Grief in Those with Intellectual Disability
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Piles of Paperwork

A3821156-59F3-4D72-BB7A-82549C4990F0 Paper! Paper! Paper! Files! Reports! Forms! Applications! Re-applications! Lost Paper! More Paper! Many years ago, someone I used to know said I was lazy and not contributing because I didn't have a real job. AofA is certainly real. And the paperwork required and generated by my three daughters with autism could choke a herd of hungry goats. It's bad during the school years as IEPs and interim meetings and reports pile to the ceiling. If you think it ends upon graduation, I hate to give you a paper cut, but nope, it just changes. If your child receives state or Federal programming, the paperwork accelerates. Mountains of medical records, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), the Medicaid Waiver, Day program paperwork, Guardianship reports, Able account management, employment assistance, every aspect of life makes paper! And emails.

Miss a deadline? Not good. Your loved one can be dropped from an important program without your even knowing it. And no one tells you how to navigate the system. NO ONE. I know families who have every IEP in neat binders through the schools years. Scanning digital files has made record keeping a bit easier. Just don't let your hard drive crash.  Do you have a system? 


Angus Files

Only one lot of paperwork here and that was enough. The Council had him on direct payments and it was totally unworkable completely nonsensical. So we got a bit of our life back and told them to keep their paper nightmare and to keep the money that goes towards their 139k salary's ,and hope they choke on it at an expensive restaurant.

Why should the paper work be so burdensome for people and as sure as the nose on your face the adults need help mostly coming by financial help the same scrutiny is not put into the validity of the paperwork and the salary's of the creators of the paper nightmare stopping the money being claimed ,helping pharma all the way down the line bringing down the cost of care.

Pharma For Prison


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