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The Last First

1D53EACB-8529-44EF-922B-2677B6B308F5These are my girls’ school photos the year Age of Autism was launched. We debuted in November of 2007, and announced AofA at the National Autism Association conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Dan Olmsted won an award for his work on behalf of the vaccine injury community.

Yesterday was my youngest’s last first day of school. She turns 22 next month. I don’t agree that time flies. It seems to have gone on and on and on forever in a blur of work, struggle, conquest, tears, laughter, work, struggle, laughter, tears, hopes, dreams, disappointments, change and more change all topped off with a never ending dollop of worry. I rather agree with my older daughters' facial expression assessment during their photo shoot. "Hmmm, not too sure about this."

I had conversation last week with a friend whose son turns 18 on the same day that B turns 22. She is struggling with yet another milestone that is so different for many of our kids, compared to their typical peers. From this we know. I hope I was able to tell her that it's OK to grieve and mourn what we thought our kids' paths would be, all while still adoring and accepting them exactly where they are today. And that every milestone can be painful, from diagnosis, to leaving for Early Intervention, to Kindergarten, Middle School, High School, Transition and then into adult services. It's tough. It hurts like hell. And that's OK. That's our journey. We travel together, here at Age of Autism.



It is time people at Age of Autism advocate for adult services. If there is a lack of day programs and disabled jobs programs in your community then help create one. I understand that most parents who read Age of Autism are not millionaires but most of them are upper middle class and are more fortunate than me a person with autism who makes less than 15 thousand a year so they may have 100 thousand or so to spare which I do not. The so called Self Determination Program is going nowhere in California the program was claimed to give more leeway to the allotted spending for developmentally disabled clients and their families.

sarah i

Kim, I agree. The time doesn't fly.
This post, along with each comment here, is intensely meaningful to me. Thanks for sharing your stories and ideas, and for fighting and speaking for our kids. I am with you.


The milestones definitely are painful. And there are some that won’t happen at all.
My NT daughter got emotional when she decided she was going to read my copy of Evidence of Harm. Inside David Kirby had written a note to my son saying he hopes one day he reads this to his children.
Sadly will never happen.

Laura Hayes

Great interview: Steve Kirsch interviews Andy Wakefield. Excellent from start to finish. MMR covered in depth, along with many other topics. Steve is a great interviewer, and Andy, as always, is brilliant and eloquent.

Jerry Martinez

It hurts! No two ways about it. I forget the name of that baby scale they do on infants to let us know how tall and big our babies will be. For our Sam, Doctor said he will be over 6 feet tall. He is only 15 and almost there. He's getting faster and bigger. My regret is that the MMR did so much damage to his brain when he was one. And I was the one who took him. He had been ill with two severe ear infections and coming off 10 days of strong anti-biotics. I should have waited at least 6 weeks for his beneficial bacteria to come back-little did I know, this would be the beginning of our Journey. Call it Destiny, fate, God's will. Here we are. And we will continue to fight! Till my last breathe.
God bless us all! Love to all! Stay Strong!

Angus Files

Adorable photos heartbreaking as well.I am not one for regrets but the only one I have is not knowing not to take him for his vaccines the last one MMR.

Murdering Pharma ill health is our game, the iller the better but not dead..

Pharma For Prison



If our hopes and dreams are limited to this world, we will be disappointed.

If they are rooted in the Eternal, we have these promises:

My youngest will turn 22 in October. He still lives with us and is yet to be "launched." He is working on certificates in digital photography and digital arts and is an aspiring cartoonist. He still has social interaction issues, so I look in faith that a door will be opened to him for a job.

Thank you for sharing your slice of life with us. Your daughters are BEAUTIFUL!
They have an awesome mom!

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