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Millions Against Medical Mandates Asks Why Pediatric Health Has Plunged

We are not alone in the autismn community. Millions of fellow citizens are wide awake to the grossly diminished stage called childhood. These folks are our friends, even if most are not directly involved with autism. Please join Millions Against Medical Mandates for a plethora of information and support.

Dear MAMM Community, 

Why has the physical and mental health of our children continued to worsen? Why, for instance, were only 12% of our kids experiencing chronic illnesses in the 1980s and now well over half of them are suffering from one or more of these conditions including asthma, obesity, cancer, heart disease, autism, type 2 diabetes, and autoimmune illnesses?  The idea that this is the “new normal” is a total “cop out” and blaming it on genetics is way too simplistic. 

In our feature article written by MAMM's Collaborative Communication Committee, Nate Doromal, he explores some areas steeped in science and common sense to find real answers to this critical question. 

We know that pHARMa (at best) only provides band-aid approaches to health problems.  Manufacturers of toxic chemicals could not care less about the damage they are causing to us and our children by permeating our air, food, and water with their poisons, and, unfortunately (as we saw with the COVID response), our public health system lacks depth of understanding and commitment to getting to the root cause and finding common sense solutions to address health issues.  The truth is, we (all of us) must face the task at hand.  Our children’s health and their future are up to us!

Speaking of solutions, make sure to watch The Toxic Truth About Food and What You can Do About It as well as Dr. Northrup's epic new video interview.

MAMM is dedicated to educating, equipping and empowering MILLIONS so together we can create a saner, freer and healthier future!  


Greg Hill

Thanks for the link to the MAMM website. I just subscribed.

Having grown up in the 1950s and 60s, I didn't even know what autism was until about 10 years ago in my early sixties. It wasn't until the Big Pharma-controlled medical-industrial establishment nearly succeeded in killing me with heart disease that I began to understand just how much damage to public health they knowingly doing across the board and around the planet.

Fortunately, after escaping from the medical-industrial establishment and taking control of my own health, I am now 100% medication free and my heart disease is 100% gone. At the age of 73 I am now healthier than I was 30 years ago. In the course of learning online how to make that happen, it was a video I saw by Suzanne Humphries that first alerted me to all of the problems with vaccines. That quickly led me to AofA where I discovered Laura Hayes' outstanding videos, and I immediately subscribed here.

I now understand how Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Food and Big Cosmetics are systematically ruining nearly everybody's health in thousands of different ways with all their man-made toxic chemicals, all in collusion with Big Government, Big Tech and the "mainstream media." If there is any bright side at all to the last couple of years of deliberately contrived mayhem, it is that more and more people are finally waking up the way that I started to a dozen years ago. I hear that something like 95% of the mothers of under five year olds are refusing to get their kids jabbed for the coronavirus, and a lot of them are finally waking up to the criminality of the entire CDC-recommended childhood vaccination schedule, without a single vaccine ever having been appropriately tested with proper randomized placebo-controlled trials.

With any luck at all, over the course of the next few years we will see -- largely by our helping to cause -- the disappearance of all health mandates, even at the state level and local level, along with the total discrediting and hopefully dismantling of the FDA, CDC and HHS generally. We will also see the repeal of the NCVIA leading ultimately to virtually all vaccines being voluntarily recalled by their manufacturers the same way VIOXX was. We also need to go back to sending the CEOs of Big Pharma companies to prison for their crimes, instead of just reducing the penalties they pay to nothing more than a monetary cost of doing business, as happened with VIOXX.

The bottom line for me is that even though my own personal life has never been directly affected by autism per se, I see us all as being part of a larger and apparently rapidly-growing population of victims of the corporate interests that control Big This-And-That. I'm proud to be member of that larger community, all or us working together to wrest back control of our health and our lives.

Angus Files

Thanks Emmaphiladelphia for the link the UK tried it but bottled it at the last minute..`..

In general, UK politicians have argued against widespread vaccine mandate schemes often on the grounds of liberty. The UK also already has very high levels of vaccine confidence comparatively, which has led some to argue a mandate is unnecessary.

The UK government did, however, amend the Health and Social Care Act 2008 to mandate Covid vaccination for healthcare workers. Care home workers (unless exempt) have been required to have two doses of an approved Covid vaccine since November 2021, with the option to redeploy unvaccinated workers into non-frontline roles or put them on unpaid leave until they receive both doses. This was revoked on 15 March 2022.

The mandate was also supposed to be extended to frontline health and social care workers, including staff like porters and receptionists who might have contact with patients, from April 2022.

However, on 31 January 2022, a few days before healthcare staff were required to have had their first vaccination, the health secretary, Sajid Javid, announced that subject to a consultation and parliamentary approval the mandate would be revoked. The government suggested this was due to the fact that the emergence of the slightly milder Omicron variant and more people being infected meant that the risk of hospital admission had declined, and two doses of a vaccine were no longer as effective.[1]

Mandates are not in place in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.[2]

Pharma For Prison



More reasons to be against vaccine mandates.....

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