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We are Looking At A Winter of Severe Prices and Struggle

901BE83A-185C-4BD3-8D44-0EB51B4350E2About 9 months ago, the President of the United States issued a stark, morose message to Americans, casting us into two groups. Not Democrat and Republican, as one might expect. But vaccinated and unvaccinated.

“For unvaccinated, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death… for themselves, their families and the hospitals they’ll soon overwhelm,” Biden continued. “But there’s good news. If you’re vaccinated, and you have your booster shot, you’re protected from severe illness and death, period.”

In the Age of Autism Community, we believe in medical freedom and choice for readers and for your children. We have readers who were compelled to take the Covid vaccine, and readers who will never take one. All welcome. We know that President Biden's words did not come true, neither the praise nor the punishment.

Today, in the colder climates, we are looking at a Winter of severe prices and struggle.  Autism families are not exempt from the vagaries of the economy, in fact, I think we are hit harder than most. Autistic adults who rely on Supplemental Security Income live below the poverty line unless someone (raise your hand with me) subsidizes them. Inflation is catastrophic for the autistic.

 AofA is "Headquartered" (yes, you may chortle) in Connecticut. We're in the region called New England, and our weather has cold, snowy and icy winters. We're also one of the oldest regions in the country; our homes are ancient by standards in most other areas of the country and converting to natural gas is often expensive and impossible. According to Massachusetts statistics, 48% of residents heat their homes with fuel oil, electricity, propane and wood, with fuel oil having the largest share behind natural gas. I decided to look at the price of fuel oil in my area. The last time we saw such high prices was in 2014. A fuel oil tank holds 275 gallons. A full tank fill this week will cost $1262.25. Usage averages 10 gallons a DAY in the dead of winter. That's less than a month of fuel. One thousand two hundred and sixty two dollars a month. The average Social Security benefit for the elderly is just over $1500. The highest SSI benefit is just over $800. 

Heating cost is just one home economics line item skyrocketing. Food. Auto fuel. Electricity. Water. All of our basic necessities are under pressure.  If you need help, there are programs through your supplier. Your electric company can run a low or no cost energy audit, help with insulation and other ways to save money.

I'm worried. For the elderly, the low income, families already stretched to their limit. Far more than I was worried on December 17, 2021 when our President gave his warning.



Not in my "VERY SMALL" backyard!

Martha's Vineyard REJECTS the just arrived border crossers.
There's no SECTION 8 housing on the island for the 50 newcomers. Who knew?
The property owners called on their faithful Democrat Representative to mansplain things to the confused public....

"Martha’s Vineyard is a very small populated island. People commute from the land just to work there because there’s no housing. So, there’s absolutely no resources to deal with this. But fortunately, religious community members and local officials and now state officials are springing into action to deal with it. So, there was no ability to do it here. "

So, I guess the Obamas, Kennedys, Rothschilds, etc. couldn't afford the extra property taxes.
Got it.


Martha's Vineyard is the new Staten Island.....

Now these recent border crossers will have access to plenty of heating oil for the coming Dark Winter:

V.P. Harris celebrates arrival of recent border crossers with a LatinX themed BLOCK PARTY!

If you want free transportation, media coverage, and lots of government handouts, just take a quick vaycay to Mexico and WALK HOME.


This lady is amazing!

10 Steps to Inflation Proof Your Pantry to Fight Rising Grocery Prices


Time to think like a prepper:

Making Safe Crisco Candles
Pam's Vlog: Are Clay Pot Heaters Safe?
Emergency Heating and Lighting
DIY Solar Cooker
DIY Solar Cooker Bread Baking
Off Grid Kitchen
Off Grid Cooking with Rocket Stoves
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTLLmGqskDMTime to think like a prepper:

Making Safe Crisco Candles
Pam's Vlog: Are Clay Pot Heaters Safe?
Emergency Heating and Lighting
DIY Solar Cooker
DIY Solar Cooker Bread Baking
Off Grid Kitchen
Off Grid Cooking with Rocket Stoves


Perhaps Martha's Vineyard will open the Obama gas pipeline to help out.....

Climate Hypocrisy: Obama Installs 2,500-Gallon Fossil Fuel Tanks at Martha’s Vineyard Property
"June 18, 2022
Climate crusader and former president Barack Obama is making certain that his Martha’s Vineyard estate will have a reliable source of energy should the Sun refuse to shine and the wind refuse to blow. Eschewing “greener” options, the former president is looking to install 2,500 gallons worth of propane tanks at his 6,892-square-foot vacation home.

Three tanks — two with 1,000-gallon storage capacity and a third with a 500-gallon capacity — were approved by the Town of Edgartown, where the property is located."

"The cost of propane — and the cost of all fossil fuels — has been rising to unprecedented highs in the age of Obama’s vice president, current President Joe Biden.

It was Biden who told a young climate activist at a campaign event in New Castle, New Hampshire, in 2019, “I guarantee you we’re going to end fossil fuels.” His plan for that appears to include pricing those fuels out of existence. The average price for residential propane is up nearly 30 percent from the same time last year. The average price for a gallon of gasoline in the U.S. is approximately $5.00 per gallon, a 40-percent increase from last year at the same time."


Here's a few quotes from Obama: "You can keep your plan, period. You can keep your doctor, period. Each family will save $2500 a year on healthcare costs, period." All lies. And the Biden quote above, another lie, using the word period at the end of the sentence. Obama told Colbert his ideal situation would be to be sitting in his sweats at his home while the [paraphrasing] puppet president has a mic in his/her ear and he tells him/her what to say. It is obvious Biden has dementia and is a puppet president.

Angus Files

For the fuel example above were paying 0.92 pence per liter here in the UK. if our price was used it works out at 100 dollars more for the same fuel here in the UK.People we know are camping in their house rather than have the electricity on and buying camping bottled gas with no lights or hot running water.They could afford a bit of heat they say but are choosing to go with out rather than line the electricity company fat cats pockets.Good on them but they dont have autism and a young man attached to his computer but kudos.

Over here they are telling us schools ,etc will have to close due to the price of fuel.So were expecting a total collapse of the economy . Were told its because of Putin. This being the case Putin must be one happy chappy seeing the damage he is doing to the west, even although he`s allegedly loosing the war in the Ukraine compensated by the kills of his enemies citizens due to fuel poverty and at the same time destroys the economy's of his enemies win win win for him.

Mean while the elite fat greedy bosses of energy firms are on bumper profits and bumper salaries ..

Fat cat' energy firm bosses earning £12m as families struggle with rising bills
Unions furious at multi-million-pound pay-outs to bosses at British Gas owner Centrica as households face shock £700 ayear increase in lgas and electricity bill

Pharma For Prison



Nutritious, veggies to survive the harsh winters ahead. They can also be fermented into living probiotic foods such as tsukemono and kimchi:









https://www.rareseeds.com/chinese-red-meat-radish (winter watermelon!)


https://www.rareseeds.com/japanese-minowase-daikon-radish (the "classic" radish of Japanese cuisine)


People in California are dying from the heat. How do you think we feel it is easier to mitigate the effects of cold weather by wearing more clothing than the effects of hot weather our electricity cost is absurd from air conditioning. I cannot sleep well during the summer months from the heat and I have HFA and other medical conditions. Heat kills more people than cold weather because the body is less used to it.

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