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Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth

The Catastrophic Costs of Complying Continued

AofA Op EdNote: We first ran this post on August 14, 2020. Now, 2 years and 1 day later, it's still complycated (sic).  The CDC just equalized those they had so badly demonized. The long dark Winter of death, dread, doom, dingbats and destruction is now the Summer of "we're not dead yet!" for the control group.  Thanks as ever to Laura Hayes - her continued support of AofA is a big reason we're also "not dead yet." XOX

By Laura Hayes

I went grocery shopping this past Saturday, first time in 30 days. I find seeing my fellow humans masked, including young children, to be soul-stripping, and I come home angry and depressed. For some reason, I thought I would not be the only unmasked person at this stage of the insanity, but I was wrong. The store was more crowded than I had seen it to date, and yet, I saw no other shopper, or employee, not wearing a mask…nearly 6 months into this global machination.

In the event you haven’t noticed, things are getting worse, not better. And I am not talking about “Covid-19”, whatever that is or isn’t (no way for us to know, as we have been lied to from the get-go). I am talking about the state of our God-given rights, many of which our U.S. Constitution was created to protect, rights that include: the right to breathe freely, minus dangerous impediments; the right to communicate and socialize with others, minus facial covering and physical distancing requirements; the right to move about freely, including frequenting businesses of our choosing, minus finding businesses forcibly closed, and minus absurd shopping and walking around town rules; the right to conduct business, minus being deemed non-essential, minus being restricted in scope and ability to conduct business, and minus being coerced to enforce dangerous and absurd requirements of employees and customers; the right to assemble, minus ridiculous and arbitrary physical distancing and maximum number restrictions, and minus the forced covering of the majority of one’s face; the right to seek medical, dental, and eye care, minus temperature checks, facial masking, and in some cases, Covid-19 testing requirements (with the nasal swab testing causing harm and damage to some of those being tested that way); the right to practice one’s religion, and to congregate and fellowship with others, minus rules and requirements which prevent one from doing so; and the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness, minus unwarranted, unconstitutional, and unacceptable government interference.

Americans should find it shocking, frightening, and intolerable that acting on our God-given fundamental rights as human beings has now been deemed illegal behavior and can result in being charged with a crime in a growing number of situations and locations. Stop and think about that for a few minutes. That which prior to 2020 were considered basic human rights, including the rights to breathe, smile at others, communicate, entertain, move about, congregate, shop, conduct business, seek care and services, and go to church, have instantaneously been labeled dangerous behaviors if done in a free, unregulated, and unimpeded manner, deemed worthy of fines, ostracization, shaming, social isolation, forced quarantine, closures, lockdowns, lawsuits, and no doubt very soon, prison time and “re-education camps”. Perhaps this is why nearly half of U.S. states have released thousands of prisoners before their sentences were completed, including those who have committed violent crimes…to make room for those who will refuse to comply with rights-stripping, unconstitutional, life-destroying edicts made and enforced by those abusing their positions of power.

In short order, we have been put under mask requirements, physical distancing requirements, quarantining of healthy people, business closures, lockdowns, required testing (or lose your job, or be denied services), contact tracing (how long will it take for literally every American to be put on someone’s list…I predict that could be accomplished in less than 2 weeks), and soon dissenters will be victims of knocks on their doors, removal to quarantine centers and/or re-education camps, forced vaccinations while being held down, and prison time, followed by “suicides” and unexplained deaths.

Our country is being run by a real-life mafia, comprised of a small group who has assumed a powerful form of global authority. These mafia heads have many minions who populate the pharmaceutical industry and government leadership and regulatory positions. These mafia underlings then have their many minions which include elected officials, university and education system officials, the mainstream media, and public health officials. And as of late, this despotic mafia has succeeded in enlisting citizens to “police” one another, both voluntarily and for pay, via snitch lines, social media shaming, contact tracers, informants who report violations, and non-police enforcers of mask wearing and physical distancing.

We are seeing evidence of this mafia, and associated mafia-style consequences, in many places: businesses, schools, and churches being forced to close without having committed any violations; business owners fearful of allowing anyone into their establishments who is not wearing a mask, even when the person meets one of the many “legal” exemptions (given that the requirements themselves are not legal, there is no justification to have to legally exempt oneself), knowing they may face financially devastating fines and/or forced closure; college faculty, staff, and students being required to submit to regular Covid-19 testing, temperature checks, mask wearing, physical distancing, and contact tracing, and for those in the very large UC system, the requirement of an influenza vaccine by 11-1-20 has now been added, with refusal resulting in being fired and being denied enrollment; those needing/wanting surgery are being required to submit to Covid-19 testing, with refusal resulting in no treatment; those needing/wanting medical, dental, or eye care are now being required to submit to temperature checks and masking requirements, with refusal resulting in no service; those frequenting many businesses are being required to “sign in” for future contact tracing purposes, with refusal resulting in being told to leave; all with no viable opt out, even if a “legal” exemption exists, for fear the mafia and its many minions will penalize and/or annihilate persons and businesses not falling into line and enforcing their edicts. 

Today’s “exemptions” will soon be on tomorrow’s “no longer accepted” list. Should you need proof of that, just look at the history of vaccine mandates. The noose on freedom and personal liberties is tightening, and in many areas, has already been cinched. For those who think it is no big deal to comply with the ever-increasing rules, requirements, and mandates, or that it is somehow virtuous, I urge you to reconsider and take a look at where all of this is headed, and what it means for your future, and the future of your children and grandchildren. The progression of increasing, illegal, and unconstitutional requirements has been rapid, and backed by force. It is not going to stop. Next up will be “proof” of Covid-19 status, with required periodic and repeated testing, to enter any public or private business (as though there is even one reliable test, for something that has yet to be clearly identified, for something that has yet to be proven to be contagious, and for something that has yet to be proven to be prevented or halted by mask wearing or physical distancing), mandatory signing in wherever you go for contact tracing purposes, proof of Covid-19 vaccination (with proof of additional vaccines in short order), and in the very near future, the requirement of some type of chipping that can be scanned prior to entering any public or private business or entity, to ensure full compliance with the mafia’s demands. Comply, or be denied…or worse.

It is not wise or virtuous to condone or support that which eliminates the most basic rights of human beings. It is not wise or virtuous to willingly give up our God-given, Constitutionally-guaranteed rights and freedoms, in exchange for tyranny, threats, and torture. It is not wise or virtuous to accept mafia dominance over our lives, the lives of our children and grandchildren, or the lives of others. 

None of what I have written prohibits anyone from doing that which they believe protects their health, or the health of their children. If someone believes that masks are protective, not harmful, prevent the transmission of viruses, and/or believe that they or their children are particularly vulnerable for some reason, they are free to wear a mask. If their mask works as they believe it does, it should not matter to them whether or not anyone else is wearing a mask. The same argument holds true for vaccination. If someone wants to permit a vaccine for themselves or their child, they are free to do so. If they believe that a vaccine is protective for them or their child, it should make no difference to them whether or not anyone else is vaccinated. 

And therein lies the truth…when individuals and parents are free to make their own health-related decisions, that is how and when individuals, children, communities, and society at large thrive. When something is effective, it is continued, or repeated if/when necessary. When something is ineffective, or harmful, it is discontinued, not repeated, and something else may be tried in the future. No one has a more vested and sincere interest in an individual or child being healthy and well than the individual or parent. No one has a better firsthand account of the results of health-related decisions than the individual or parent, and therefore, it is their experiences and their decisions that matter most. No one will be more accountable and personally responsible for individual and parental health-related decisions than the individual and parent, and therefore, such accountability and personal responsibility are the most natural and effective motivators for beneficial and effective decisions to be made, or adjusted as needed, and for harmful and ineffective decisions to be completely avoided, or never repeated.

We do not need elected officials legislating and dictating our health-related decisions, nor do we need public and global health officials pronouncing and enforcing what they deem is and isn’t healthy for us and our families, especially given their terrible track records, their conflicts of interest, and the many lawsuits against and criminal convictions of the companies who bribe, buy, influence, and control them. What we need is health and medical choice freedom, paired with rock-solid parental rights. What we need is the free flow of information so that people can make fully informed decisions. The censorship of anything and everything that challenges or disproves the mafia’s propaganda must be stopped. Perhaps most importantly, we need those who comprise the mafia described above, and their many minions, behind bars.

We need to be the change we want to see. Continued compliance will lead to increasing tyranny. We need to act individually and collectively. Connect with like-minded people in your area and get involved with Dr. Pam Popper’s “Make Americans Free Again” and Peggy Hall’s “The Healthy American”. Become a member of the Weston A Price Foundation, which provides excellent health-related information as well as action items related to protecting and regaining rights and freedoms. 

Refusing to comply today is the path to regaining our rights and freedoms tomorrow.

Laura Hayes writes and speaks about the importance of healthcare/medical choice freedom and parental rights. She has been outspoken for many years regarding the urgent need to immediately: ban vaccine mandates; enact a moratorium on each and every vaccine, as not one has been tested or approved properly or ethically; repeal the 1986 Act; and fully restore individual and parental rights with regard to healthcare and medical decision making. You can read more of her work at the Age of Autism Exclusives.



Great article. Things will get much worse, though, with the rollout of Central Bank Digital Currency (coming on 12/13).


Several things here going on in my part of the country.

Most loved, veterinary died two weeks ago. No one knows the details except there are rumors of a parasite involved, a tick, a horse tick. He ended up on a ventilator.

My thoughts of course is the covid vaccine reduced his immunity, if that is the case.

Then I think about the rumors that Russia is going to release, or has released evidence of what was found at the Ukraine labs. Russia has claimed that not only is it citizens threatened by these bio labs, but their crops and animals.

Then there is this in the Lexington Herald Leader.

In short it says:
A new disease carried by an invasive species of tick has killed cattle in two counties, and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture is alerting farmers of the emerging risk to their herds. The illness, caused by a protozoan called Theileria orientalis Ikeda, caused the death of one beef breed bull in Hart County and another in Fleming County. The Asian longhorned tick is known to carry the disease. The agriculture department said Friday that there was no relationship between the two affected herds. The illness does not affect people.

Read more at:

A new disease?
For 100 years there have not been new diseases.
Now we got them all over the place from Ebola, to Lyme.
And to think the mid part of the last century they were thinking about reducing and eliminating the CDC. Now new diseases every where.

It does not effect humans?
No, just the food supply.


Who is Frank Fenner M.D.?

"....a professor at the Australian National University since 1949. Since 1969 he has been a member of the WHO Informal Group on Monkeypox and Related Viruses and of various WHO committees on orthopox viruses, and in 1978-1979 was Chairman of the Global Commission for the Certification of Smallpox eradication. He is currently a Visiting Fellow in the John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University, Canberra."
F Fenner, D. A. Henderson, I. Arita, Z. Jezek, I.D. Ladnyi
History of International Public Health, No. 6
"The Authors" page
World Health Organization, 1988



Preben von Magnus also gave his name to his discovery of the Von Magnus phenomenon-important in the development of attenuated virus vaccines:
Published 1955 pp. 205-213

Morag Lyons

Thank you Laura Hayes ,so many good articles to read at Age of Autism and not always enough time to comment for support of them ? We are all that busy with this- this- this, that- that- that , and- and- and !.

See https//
Alliance For Natural Health ;Home
Read- What's happening now
Covid News Unwrapped [Week32/2022 09 August 2022
A new Canadian Film . Uninformed Consent . You can watch the film free on Dr Mark Trozzi's website.
Very powerful Documentary !
No matter, how busy, us and ewes are ? it is most definately allocating the time to watch this one !

https />watch
Neil Oliver; It's hard to tell yourself you've been taken for a fool, but open your eyes .
14 August 2022

Angus Files

Anyone found guilty of breaking the COVID rules should have the crime revoked as they still havent proven that there is a COVID virus- where anyone where is it???

Well done Laura a great read thanks.

Pharma For Prison



Move over Covid 19- there's a new plague in town.......

VERY IMPORTANT accurate article by Meryl Nass:

The origins of Monkeypox are important. According to a Wikibrief article translated from Danish, Preben Christian Alexander von Magnus (son of a Danish baron), "...led the first Danish vaccination program against polio. In 1958 he was the first to confirm the identity of the monkeypox virus and to describe monkeypox in laboratory crab-eating macaques during two outbreaks of the disease in the summer and fall of that year. In 1959 he was appointed director of the Statens Serum Institut."

"Preben von Magnus was born on February 25, 1912 in Copenhagen...He graduated from Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium in 1931 and in 1939 became a jurist and medical candidate at the University of Copenhagen."

Von Magnus was born the same year as Nazi rocket scientist Werner von Braun (designed the Saturn V moon rocket for the U.S. under Operation Paperclip). He was just starting his medical research career in 1939 when Nazi Germans invaded and occupied Denmark in 1940. They were known to have been working on biowrfare products. Was von Magnus commandeered into this research? The Statens Serum Institute, where von Magnus became director in 1959, does this kind of research along with other vaccine research. Note that the new monkeypox vaccine is made in Denmark. They would have the original virus strain. It is quite likely that von Preben was working on a smallpox vaccine, and the crab-eating macaques (found in southeast ASIA, NOT Africa) could have been deliberately exposed to the smallpox virus to cultivate a weaker strain for a vaccine. The appearance of monkeypox in humans doesn't pop up until 1970 in Zaire, Africa when WHO members of the Smallpox Eradication Team were there to certify that the country was smallpox free. Their accounts are recorded in WHO literature, and they assure their superiors that the 38 human cases in Zaire (where all but about 3 cases were found) were no risk to a smallpox-free certification. There was virtually no human to human transmission (including women and children) except in perhaps 4 individuals, who only spread it to one other who was a family member. The WHO team declared the country smallpox free and the presence of human monkeypox did NOT require a continuation of the smallpox vaccine program. In other words, monkeypox was a mild, nontransmissable version of smallpox and did not require intervention. The real question is, how did this virus get to Africa? Prebus' lab monkeys are only found in southeast Asia, and the origins of the smallpox strain were never attributed to them. The African country of Zaire had only been in place for 5 years when this event took place. The country was originally a Belgian colony called the Belgian Congo. It is rich in mineral resources including diamonds. After the native overthrow of the European colonists, the country descended into years of civil war. One of the military coup leaders formed Zaire. It is under his regime that the WHO was allowed in to distribute smallpox vaccines and in 1970, declare the country smallpox free. Hmm. Zaire fell and after more fighting, it finally became the current Democratic Republic of Congo. Wow. This is beginning to sound like Ariana's 10 part article. The WHO Smallpox Eradication Team operated out of the INRB lab (I think built by the French) located in then Kinshasa (formerly Leopoldville), Zaire. This same lab was used from 2007-2017 to test for smallpox and monkeypox. According to the Russian member of the WHO smallpox team, monkypox looked identical to smallpox under their 1970 technology microscopes. This was vigorously denied by their American/European counterparts who said that under their newly advanced technology there was definitely a difference. Hmmm.

In 2013, a research paper was published comparing the safety and efficacy of the ACAM 2000-Smallpox vaccine ( a more modern version of Jenners vaccinia vaccine) with a new Imvamune (same as the Jynneos) vaccine candidate. Because smallpox has been eradicated, airborn monkeypox virus was used as a challenge to the ACAM-2000 and Imvamune vaccinated southeast Asian crab-eating macaques. The results showed that it took 2 doses of Invamune to prevent disease, while only one of the ACAM-2000. However, the graphs indicated that Invamune was "leakey" and viruses could persist for several days in the nose and throat. According to the paper, the whole premise for trying to create a new smallpox vaccine was the fact that ACAM-2000 had a higher risk/benefit ratio (especially in immune compromised persons) and that because it was based on an attenuated live vaccinia virus, it could spread to others after vaccination. ACAM-2000 is FDA approved for smallpox treatment and is only available through the U.S. Strategic Vaccine Stockpile. The new Jynneos (Imvamune) vaccine has been approved based on animal (monkey) trials only, through special case ruling. Any human getting the new vaccine is technically part of the first human trials. The human trials could not be initiated without a declared emergency outbreak. The above information is based on my personal research and are my own opinions.


Always appreciate site anything Laura writes. This was spot on, of course.

Yesterday my daughter went to see a Broadway show. Amazing that not long ago she wasn’t not permitted to do so. She was a “second class citizen.”

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