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Action Alert: Ban the Use of Electro-shock Devices in the FDA-user Free Package

Electro shockNote: Everyone in the disabilities community needs to ask friends, family, teachers, providers to send an urgent message to STOP USING ELECTRIC SHOCK on humans, often children with autism.  We've written about The Rotenberg Center many times over the years. Talk about a small world, my father played golf with Judge Ernie in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Word on the course was that he, like Judge Smails from Caddyshack, favored "the foot wedge."  (Golf talk for cheated.) Kids and adults with severe autism should never have to suffer this old, barbaric "treatment."

From The ARC:

Legislation is moving through Congress RIGHT NOW that could stop the abuse and torture of people with disabilities through electro-shock devices. This bill must pass by September 30—and your messages to Congress can help end this barbaric and inhumane practice.


Alongside experts and other disability rights organizations, The Arc has advocated to prevent people with disabilities from being tortured by shock devices at the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC), an institution in Massachusetts for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

JRC is the only place in the country where staff members administer shocks to people with disabilities for perceived misbehavior, despite a well-established body of evidence proving that there are alternative methods for behavioral supports that do not include excessive force, pain, and fear.

This practice is painful and traumatizing to residents, and The Arc has been fighting for decades to stop it.

Take action now to help end this abuse once and for all, because people with disabilities deserve to live free from torture and fear!

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That post about "The ASD Epidemic and the Vaxx industry: the manmade one-way ticket to NWO total world control via pharmakeia: " was not posted by me. If someone is using the name Visitor all on their own that is their business, but if they are trying to make people think I posted it I want make clear I don't endorse the post they made and did not post it. I am the Visitor who has posited most to the "Inflammation Highway" thread.. It is possible whoever used the Visitor moniker does not know of me, but I am doubtful they don't know.


The ASD Epidemic and the Vaxx industry: the manmade one-way ticket to NWO total world control via pharmakeia: https://odysee.com/@HiddenTruths:c/Real-life-evidence-reveals-the-Mark-Of-Beast-is-here---COMPILATION--:a


The Rotenberg Center seems aptly named! Electric fences can be helpful for cattle and keeping predator animals out. But electric shock of people is inhumane and wrong.


The use of electric shock devices on people with autism is a barbaric, despicable and extremely cruel way to treat them. This kind of outrageous form of torture must be banned immediately at the Rotenberg Center. Can you imagine how you would feel if you were subjected to this torturous treatment and then magnify it a thousand times to feel the horrible effects on a helpless disabled person. The "Rottenberg" Center should have been shut down long ago and the time is NOW!

Angus Files

Barbaric where the science backing up the use of that apart from you see a change in the person thats had it, I bet you do after hitting them with thousands of volts.

A life of Pharma dependent care thats what pharma wants $$$$$$$

Cardiac arrest: ADHD may double likelihood of heart disease - 1.5 million Britons affected

"What's more, the association appeared somewhat stronger in men than it did in women.

ADHD patients with additional psychiatric conditions, such as eating disorders, had a risk higher still."


Pharma For Prison



Using electro-shocking to "torture" for a minor misbehavior is wrong. There is some benefits for electro convulsive therapy in autism and other developmental disabilities as a last resort. This latter procedure is done under general anesthesia in a hospital or specialty clinic and many parents swear by it.

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