Second, Do No Harm
Children's Health Defense: 36% Higher Risk of Asthma in Some Kids Who Had Vaccine-Related Aluminum Exposure, CDC Study Shows

Lice is Nice! AAP Head Scratcher Decision.

Arthur lousy weekAAP, The American Academy of Pediatricians says it's OK for kids with lice to remain in school. Sending them home promotes stigma and shame. Meanwhile, 100% healthy, robust, disease and presumably vermin free school children have been expelled from school and officially castigated as dangerous threats to other students across the nation for lack of one or more pediatric vaccines. What a lousy idea. The jokes just write themselves. Unfortunately, the joke is on our kids.

Children's TV used to tackle tough topics and teach kids that there was a way to get through embarrassing situations without the rest of the world having to pretend they were normal.  The PBS classic based on Marc Brown's Arthur books was a leader. They had an episodes about bed wetting, asthma, chicken pox (!) and a classic about lice. Oh, and in case you haven't checked on leprosy recently, CDC has rebranded it as Hansen's disease (not to be confused with a crush on the 90s Tween boy band) and says it's A-OK to go to work or school with active leprosy under treatment.

From the AAP Newsletter:

ITASCA, IL--The American Academy of Pediatrics has updated guidance on diagnosing and treating head lice for the first time since 2015, noting that infestations are neither a health hazard nor sign of poor hygiene but can result in significant stigma and psychological stress.

The clinical report, “Head Lice,” published in the October 2022 Pediatrics (published online Sept. 26), describes new medications for treatment and provides an algorithm for management of affected patients and clarification on diagnosis and treatment.

“Head lice are an unpleasant part of the human experience, but they can be successfully managed and are no reason for a child to miss school,” said Dawn Nolt, MD, MPH, FAAP, lead author of the report, written by the AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases, Committee on Practice and Ambulatory Medicine, and Section on Dermatology.

“The AAP encourages pediatricians to serve as an educational resource for families, school districts and communities so that head lice may be treated and managed without stigma.”
Topical agents, such as shampoos, lotions and other Food and Drug Administration-approved products containing pyrethroids are typically the first-line treatment for head lice, tiny insects whose formal name is Pediculus humanus capitis. AAP details alternative treatments if a child or teen has developed resistance to these products.

The AAP states that head lice screening programs in schools have not been proven to have a significant effect over time on the incidence of head lice in the school setting, are not cost-effective, and may stigmatize children suspected of having head lice. Instead, the AAP suggests that schools offer educational programs for families to help increase understanding and management of head lice in the community.

AAP recommends treatments that are safe and age-appropriate, should rapidly rid the individual of live lice and nits, and should be easy to use and affordable. Parents are encouraged to call their pediatrician to ensure proper diagnosis and use of products.

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Well Ivermectin does take care of head lice.


On a You Tube Channel "There's No Place Like Home" about homeschooling, the mom started homeschooling because her oldest son asked her to but she did it like regular school, strict, and so it was not so fun and her son didn't want to anymore. So she sent her kids back to school in Pennsylvania but so many things happened there so she homeschooled again, and settled on a structured form of "unschooling" called relaxed homeschooling. Anyway, they are a big family and one of her children had come home from school with lice and it went through all her children except not she and her husband. When she asked the principal why he hadn't let them know a child had lice, he said because it was a social problem. It's not like you have to name the child. Ridiculous!

Anonymous Person

Healthy children without the MOTB jab(s) (or vaccine beast marks in general) are disallowed from stepping foot into a school (and mandatory vaccines were/are required for homeschooled students in many states), yet violent, property-demolishing, screaming/behaviorally disturbed "aluminum kids" (the new 21st century Radium Girls and boys) are still allowed to attend these taxpayer-funded, pornographic, communist Anti-western civilization cesspools that barely teach a darn thing except "baby basics" - I heard of "neurotypical" teens who can't define a decimal point or do easy life skills. It's not just schools, the internet and websites targeted at youth (such as Archive Of Our Own/AO3) are encouraging and normalizing pornography including E-rated full-fledged, graphic intercourse/"fun in bed"/rape stories under the guise of "free speech" even worse than already crude/pornographic Fanfiction dot net. Young people aren't interested in creating wholesome stories anymore, let alone adventure/explorer stories such as Adventures of Tintin or anything involving Western civilization - it amazes me that these "Tumblr Kids" communist, internet-addicted screen-slaves have any appreciation of Japan, which was a free, capitalistic, Europeanized and highly advanced anti-communism country until this MOTB NWO plandemic brought it (and the world) to its knees. A Christian American man says he is one of only 5% of Japanese citizens who refuse to wear a face diaper - a whopping 95% still wear masks, even in open nature and parks! (AN END TIMES SLIDESHOW by TrumpetForYahweh) (BLEEDING STEEL (2017 MOVIE DECODE) - TRANSHUMAN EVOLUTION by TrumpetForYahweh) (SELF ASSEMBLING BIOSTRUCTURES FROM CLOT SHOT? by TrumpetForYahweh)


I have been around people with headlice as a child and did not get head lice from those people. Some examples the first time my cousin got head lice and she was treated within hours from cheap pesticide shampoo. The second time a much younger kid I knew got head lice and he did not spread it to me or anyone else. The risk of head lice spreading is even lower these days than my 1990s childhood. The real "cooties" was a body lice not the sexual kind though.

Angus Files

Makes you wonder how they will broach swollen tongue when you cant speak or eat to tell your classmates..mind you its always been like this were told its just better diagnosis or sitting in a drafty space beside a door...

Jab got your tongue? Pfizer Covid vaccine caused 'debilitating' lesions that left 60-year-old woman unable to eat for months
Painful sores worsened after each dose she received and left her unable to eat
Doctors struggled to find culprit for 9 months, during which she lost 17lbs (8kg)
The cause is believed to be Sjögren's syndrome, an autoimmune disorder.
A 60-year-old woman suffered 'debilitating' lesions on her tongue after receiving Pfizer's Covid vaccine – with each shot making her symptoms worse.

Her side effects, which also included a dry mouth and inflammation, were so painful she was left unable to eat.

Doctors struggled to find the culprit for nine months, during which she lost 17 pounds (8

Pharma For Prison


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