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Order a Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit from National Autism Association

Teacher-toolkit-image-lrNo one looks out for our kids' (young and old) safety like NAA>

The National Autism Association’s Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit® is a free-of-charge safety toolkit for educators in need of wandering-prevention tools.

Please review all of the information below before submitting your application.

To apply for an NAA Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit®, you must:

  • Be a school administrator, teacher or aide working with individuals with an autism diagnosis.
  • Be employed at a school within the U.S. and provide the school address for shipping. (Homeschool programs are not eligible for this toolkit, please apply for a Big Red Safety Box.)
  • Agree to the terms and conditions stated in the application.
  • Apply only once. Multiple requests cannot be processed, limit one toolkit per school.




I have already made such a suggestion to give the child the illusion of independence. If parents started them while they were still young, it could be a training device. The parent could gradually give them more time to explore "alone" and let them gradually go further away. They have that natural healthy desire to grow in independence. I think that is why, when constantly sequestered, they make a dash for the door when no one is around to stop them. A home school setting would be ideal for this training. I would not initially trust a teacher or aid or therapist to do this. I would never condone a tracker being implanted under the skin. This is something for parents to decide if they want to commit to. If a child believes he has some independence, and has learned to handle certain situations, he may be less likely to dash off into the neighborhood unexpectedly.


My 17 & 15 year olds participate in their school’s “buddy” program. The school they attend has a really excellent program where they attempt to provide as much integration as possible by partnering students with others who may need some extra help. Without student participation I don’t know how the teachers would do it. There are a lot of truly great, heroic, teachers in my community doing everything they can to provide for these kiddos but there’s such a profound need these days. Proud of my own kiddos!

Will be passing the Toolkit along. Thank you as always AoA for all you do!!!


Some parents advocacy groups for the seriously disabled like "National Council on Severe Autism" want GPS "trackers" placed on their children to find them if they are eloping but many at Age of Autism would rant about conspiracy theories if there was such a system. What about locked classrooms and gated playgrounds? these barriers will prevent or delay wandering. Is that system "satanic" or a "violation of human rights" far right and far left idiots?

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