economic Forum > World Health Organisation . Will Not gagg Health and Social Care Professionals because the do not possess The What With's to do so over issues of consent and truly informed consent ,
Even if they prescribe "That no one is safe until everyone is injected with Covid -19 gene therapy injections "
Misinformation/Disinformation, disintegrating headquarters ,with superimposed , self anointed ,psychodelic tin foil diadems delusions ?
Dung definitions are not a dung deal, as dung definitions unavailable !

Pandemic or non pandemic gagging bills - can get sent for an emergency long stand for a bag of emergency IV saline solution , With strict standing orders. Not to dare return ,WITHOUT THE ESSENTIAL LEGAL PAPERWORK . pink /yellow /white copies required also .
The 12 Tasks of Asterix ; The Place That Sends You Mad . YouTube

Anonymous Person


Special diet cafeterias on the horizon?

"Different not disabled" yells the ND movement:


An astute comment:

"Cheryl • 4 days ago
This violates the legal requirements of client-professional relationships.

A physician-patient relationship is a client-professional one. The same as a client-professional relationship with a lawyer, financial planner, dentist, mental health, caregiver, nurse, contractor, anything where the professional has a license to practice the profession.
The processional is required to provide FULL and COMPLETE information to the client. That allows the client to make a fully informed decision.

Nowhere is this more critical than in areas where the clients life and health is at risk. Citizens have the absolute right to demand that the state never invade these relationships to affirmatively prevent the client from receiving information.

The state has made a blanket decision to practice medicine. That violates the rights of citizens to gather information with which to make fully informed decisions. It violates the laws which govern the practice of medicine.
To practice medicine an individual must have
*** a license to practice
*** a client-professional relationship with the individual
*** paid up malpractice insurance
The state fails these requirements.

The state does not have the right to decide that clients can no longer be given all the information. Where are the citizens groups suing the state for this violation?

The state of California has violated it's oath to provide legal protection to the citizens."

Morag Lyons

Very good ,the unsinkable Titanic review is long overdue on a public platform . Do not remind them that every single time they loose their temper in public , that they loose their argument , every single time !.

The Declaration of Arbroath T-shirts available 0n-line for less than the price of a Covid -19 gene therapy injection .
However, dress code control freaks, may blow a fuse ,in a control freaked out temper tantrum! in a public court room ?
Face masks no use tae man nor beast , face mask elastic mandates , does confirm, by it's actions that sometimes the law is an ass?.

Another political pantomime, getting played out by comical comedians ?
I don't fancy their chances much ,as their definitions of misinformation and disinformation are grounded in semantic sludge . We can, and we will, fudge their nomenclature nudges senseless and
dizzy if required , any time ,any place, any where !
The crew from the Strath- Bungalow Park Caff, wishes ewes all the best !
Mel Gibson did a version of the real history , Braveheart .

Chewing the fat ,Ronald Villiers, Actors Life , -YouTube
Ronald Villiers did a version of Braveheart ?
Please help them sort out their consenses perception, with contorted constipated blockages , It is
simply not true, that all people do wear underpants elastic, at all !


Thankful for this lawsuit.


This is a very important lawsuit!

Dr. Mark McDonald and Dr. Jeff Barke are doing a great service to the American citizens and are helping to uphold our Constitution.

Happy Columbus Day!
Check out the "Mysteries Behind our History"

Angus Files

If it weren't for Dr Wakefield standing up to the pharma liars and useful idiots, the damage and murder of the innocents would have been much more rapid and higher numbers dead. The pharma cartel needs stopping Dr Wakefield and Bob Sears should have the equivalent of the highest war medal available as it is a war with pharma as it continues genocide against the human,in its weeding out of the healthy by vaccine. Thank you Sirs.

Covid origin theory blown open as China stockpiled West's PPE 'months' before outbreak

Pharma For Prison


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