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Children's Health Defense: 36% Higher Risk of Asthma in Some Kids Who Had Vaccine-Related Aluminum Exposure, CDC Study Shows

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A federally funded study released Tuesday reported a “positive association” between “vaccine-related aluminum exposure” and “persistent asthma” in children 24-59 months old.

Overall, kids in the study who received 3 milligrams or more of vaccine-related aluminum had at least a 36% higher risk of developing persistent asthma than kids who got less than 3, the study’s lead author, Dr. Matthew F. Daley, told The Associated Press.

Daley was quick to urge caution in the interpretation of the results, telling STAT, “I’m still going to advocate for vaccines as strongly as I did before we had these findings.”

The study was published in the medical journal Academic Pediatrics. In addition to Daley, the authors included Dr. Frank DeStefano and other current and former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) staff.

The authors were careful to not suggest a causal relationship between vaccine-related aluminum and asthma and noted that “additional investigation of this hypothesis appears warranted.”  Read the full article at The Defender.

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Anonymous Person

ASAN/Neurodiversity organizations have been hellbent on promoting "equal access to covid shots" for the severely disabled. I wonder who funds ASAN and related Neurodiversity organizations... we need to study who's funding the normalization of profound, Dementia-like brain disorders in children and youth. Some even say that ASD should be renamed to childhood onset dementia/Alzheimer's because symptoms are very similar. If they oppose banning anti-suicide meds for trans/intersex people, they also shouldn't be attacking ASD treatments/aluminum-chelation treatments such as charcoal and bentonite clay. I'm so sick of the left-right political matrix, especially since they're both 99% silent about ASDs now since the Plandemic began and Youtube took down so many videos about vaccine aftermath. Even Trump don't care about ASD kids no more, his AUTISM CARES act was nothing more than another cash grab.


Not so strange bedfellows:

"(GLOBAL TIMES) – China's large vaccine producer Sinopharm and U.S. pharmaceutical giant Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) signed a cooperation framework agreement on Wednesday, under which Sinopharm would be a dealer and exclusive commission agent of MSD's antiviral COVID-19 medicine in China.

The two sides will also negotiate the feasibility of a technical transfer under the framework so that the drug Molnupiravir could be produced and provided in the Chinese mainland market, according to a statement Sinopharm sent to the Global Times on Wednesday."
Molnupiravir is Ivermectin's exorbitantly overpriced less effective cousin. Merck is cashing in on Covid jab's failures. My ailing mother-in-law (most likely due to Covid jab reactions) was recently tested positive for Covid. She was given Molnupiravir and sent home. Currently, without Ivermectin access, this is ones safest ALLOWED option. Otherwise it's hospitalization, Remdesivir, ventilator, and death. Looks like Merck has found a captive audience.


This study is brought to you by Frank "the fixer" DeStefano. LOL!
I wonder if Dr. William Thompson has access to the raw data on this study?

Good comments, Jill in MI.
It seems that harmful adjuvants are the bane of "safe and effective" vaccines.
The human body is not easily fooled. A weakened attenuated virus alone is not enough to throw our immune system into high gear and produce the FDA holy grail of 95% antibody titers. They have yet to find a "safe and effective" adjuvant. I believe this is why they initially jumped on the mRNA vaccine technology bandwagon. No need for those pesky adjuvants. No need for costly attenuated vaccine virus mass production- just get the recipient's body to do the foreign protein production. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

Jill in MI

Dr. Aseem Malhotra Outs the Covid Jab Industry. Hopefully this video will not be taken down. Once on the side of pro-Covid vaccines, he is now advocating for stopping the shot(s) completely.

The below is excerpted from the first of the two papers:

Volunteering in a vaccine centre, I was one of the first to receive two doses of Pfizer’s messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccine, at the end of January 2021. Although I knew my individual risk was small from COVID-19 at age 43 with optimal metabolic health, the main reason I took the jab was to prevent transmission of the virus to my vulnerable patients. During early 2021, I was both surprised and concerned by a number of my vaccine-hesitant patients and people in my social network who were asking me to comment on what I regarded at the time as merely ‘anti-vax’ propaganda.
I was asked to appear on Good Morning Britain after a previously vaccine-hesitant film director Gurinder Chadha, Order of the British Empire (OBE), who was also interviewed, explained that I convinced her to take the jab.

But a very unexpected and extremely harrowing personal tragedy was to happen a few months later that would be the start of my own journey into what would ultimately prove to be a revelatory and eye-opening experience so profound that after six months of critically appraising the data myself, speaking to eminent scientists involved in COVID-19 research, vaccine safety and development, and two investigative medical journalists, I have slowly and reluctantly concluded that contrary to my own initial dogmatic beliefs, Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine is far from being as safe and effective as we first thought. This critical appraisal is based upon the analytical framework for practicing and teaching evidence-based medicine, specifically utilising individual clinical expertise and/or experience with use of the best available evidence and taking into consideration patient preferences and values.
He goes on to describe the case history of his father's death.

On 26 July 2021, my father, Dr Kailash Chand OBE, former deputy chair of the British Medical Association (BMA) and its honorary vice president (who had also taken both doses of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine six months earlier) suffered a cardiac arrest at home after experiencing chest pain. A subsequent inquiry revealed that a significant ambulance delay likely contributed to his death.3 But his post-mortem findings are what I found particularly shocking and inexplicable. Two of his three major arteries had severe blockages: 90% blockage in his left anterior descending artery and a 75% blockage in his right coronary. Given that he was an extremely fit and active 73-year-old man, having walked an average of 10–15000 steps/day during the whole of lockdown, this was a shock to everyone who knew him, but most of all to me. I knew his medical history and lifestyle habits in great detail. My father who had been a keen sportsman all his life, was fitter than the overwhelming majority of men his age. Since the previous heart scans (a few years earlier, which had revealed no significant problems with perfect blood flow throughout his arteries and only mild furring), he had quit sugar, lost belly fat, reduced the dose of his blood pressure pills, started regular meditation, reversed his prediabetes and even massively dropped his blood triglycerides, significantly improving his cholesterol profile.

I couldn’t explain his post-mortem findings, especially as there was no evidence of an actual heart attack but with severe blockages. This was precisely my own special area of research. That is, how to delay progression of heart disease and even potentially reverse it. In fact, in my own clinic, I successfully prescribe a lifestyle protocol to my patients on the best available evidence on how to achieve this. I’ve even co-authored a high-impact peer-reviewed paper with two internationally reputed cardiologists (both editors of medical journals) on shifting the paradigm on how to most effectively prevent heart disease through lifestyle changes.4 We emphasised the fact that coronary artery disease is a chronic inflammatory condition that is exacerbated by insulin resistance. Then, in November 2021, I was made aware of a peer-reviewed abstract published in Circulation, with concerning findings. In over 500 middle-aged patients under regular follow up, using a predictive score model based on inflammatory markers that are strongly correlated with risk of heart attack, the mRNA vaccine was associated with significantly increasing the risk of a coronary event within five years from 11% pre-mRNA vaccine to 25% 2–10 weeks post mRNA vaccine. An early and relevant criticism of the validity of the findings was that there was no control group, but nevertheless, even if partially correct, that would mean that there would be a large acceleration in progression of coronary artery disease, and more importantly heart attack risk, within months of taking the jab.5 I wondered whether my father’s Pfizer vaccination, which he received six months earlier, could have contributed to his unexplained premature death and so I began to critically appraise the data.
From this point on, Dr. Malhotra dissects the data and constructs his case as to why he feels these vaccines were released without proper study and without proper warning of potential side effects to those who took them.

Dr. Malhotra starts his second paper by calling the whole Covid mRNA vaccine situation a pandemic of misinformation. Which it truly has been.

What has become clear with regard to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccines is that we have a pandemic of misinformed doctors and a misinformed and unwittingly harmed public. Coercively mandating these COVID-19 vaccinations (most certainly not an evidence-based policy) has been a particularly egregious mis-step, especially in the light of clear indicators suggesting that the use of these pharmaceutical interventions – especially in younger age groups – should have been suspended. Such policies continue to undermine the principles of ethical evidence-based medical practice and informed consent, to the detriment of optimising patient outcomes.

Jill in MI

They talked about this study on the Highwire show yesterday. So, the study removed all the kids that were diagnosed with asthma before the age of 24 months (weren't they looking for asthma??) and also took out any kids that did not have at least two well baby visits (like a lot of healthy unvaccinated kids skip these visits). So, if they included these kids, what would the percentage have been? Also the last author on the study is Frank DeStefano. Sound familiar??

And the old standby - no matter what -- “I’m still going to advocate for vaccines as strongly as I did before we had these findings.” Wow.

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