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Special Needs Trusts or Able Accounts?

Empowering Ability Presents a Life Plan Online Workshop

Lifeplan workshopTo do list:  Buy fresh fruit and toilet paper. Schedule oil change. Plan the next 60 years of life for Mia, Gianna and Isabella.

No sweat.

I saw this online workshop from Empowering Ability on Facebook, and thought it's worth sharing. As ever, I think that the autism community will find some (maybe a good deal) of planning for special needs will not work for us. Rather than be a complete Debbie Downer, I'm trying to look forward with hope and confidence that my adult daughters will have a fulfilling life.


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What you’ll discover in this (free) 'Life Plan Workshop':

1) Understand the REAL reasons why you're feeling stuck so that... you can move past the fears that are stopping your loved one from living their own adult life.

2) Discover "Awesome Ordinary" life possibilities so that... your loved one can have more opportunities to build more relationships, contribute in the community, gain employment, and create a home of their own.

3) Learn the 7-step proven planning pathway so that... you have clarity on the exact steps to take to support your loved one to get off the "Special Needs" path and live an "Awesome Ordinary" adult life!

**You will get this live training, plus bonus tools and resources! You'll also get access to the live training replays.


Angus Files

I spend all day trying to disempower him from his powers ,flood the house, burn the house, try and eat any plastic he can find, escape, take his clothes off in public or wherever, chase feathers underneath moving trucks, have baths with bottles of bleach tipped into it, etc etc .What part of any of that needs empowered? They must like the sound of the word empowered and not know the damage they could cause it was like the article on the Queens funeral they used the queen curated her own funeral?curated?. It bewilders me into extreme head shaking empowerment nuts! Best of it was when we were told NOT to walk in front of him let HIM lead the way, aye right!

Pharma For Prison


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