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Twitter Video Stirs Anger

6BD26E9E-2568-4DDA-AEA7-7762DF761C2EA video circulated on Twitter this week, said to be the home of a 12 year old boy, destroyed in an outburst, purportedly because his mother took away his phone. One would surmise that taking away the phone was a consequence of some other action. When I read the comments, I was heartsick. Most blamed MOM for not having control of her son. The leap to blaming Mom made me Tweet a show of empathy for her.  Additional comments refute the story, and a screen shot shows the Mom saying her son is 15, mentally ill, and off his medications,  6' tall and 200 lbs. The pre-pubescent Hulk. Holy cow. No matter the final facts, as Anne Dachel catalogs in her site Loss of Brain Trust, the American boy is is real trouble.

Children today are noticeably different from previous generations, and the proof is in the news coverage we see every day. This site shows you what’s happening in schools around the world. Children are increasingly disabled and chronically ill, and the education system has to accommodate them. Things we've long associated with autism, like sensory issues, repetitive behaviors, anxiety and lack of social skills, are now problems affecting mainstream students. Blame is predictably placed on bad parenting (otherwise known as trauma from home).  Anne Dachel Loss of Brain

Addressing mental health needs is as overtaking academics for modern educators. This is an unrecognized disaster. The stories on Loss of Brain Trust are about children who can’t learn or behave like children have always been expected to. What childhood has become is a chilling portent for the future of mankind.

Raging children are a daily occurrence for many in the autism community. My daughters do not rage and destroy large swaths of the house. For this, I am grateful. I have many friends whose homes had holes in the walls, bedrooms with nothing but a mattress on the floor, and broken windows. We need training to protect ourselves from our own kids, and that's a rotten thing to have to say, but the truth.

How can "the village" short circuit this youngster's rage so that he does not worsen as he enters manhood? My main thought was that this is a school shooter developing. That's how we have to think in the USA these days. "

I hope the boy gets real help, not just medication. I wish Mom a clear path forward and gentle hands to guide her. She must be well and truly exhausted. From this we know.

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I did not post this either" "The planned demolition of humanity and its youth via cyber/hi tech engineering:"

I am the Visitor from the Inflammation Highway " thread. I did not post this junk.

Rebecca Lee

I have inherited the torch, so to speak, from Andy Cutler. The protocol he figured out is what people should be trying with their kids. Ask me questions. You have nothing to lose. I am not “a charismatic psychopath” like so many out there. My brain is full of knowledge and information.


The planned demolition of humanity and its youth via cyber/hi tech engineering:

They're turning humans into 24/7 5G/6G database behavior monitored, internet-connected bio metal cyborgs akin to those found in Vexille.

Angus Files

Poor lady we`ve all been there and were still there melt downs all over the place.How much is it autism and how much is it pushing their luck with Mom or Dad only the parents try and sort that bit out.

Pharma For Prison


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