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Trust us!Note: Anne Dachel says, "For a journalist, Carlson seems way too naïve here. Remember Vioxx?" It's not always easy to know what's real and what's for ratings on TV news today. If you watched reports yesterday, Alex Jones admitted the Sandy Hook shooting was real after telling his viewers and listeners for years that it was fake. I live 12 miles down the road from Sandy Hook. I know families who lost loved ones. It was a horror, not a hoax.  We're often lumped in with extremists because we talk about vaccine injury and vaccine induced autism. And sometimes "we" lump ourselves in with them by doing interviews with them.  Ann takes Tucker Carlson to task for his reporting on Alzheimer's research.


Update from Anne:

Let me add something to this story.

Five years ago Tucker Carlson interviewed Robert Kennedy, Jr. and I wrote about it for Age of Autism. Carlson allowed Kennedy to talk about the sleazy history of vaccine safety. 

The ending of the interview was as follows:

Carlson: “So why has the point you’re making, that doesn’t seem crazy, been so discredited?

“Could it be because the spokesmen for that point of view tend to be actresses from Hollywood or actors who don’t seem to know much about the topic and are against all vaccinations?”

Kennedy: “I think that cohort is out there, but it’s very, very small.

“I’m called ‘anti-vax’ all the time because the pharmaceutical industry is so powerful both with the media—they give $5.4 billion a year to the media, and they’ve gotten rid of the lawyers, so there’s no legal interest in those cases. They have really been able to control the debate and silence people like me.

“I’m very grateful to you for having the courage to allow me on the show and talk.

“This is the second show in ten years that’s allowed me to talk about this.

“The other one being Bill Maher, which doesn’t take advertising.”

Carlson: “I just think it’s interesting, and above all, I think you ought to be allowed to ask legitimate questions without being attacked because I think that’s the basis of democracy.”

Kennedy: “We ought to be having a responsible debate. A debate that doesn’t scare people, but a debate that is real and it’s based on science.”

Carlson: “Well, I hope you start one.”

This shows how difficult it is to tell the truth about vaccines.

Recently this brief story aired on Fox:

Tucker Carlson exposes fraudulent data behind Alzheimer’s research

For decades scientists told us something called sticky plaques in the brain caused Alzheimer’s, which is one of the most devastating illnesses there is.

And then recently a Vanderbilt University neuroscientist, along with Science Magazine, took a closer at these sticky plaques, and they found, “shockingly blatant instances of fraud, fraudulent data,” according to Donna Wilcox who works in Alzheimer’s at the University of Kentucky.

It was fraudulent, and yet the FDA has continued to approve Alzheimer’s drugs that assume sticky plaques are the cause of Alzheimer’s, even when the FDA’s own advisory panel said those drugs don’t work.

What is going on here?

Of course, for any of us who’ve lived with the damage from unchecked, unsafe vaccines and know well the extent of the corruption, collusion and cover-up involving federal health officials, the media, doctors, the pharmaceutical industry and elected officials, this is nothing new. We might smile faintly while shaking our heads at Carlson’s words.

For a journalist, Carlson seems way too naïve here. Remember Vioxx? This is standard practice on the part of all the players who are making money from an out-of-control industry what runs the whole show. Carlson is a member of the profession that has lied to the public for decades about what vaccines are doing to children.

What is noteworthy is that researcher Donna Wilcox is speaking out. She is the rarest of all the players. Almost no one tells the truth about what the pharmaceutical industry really does.



Thanks for your response. As a longtime avid Jones fan, I'm sure you have heard this interview with Bill Cooper, the original conspiracy theorist. Enjoy!
BTW, at the top of the show they have Covid news from Dec. 2021- a trip down memory lane.



True, being a practicing journalist for 50 years gives me no special insight into Sandy Hook. What it has given me is a keen recognition of the galloping transformation of mainstream journalism, under corporatization, of a once- noble, public service-oriented calling into a platform to serve the special interests of its few uber-powerful owners. And the damage they can do when they choose to weaponize it.

There were and still are many anomalies surrounding Sandy Hook. I closely followed the excellent work of some of the local citizen journalists exploring them. Images of the schoolhouse itself are particularly provocative. Today I favor a hybrid explanation that does not preclude flesh-and-blood victims. I believe there was a degree of management behind it and a massive coverup afterward. That’s my opinion.

Jumping to Austin, where the ongoing media vendetta against Alex Jones is well-known: During the summer of 2018, when he was simultaneously de-platformed by every major social media outlet and the story carried nationally, a piece of property my husband and I had once owned was mis-identified as being affiliated with him. The press seized on the misinformation, massaged it, and spliced it into the anti-Jones. narrative to be broadcast far and wide. So I know what it’s like to be on the wrong side of their dirty tricks. As a longtime steady follower of the radio/Internet show, I also have a good familiarity with what he covers (or not) over the air, and how. And I can say definitively that although he originally adopted the hoax theory fully and interviewed some controversial guests, he abandoned that position years ago. After 2014 he rarely mentioned the story and when he did, freely conceded he did not know what actually happened at Sandy Hook. There is no way he has stalked, hounded, doxxed, or otherwise harassed any parents. His early words have been conflated with the later actions of others for purposes of the show trial.

“These researchers have always considered Alex Jones to be controlled opposition.”

“Considered.” Is that not just another expression of opinion? At any rate, if so, he has certainly betrayed his controllers by giving out so much accurate information about them over the years.

This will be my last post in this venue on the subject, which is off-topic although it did come up. It’s just that I hate to see people railroaded on a pretext, especially since I understand how easily it could happen to any one of us.


"Crazy" Alex Jones uncensored.......

Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan On Gun Control - CNN 1/7/2013
This took place about a month after Sandy Hook.
Notice that he makes some legitimate points, but you don't notice because he acts as the "crazy conspiracy theorist" and that is all you see.

Angus Files

Thanks Emmaphiladelphia clever clever guy terrible how real scientists are shut down and worse.

Thats the point that always goes through my head is why isnt Pharma criminal Putin is criminal whats diffrent about misleading populations to have life killing vaccines world wide and saying next please..

Pharma For Prison



Kary Mullis uncensored.....
(He invented PCR test.)

Long but full of truth bombs:


"While there, I worked for a year as what used to be called a local correspondent for the Hartford Courant, covering Windham county. So I know a thing or two about how the mainstream press operates, then and now."

That has no bearing on your opinion of the truth about Sandy Hook since you were not there at the time and relied on MSM and Alex Jones for your information. You are not a primary source. Most credible independent citizen journalists/internet researchers were exposing gaping holes in the MSM coverage of the event. I saw it all in real time as citizens tried to find out what was really happening. There was a huge ongoing effort to censor these findings. These researchers have always considered Alex Jones to be controlled opposition. He used these researchers' accurate work and twisted it to become the face of a crazed "conspiracy theorist." Then the powers that be tried to associate legitimate research with Jones. This is how one controls the public dialog. Gene Rosen is still an enigma. His stories (I saw all of his conflicting interviews) never added up. They never mention that his house was next door to the fire station. Why would a bus driver leave the supposed escaped children at a strangers' house rather than there? The Hartfort Courant was part of reporting one of these conflicting stories. What about the license tag on the black sedan driven by Lanza that traced to an employee of Purdue Pharma? A Google map of the address showed a car of the same make and color in the driveway. None of these claims have ever been adequately explained or debunked. There were hundreds more of these inconsistencies which have been wiped from the internet. Another claim was that the school was actually not in use at the time of the shooting and was already slated to be torn down. Of course, after the shooting, it was immediately torn down. The before closeup photos of the school looking through classroom windows showed books and junk stacked window high and inside photos showed a school in disrepair. For such an expensive neighborhood, the school was a disgrace.

As for Alex Jones, one article claimed that he made $50 million off of his natural health/survival products sold on his show. If true (even though he claims to be bankrupt) he could easily pay the damages for this "show trial." But look at the timing of this trial. Why did it take so long for this family to press charges. Of course, this comes on the heels of Uvalde (another doesn't add up shooting spree) and yet another push for gun control laws. Alex Jones' statement is given under duress. We don't know if he actually believes it to be true.
Thanks for giving your opinion. That's all it is.


I’ve been following this discussion with great interest and especially appreciate comments by Visitor, Emmaphiladelphia, and Benedetta. Now let me chime in.

Long ago I spent a decade in Connecticut. I love that beartiful state. While there, I worked for a year as what used to be called a local correspondent for the Hartford Courant, covering Windham county. So I know a thing or two about how the mainstream press operates, then and now.

Today I happen to live in Travis County, Texas, notable for its political and judicial corruption. Corrupt enough to stage an Iron Curtain era Soviet-style show trial? Absolutely. The Alex Jones “trial” and the nationally-coordinated media hate campaign surrounding it is a witch hunt.

When the Sandy Hook story broke, I was avid for information on this tragedy in my former state and closely followed the available coverage including Jones’ radio program. Just as it’s easier to learn the truth about Newtown when you live in Connecticut, it’s easier to ferret out the real story behind the show trial just ended when you reside in Austin.

Jones did originally believe the shootings were a hoax, and publicly expressed that opinion. But he abandoned the position relatively early, after more reliable reports began to come it. Not on August 3, not two months ago, but years ago. Far from what the media’s been reporting, he gave the subject little coverage after the first few months. And when he did, it was to say that he did not claim to know what happened at Sandy Hook. The judge suppressed his attempted public retraction and apology until the end of the trial to make it appear that he was contrite only after being fined millions of dollars. Not so.

Much of what is being attributed to Jones appears to come from another man, Wolfgang Halbig. Again, lies from the dinosaur press. Halbig never “teamed up” with Jones, nor was he a “contributor” or a collaborator. He was a guest on the program a couple of times in the early days, one of hundreds of guests who have appeared there over the years.

Alex Jones is very good at what he does and usually turns out to be right. When he’s wrong, as in this instance, he corrects. He is never a deliberate liar. He doesn’t gloat or make money off of tragedies. He doesn’t harass people – least of all bereaved parents – or encourage others to do so.

In short: Sandy Hook was no hoax. The character assassination of Alex Jones is. And that’s the take-away irony.


In the United States of America, we don’t engage in the practice of vaccination scientifically. We engage in it religiously. There is no practice more beyond reproach than vaccination. My heavens, vaccines eradicated polio! How could anyone doubt their efficacy?! Eff u if you think they might be unsafe for your child.

Angus Files

And dont forget it was all Andrew Wakefields fault who influenced these two along with everyone else were meant to!Murdoch Deer et-al are the evil behind it all.One for all and all for profit.

Aaron Rodgers, Tucker Carlson, and the Birth of Celebrity Outrage Over Vaccines, Masks, and Mandates
How Andrew Wakefield and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have influenced the famous on “bodily sovereignty.”

It was October 2020, in a tented venue in Waynesville, North Carolina. Andrew Wakefield was set to present his documentary 1986: The Act, the latest in his anti-vaccination cinematic oeuvre, to a group of acolytes. This kind of personal appearance has long been the platform of choice for the handsome, charismatic Englishman, who connected the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine to autism in an infamous, retracted paper for the medical journal The Lancet. For years now, parents—mainly mothers—of children with autism and other perceived vaccine injuries have lined up to feel the touch of his hand, share their stories, take a selfie, even though he’s been exiled from the medical establishment.

Pharma For Prison


susan welch

Bill, I am sure not everything is caused by vaccines. However, aluminium, which is in many shots, appears to be playing quite a role in many neuro degenerative diseases.


I don't believe he is naïve. I think his style is to invite listeners to engage in the reality of the idea that "pharma science" and honest science often differ. Instead of simply telling people his view is right he offers a bit of expressed incredulity inviting an empathizing in mind with the audience that such institutional sources of influence and power could be long wrong begging the question why and intentionally leading to the then logical notion that it might be procedurally endorsed by the institution to cover bad science(fraud as he reports) it, or that it is worse, intentionally allowed to perpetuate the continued production of drugs that do not produce results only profits.

Asking questions is a very effective way of getting us or anyone to think about previously unconsidered possibilities and truths. This is especially true when dealing with entities that have often been thought to be sound sources or beyond reproach. People don't wish to think those with such authority over our physical health and well being can be badly wrong, incompetent, or even deceptive.


"Carlson is a member of the profession that has lied to the public for decades about what vaccines are doing to children."

Why should we believe their reporting on school shootings, including Sandy Hook?
Most of the shooters appear to have had a history of mental illness and used pharma treatments. Why is Donna Wilcox just now speaking up? I think the claim that Alzheimer's is caused by aluminum in the flu shots is accurate. Both my parents were avid flu shot takers when it began to be pushed on the elderly. Both developed Alzheimer's like symptoms. My father died of flu and pneumonia within 10 days of getting the then new flu/pneumococcal vaccine. I had warned them not to get it. Later my mother developed more severe symptoms and had to be in a memory care lock-down facility. Under my care, I refused to have her get any vaccines, including one for Covid 19. She lived to be 96 and died from complications of Alzheimer's. As for Tucker Carleson, he is the only one left reporting from behind "enemy lines." Since about half the country still watches MSM, I am thankful he gets out as much truth as he does. Don't punish progress.

Kim for EmmaP

Hi, Emma, yes, I have lived in CT since 2006. The children and adults died a horrible death at the hands of Adam Lanza, who was autistic, AND violent AND smart enough to create havoc (we no longer use Asperger's right?) and severely under-served by the Newtown Schools and his own Mother, who fed his evil obsession with guns. He killed her too. I went on WCBS radio in New York to defend people with Asperger's just days later. Autism is not violent like this. Our kids do not deserve further demonization. Adam was the beginning of the shooters who weren't just angry or pretending to be in a video game - - but who are vengeful and without remorse or empathy. I still do not blame his autism. He was hardly what we know of our own loved ones with autism. My daughters do not have a mean bone in their bodies. Because they have been surrounded by love all their lives. Newtown Schools? We saw this in Uvalde, in all the recent shootings - "just push the broken, bullied lost boys along, what else can we do?" I have on good authority that Newton destroyed documentation that would have made them culpable and not simply the victim. I think this is the case in EVERY school shooting today. Schools are FAILING 100%. Despite hoards of psychologists, social workers, guidance counselors, programs, bullshit terminology that denies reality. And yet, it's not fully their fault. The kids ARE NOT THE SAME - their brains/neurology are not the same. Anne Dachel writes weekly about the crushing future of special ed. The shootings are part of this ungodly change in pediatric well being.

Jerry Martinez

I think Timothy from the good book nailed it!!
"The love of money is the root of all evil". When one(pharma companies or any company) places the love of money over their love of people, disaster often strikes.
Blessings for a great weekend!
G. Martinez



Did you live near there when the event happened? There were many inconsistencies with the television coverage. I watched ALL of it in real time. There is a reason people believed we were not being told the full truth about the incident. I don't think we will ever know the full truth of that sad event.


So I guess every thing including Alzheimer's is caused by vaccines related brain damage?!


Keep in mind that Tucker’s wife is raising a vaccine injuried child with autism as fascists, idiligs or perhaps paid far left people descended upon her home and out right harassed her and her children.

To call Tucker naive might mean
Naive as well


Both Alzheimer’s and depression have been on the news recently….it’s stunning and yet gives hope. Maybe one day our truth will be acknowledged.


Carlson is not naïve
He is under severe attacks.
What ever the Cabal is, they sent to his home bulling Demonstrators to his home when his wife was alone with their kids. He had to move. He had to pick up and move to an unknown location.

In which the some reporters that work for the New York Times threatened to expose that location as well. Carlson had to get on TV and tell us about this and then said if his address was revealed then he would release these reporters' address as well.

A few years ago the cabal put pressure on all of his advertisers They all withdrew their advertisement, their money and their support from his show. Carlson was lucky that Fox supported him. Fox is lucky to support Carlson too, cause viewers would have fled the whole station and not watch the rest of the garbage during the day.

The Ingraham Angle is right up there with Carlson's show, maybe better even.

"The Pillow Guy" Mike Lindell came to the rescue and supported Carlson and Ingraham.

My Mom and Dad did not know what was going on with Mike Lindell advertising his pillows all the time. They thought those pillows must be something really special to be on the TV so much.

Maybe they are, since Mike Lindell was wealthy enough to support reporters that views went against powerful people. . .

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