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Revised Version: The British Government, the World Health Organization and the Global Coup of 2020

Boris J Stay HomeEarly "Monday" publication for UK.  As ever, thank you to John Stone.

By John Stone

In March 2020 the British Government decided to impose lockdown on the determination of the WHO against the advice of its own medical experts including Sir Chris Whitty - the experts then followed the policy, subordinating their judgment to the outside agency. These events anticipated the WHO’s recent and continuing attempts to formalise global supremacy in health, and demonstrates the arbitrariness and chaos which will inevitably follow 

I am trying to understand the events of March 2020 in the light of an answer to a recent Freedom of Information Request. Why and how was it that four days before lockdown was imposed on March 23 the four Chief Medical Officers of the United Kingdom posted a notice on-line announcing that COVID-19 had been downgraded from the status of High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID).

This peculiar event has not gone entirely un-noticed but has never really been explained. Before this point the disease named in the document  as COVID-19 (rather than  identified as virus SARS-CoV-2) - was a “high consequence infectious disease”, while almost at the very instant our lives, and everyone’s,  were to be irrevocably pitched into turmoil with the denial of civil liberties and most basic human rights, untold economic destruction and chaos, it was no longer so designated.

If the disease was no longer “high consequence” there could be absolutely no reason for this high level and prolonged disruption, and yet it was at this precise moment that the inevitability of lockdown started to be promoted, only to be confirmed four days later. But according to the CMOs’ reckoning at no point in the past two and a quarter years, whatever actions they took to restrict our lives or coerce us to accept injections of novel products, has the disease been “high consequence”. 

This anomaly cannot I believe be stressed enough: my FOI request produced no new documents but the Department of Health and Social Care drew my attention to a Parliamentary answer by Jo Churchill on November 6,  2020 to Conservative MP John Redwood (submitted fully 5 and a half weeks before on September 28):

The four nations public health high consequence infectious disease (HCID) group made an interim recommendation in January 2020 to classify COVID-19 as an HCID, based on the information that was available during the very early stages of the outbreak.

Once more was known about COVID-19, United Kingdom public health bodies reviewed the available information against the HCID criteria and noted certain changes. These changes included the increase in information available about mortality rates, which are low overall amongst the general population; greater clinical awareness; and the availability of a specific and sensitive laboratory test for the virus.

COVID-19 has not been considered a HCID in the UK since 19 March 2020, but this reclassification has not affected the Government’s response to COVID-19, which remains a comprehensive national effort.

So, the junior minister, Jo Churchill, confirmed that decision was made with due consideration and not because of some expedience: this remained the case on November 6, 2020, and remains the case today because whatever the CMOs have said subsequently to the public, notably government Chief Medical Officer Sir Chris Whitty they have not updated this statement.

With this in mind let us go back and look at what was said in the statement of March 19, 2020 :it may be one of those occasions when British government documents are more revealing than most.

As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK. There are many diseases which can cause serious illness which are not classified as HCIDs.

The 4 nations public health HCID group made an interim recommendation in January 2020 to classify COVID-19 as an HCID. This was based on consideration of the UK HCID criteria about the virus and the disease with information available during the early stages of the outbreak. Now that more is known about COVID-19, the public health bodies in the UK have reviewed the most up to date information about COVID-19 against the UK HCID criteria. They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall), and there is now greater clinical awareness and a specific and sensitive laboratory test, the availability of which continues to increase.

The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) is also of the opinion that COVID-19 should no longer be classified as an HCID.

The ACDP were quite clear and in their letter of 13 March emphasised in capital letters that it was not high consequence.

John Stone addition

They have recorded their expert view for all time this is an infection without implications for health and government policy (it doesn’t have “high consequence”). So, I think it is the next bit we need to look at to explain what happened:

The World Health Organization (WHO) continues to consider COVID-19 as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC), therefore the need to have a national, coordinated response remains and this is being met by the government’s COVID-19 response.

What they are manifestly saying is that government is not following the advice of  relatively sensible (or once sensible) British health officials but the World Health Organization, and WHO is telling the British health officials what to do as a matter of government policy. In this regard the WHO’s most recent attempt to impose its official authority over governments - and particularly Western governments - in May 2022 already seemed to be the de facto reality in early 2020: everything was coming from the network of global organisations - WHO, UN, WEF all closely linked - and the corporate interests, notably the ventures of Bill Gates, GAVI, CEPI etc. they represented as part of a wider project of domination. It is a very interesting question why a country with huge medical and scientific resources, inordinate if languishing expertise of its own should defer to an organisation with a vastly flawed history: while everybody either kowtowed like Whitty, or was brutally swept aside. It seems as if the decision to scuttle our heritage had already been taken by humanly disengaged politicians.

For lazy, cowardly politicians - of which there are many -  it may seem like a clever option to defer to authority - it protects them from making responsible decisions themselves, but unfortunately it is simply a gimmick, opening the country to brutal corporate exploitation rather than traditional clinical wisdom. The lunacy of the new science could not be better represented the UK’s new and disreputable partnership with the Gates/WEF/Wellcome creation CEPI  to bring emergency mRNA injections to the market without any testing in future in 100 days. We can know nothing useful about the effectiveness and safety of such products in such a time space, and this is simply devoid of the most basic common sense which we should at least be able to expect from the people we elect.

Finally, so sad also to see the British monarchy get sucked into this folly, which people might have thought outside their brief.

John Stone is UK Editor


Awkward Git

Ask your question:
"Why and how was it that four days before lockdown was imposed on March 23 the four Chief Medical Officers of the United Kingdom posted a notice on-line announcing that COVID-19 had been downgraded from the status of High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID)."
on here:

One person on there and who was involved quite a bit with PANDA said it's due to legalities - if it remained a HCID then any and all medicines, protocols, interventions etc could have been used in an attempt to treat it - such as invermection, HCQ, zinc and so on.

As it was downgraded this no longer applied and only "approved" treatments could be used.

Awkward Git

These are interesting reading:

Angus Files

As the kids say...Yer Mom!

Anti vaccine protestors could be banned from protesting outside hospitals in Scotland
Extending buffer zones that could be set up was discussed by a Government ministerial group.
A government group has discussed widening plans for anti-abortion buffer zones outside hospitals to cover anti-vaxxers.

The plan was discussed in April at a summit attended by SNP Ministers Maree Todd and Ben Macpherson.

Green MSP Gillian Mackay is spearheading plans for buffer zones outside clinics and hospitals after complaints about the activities of anti-abortion activists. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon backs the principle of zones and a working group was set up to consider the legal issues involved.

The latest minute of the group shows that participants also discussed whether legislation could be used for so-called vaccination sceptics.

Read more

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

a change from the Pharma Mantra? just Lucy Johnston getting an article printed..

Science what science that went years ages ago as reported here from the very start of AOA.

‘The science’ does not exist... even in a global pandemic, says LUCY JOHNSTON
FOLLOW the science...

It suggests that, even in the midst of a deadly pandemic, if we just stick to this simple formula, everything will be fine. But it is not this simple of course.

As has been pointed out by many scientists, politicians and academics, there is no such thing as “the science”– a single immutable reference point that provides all the answers.

Science evolves. It relies on fresh ideas, discourse, debate and evidence. Often the wilder ideas are wrong. Sometimes they are right.

Occasionally, long-established assumptions must be ditched as knowledge progresses. Today’s heretic can be tomorrow’s visionary.

And yet, for at least two years of the pandemic, “the science” was this Government’s lodestar.

We were told to “stay home, protect the NHS and save lives”.

Posters on bus shelters reminded careless teens “don’t kill Granny”.

This was what we were told “the science” demanded and what most politicians from all sides agreed with.

Former chancellor and leadership hopeful Rishi Sunak has just blown a huge hole in the claim there was consensus.

The picture he painted in the Spectator last week was far from one of a government nodding in agreement to accepted scientific wisdom. Many, he said, had doubts about “the science” – but ministers were told not to discuss the potential downsides in interviews.

He said: “The script was not to ever acknowledge them. The script was, ‘Oh there’s no trade-off, because doing this for our health is good for the economy’.”

He said ministers were not given enough time or information to go through reports from Sage.

And astonishingly, where findings were internally challenged, opposition was scrubbed from official minutes, he claimed.

Contradicting the science, such as asking whether the benefit of closing schools would outweigh the costs, was met with silence, said the former chancellor.

Boris Johnson’s former special adviser Dominic Cummings has branded Mr Sunak’s words “dangerous rubbish”, claiming he “seems to be suffering...from rewrite-history-syndrome”.

The former Number 10 aide was, of course, at the centre of the decision-making process throughout Covid. Yet even if Mr Sunak is guilty of rewriting history, it is simply wrong to claim there were no opposing voices.

Plenty of previously highly respected experts were, in fact, questioning “the science”. I know because I dealt with them throughout the pandemic.

Countless doctors and scientists told me they feared that lockdowns, ultimately, would do more harm than good. Many questioned the lack of evidence and lack of proportionality to the measures.

But, they urged, this was off the record: “You cannot print it otherwise I might lose my job, I could face disciplinary action – I will get trolled on social media”.

Oxford professors Sunetra Gupta and Carl Heneghan are amongst them. So too are the sociologist Robert Dingwall, economic health expert David Paton, the cancer specialist Karol Sikora and the psychologist Ellen Townsend.

Perhaps they and others, once the dust has finally settled, will see their contributions to the debate properly acknowledged.

For now, it is still those who pushed the government line who have picked up the plaudits – promotions and honours, including knighthoods.

But Mr Sunak has opened the door to new lines of discussion that cannot be ignored.

Who allowed unelected experts to effectively call the shots?

How and why did official minutes of Sage documents get censored without challenge?

And, as the country is left to pick up the pieces with more than 1,000 unexplained weekly excess non-Covid deaths, record waiting lists and eye-watering national debt, where are these experts now?

"Where are the urgent briefings about the hundreds of thousands of missed cases of cancer, heart disease, strokes and diabetes?

Why did no one in authority warn that the lockdown measures put in place to protect us could end up causing so much harm?

Open scientific debate was broken during the pandemic. While everyone recognises the slogan of “follow the science”, will anyone be held to account for the problems we now face for doing so?"

Pharma For Prison



They are ramping it up:

A history of monkeypox: 1958-2012

Morag Lyons

Thank you John Stone, and Emmaphiladelphia, stick with it! "The Fraternity of Forensic Flunkies" are getting hauled over the hot coals backwards on paper, so don't worry about them at all .
The tri-lateral appendeges with longitudinal lackeys at the United Nations ,World Health Organisation
and World Economic Forum ?
I am not at all confident they would pass a basic Gunsberg Assessment of being capable or competent enough, for tying their own shoelaces ?
Lennox Castle Hospital used the Gunsberg Assessment ,there was a pre-fab building /department called The White House allocated for this ? not kidding !

See- Summit News UK . Article By Paul Joseph Watson 4 days ago
UN Recruted Over 100,000 "Digital First Responders" to Push Establishment Narrative.
Melissa Fleming , head of Global Communication for the United Nations .
Essential listening of this podcast . The World Economic Forum - Seeking a cure for the infodemic .
World Vs Virus .

Don't let them know , we have clearer definitions, of shades of slippery slurrey .on an average Crofters dung-heap!

The Corporate social responsibility ?
Ain't fit for the ? Social Progress Index .
See Social Progress Index -Wikipedia

"Reset The Table " as part of the menu of "The Great Reset"
Impossibly Burgered ?! because Der Die und Das "Nicht alle tassen im shrank haben "- meaning
They ain't working with a full set of tea cups and saucers in their own tea cups and saucers kitchen cupboards !
Even Edinburgh choir at the festival refused to wear masks to sing "Ode Tae Joy " Well done them !

Be Still My Soul / Finlandia- Lyceum Philharmonic - YouTube


The Two-headed Snake...

W.H.O. head Tedros makes a new power grab:

Fauci to disappear as monkeypox is dropped on the U.S.:

Schools, Colleges Prep for Monkeypox Outbreaks as Autumn Nears


Thank you Angus.

Actually, this is my husband's mother. I lost my mother earlier this year to Alzheimer's. She and my father always took their yearly flu shots. Her last 3 years I made sure she had NO vaccines. She lived to be 96.

Angus Files

Emmaphiladelphia sorry to read about your mum and I hope she goes on and on and on.Dont feel bad about the advice ignored same here on both sides of the family but now and again we get a result of no vaccine by a family member and a thanks to go with it--so worth it.

A few others who do know better always trying to control the population talking us all back into masks ...lockdowns...and more vaccines take them until you die.

Pharma For Prison



If the majority of ASD was really akin to Attorney Woo or The Good Doctor, we wouldn't have SP-ED teachers quitting like this:

And a sad fair without festivity:

The pipe-dream of chronically ill adults living without support as America nose-dives into CCP-style humanism and communism:

Why are teachers quitting SP-ED? Answer: They're being violently - and silently - assaulted by autistic students:

"Retired special education teacher Debi Hunt got to the point, like other teachers, where she was wearing protective gear to class: shin guards and arm pads. …
Even with padding, she was treated for bite wounds and other injuries. When two doctors diagnosed her with PTSD, she decided it was time to retire…."

How can we get Alaska Prepper/Epic Economist or other prepping channels to talk about this?


This is possibly what happened to my 87 year old mother in law:

Retinal Hemorrhage after SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination

She has been in decline since her jab months ago. She also is experiencing extreme fatigue and sudden weight loss due to loss of appetite. She has been tested exhaustively with no positive results. Now she has lost the sight in one eye due to hemorrhage. Of course, I had warned about the jab.....


Thank you Sen. Ron Johnson!

"After a whistleblower report was sent to Congress last week regarding recent COVID vaccine shipments to Coast Guard medical clinics, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) is asking for answers.

Just the News reports:

On Monday, nine military officers from across all the branches sent a whistleblower report to Congress regarding a COVID vaccine appearing at Coast Guard medical clinics.

Although labeled as Pfizer’s fully-FDA approved Comirnaty vaccine, the vaccine does not appear to have been manufactured in Belgium as is legally required per its FDA approval letter, according to the whistleblowers, and may actually be the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine that’s under emergency use authorization."
If legit, then soldiers can now sue Pfizer in a regular court for vaccine injuries. Hmmm. Are they getting ready to put Comirnaty on the CDC childhood vaccine schedule?


Bavarian Nordic Agrees to Boost Monkeypox-Vaccine Production
The company will outsource to a contract manufacturer in the U.S. the last stage of production for an additional 2.5 million doses

Don't forget, Denmark is home to MOST WANTED Poul Thorsen.
Why don't we demand that he be extradited to U.S. before we will pay for the vaccines?


A history of monkeypox: 1958-2012

Angus Files

Very hard to find a government minister who isnt a coward and lazy just as it is to find the covid virus.
Well done John brilliantly summed up.

Pharma For Prison



The WHO is neck deep in the history of Monkeypox as well.

Monkeypox is smallpox with a twist....


So, the lock down had nothing to do with covid?
That is what it sounds like.

We might want to revisit what the banking criminals of 2008 including those across the pond, never got punished are up to now a days?

I think that Fauci and the rest of the ilk over at NIH are now setting the stage to start claiming stupidity. After all " they took all four of vaccines into their body (so they say), and still got covid too (so they say). Plus they continued to follow big pharma, and took their latest new drug that causes rebound. Oh we trusted the big pharma - we did not know.

Claiming stupid is better than admitting they are all just corrupt right down to thier bone marrow.

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