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1st Day Blues

EA7A2714-E180-40FB-90A6-7DA08B8DCC31The 1st days of school photos are taking over Facebook. For autism families, this is a tough time of seeing the differences. We do not think our kids are less. Still, it stings to watch the preschool gap grow into a chasm year after year. And we are allowed to admit our truth. I see you, autism family. All of you.



Kate C

As soon as the back to school ads came on, I got nightmares. Thank goodness first day photos weren’t a thing back then.

Angus Files

First days in school he had two classroom assistants to stop him escaping etc etc etc...nothing much has changed to be honest. See you too Kim many thanks.

Pharma For Prison


Pink plants to alleviate the blues:


Thank you. We see you too.

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