15 Week Course on How Pharmaceutical Vaccine Liability Falls to the Consumer Courtesy of Uncle Sam
1st Day Blues

How to Avoid Twitticism

494B273A-5B96-4DF5-8EC7-9391A4C1B438Twitter asks with such earnest intent, "Do YOU know how to spot misinformation?" They want to help enable free expression and dialogue. That's why EVERY Tweet we send out from this site has a SENSITIVE CONTENT brown paper envelope warning on it.  We can tweet a photo of puppies cavorting in a field of daisies while pink clouds rain M&MS down to the cotton candy grass - SENSITIVE CONTENT!  We only remove content if it's harmful...   And that's the problem. Information about autism from A to Z is important to our readers. That includes information about vaccination choice, we're one of the LAST autism organizations that still actively discusses the topics on social media. And the organizations that want to discuss vaccine injury often avoid talking about autism. We're a liability. Makes me hanker for a plate of worms....  Nobody loves us... It's also a risk to me personally. AofA is my passion and my small living.

So what is "harmful" info?  Back in the 1980s, we had the best answer you'll ever find: "...Potter Stewart, Associate justice of the Supreme Court from 1958 to 1981, is frequently remembered for his famous nondefinition of obscenity: “I know it when I see it.” 

We know what's harmful. We know it because we LIVE it.   Follow us on Twitter - ReTweet us  Share us. Thanks.



If American taxpayers paid for the Internet, can Twitter tell us to "shut up?"

Who owns the Internet?
Who paid for and built the Internet?
The answer may surprise you.....


This article will tell you who is behind this:
"Court documents reveal that the censorship campaign across the Biden administration actually was confirmed by one of his appointees.

"Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas of DHS commented that the federal government's efforts to police private speech on social media are occurring 'across the federal enterprise.'" the legal filing explains. "It turns out that this statement is true, on a scale beyond what plaintiffs could ever have anticipated."

It charges the "Censorship Enterprise" includes "dozens of federal officials across at least 11 federal agencies and components identified so far, who community with social-media platforms about misinformation, disinformation, and the suppression of private speech on social media – all with the intent and effect of pressuring social-media platforms to censor and suppress private speech that federal officials disfavor.""

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