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I Was Profiled! Call the PClice!

305DA754-4FB8-4228-AD05-76B3B98CC461From the "Like we NEED any reminders that WE and our kids are growing older" files."

I was profiled yesterday at the dollarish store called 5 Below. I bought tickets to Sesame Street live last Spring and Meta (Mark Ickerberg et al) must know that we are a Sesame Street family because of it. I refer, of course, to CLASSIC and VINTAGE Sesame Street, back when they taught ABCs, 123s, kindness, sharing, respect for all people and that it was perfectly OK to eat nothing but cookies. We call that the good old days.  Anyhoo.....  5 Below kept showing me ads for a terrific Have a Happy Day T  on my Insta feed. Today, I stopped into a brick and mortar store (look it up kids!) to buy the shirt for my daughter's birthday in a couple of weeks. Here comes the triggered moment!  Grab a hankie. Lock and load your outrage. Start melting, oldflakes!

I found a row of T-shirts (not Sesame Street) and picked one up to take a peek at the graphic. A clerk who was unloading boxes next to me hopped up and said, "Those Are Cropped Shirts!"  Really, Missy?  Are you saying that I am too old for cropped T-shirts??  (Narrator: She IS too old for crop tops.) I smiled and said, "I'm looking for my young, thin daughter."  I laughed out loud as I shopped. Miss B ages out at 22 on her birthday. That's the biggest reminder out there that the years are flying by and that my life is indeed growing cropped.




Jeanne J


As an occupational therapist, it appeared very clearly to me, when the information about the shooter's birth mother and troubled childhood first came out, that he probably had fetal alcohol syndrome. The testimony of the speech pathologist, special educator and family friend "nailed the coffin" about him. He should have had an IEP, possibly classroom support staff and should never have been in any school, much less Marjory Stoneman Douglas, without a behavior intervention plan in place.

It is without question that he committed the murders, and should be punished for it. But, life in prison should be where we put individuals who commit crimes like this, who have had a developmental disability from birth - particularly with all of the egregious errors that the school system, medical personnel, social services personnel and law enforcement made.


Did any of you read the testimony of Parkland shooter's speech therapist?
You should. I find it very disturbing on many levels. This seems like a familiar pattern....

Barry Stern

Tucker cynically notes that since Trump’s Operation Warp Speed got the vax development going, Democrats fearing a wipeout in the forthcoming mid-term elections predictably are blaming Trump for the vax’s dangers now that the data is coming in from the millions who were vaccinated in late 2020 through 2021-22. Of course, making the vax mandatory was the Biden administration’s idea yet dutifully carried out by most governors and large companies along with lockdowns, quarantines and school closings that in retrospect did far more harm than good.

The next Congress must parse out the anatomy of this worst public health policy response in U.S. history and develop legislation to ensure that the Nation becomes much better prepared for future health emergencies. Only bi-partisan cooperative self-searching is likely to produce a worthy path forward. Many who unabashedly encouraged or mandated these vaccines or booster shots will have to publicly eat crow and admit their mistakes. But that would take the kind of courage we haven’t seen lately in our federal executive and legislative branches, or in the boardrooms of our largest companies, or among entertainers and athletes who have outsized influence on public opinion. Voters will have to decide this fall who has the guts to tell the truth and to give their business to those firms that rescind layoffs with back pay for those who were fired or demoted because of refusing the vax. And let’s see which public figures who pushed these dangerous vaccines are willing to publicly admit they were wrong.

Barry Stern

Tucker Carlson’s biting satire is right up there with the late George Carlin’s piece on climate change ( ). Both feed on the gullibility of people who uncritically believe whatever their government tells them, the mass media parrots back and Big Tech social media lets them see. Add this gullibility to the incurable optimism in our American DNA that things will eventually get better if we work hard enough, you get a vulnerability that our geopolitical enemies like China, Russia and Iran can continually exploit. Indeed, how many “useful idiots” have the likes of Hitler, Lenin and today’s wealthy oligarchs created in most of the West whose governments are still willing to spend billions on fighting climate change and promote coronavirus vaccines, even failed vaccines/gene therapies that remain on an emergency use basis while conveniently ignoring lack of strong legal protection for deaths or injuries that might result.


Kim-Both my adult sons have always loved Sesame Street. My son with autism still watches Sesame Street clips from the old shows he watched when he was young and he is still a big fan. I have also always loved the older Sesame Street show and all the characters created by the the wonderful creativity of Jim Henson. He has brought laughter and joy to millions of people all over the world. We are so fortunate to have had him in our lives and I compare him to Walt Disney and Charles Schultz for the amazing impact he has had for all of us. God Bless them all.


Kermit and the Rainbow Connection will always be my favorite:

I agree Kim. You need a matching T-shirt.
Just think of the positive impact one person, Jim Henson, has had on millions. He had a quirky personality and was willing to be a male home ec major in college to fulfill his puppeteer dreams- not something many parents would have envisioned for their son in those days. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made!


You could totally rock it, Kim! Your daughters would probably like it if you wore one, too. :)

Angus Files

Kim your like a good wine you get better with age. I would have loved to have seen the shop assistants face! belting red i bet..last time she will think of saying that to anyone I bet.

Pharma For Prison


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