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8C7030D9-333B-40E5-86E3-56F9454C258CSeen this week on my iPhone news thingy. Check out the category. Not health, politics. Maybe CNN HAS been paying attention? I think Americans will upchuck before they uptake. I saw our old friend the flu shot featured on a billboard on Rt. 95 in New Haven, CT. It was wiping dust off its syringe and trying hard not to look like second banana to the Covid shot.



American parents have semi-abandoned caring for children via unsupervised internet access, especially via Ipads and Ipods/Iphones. They act all surprised when neurologically delayed/impaired peoples/gen Z more and more dives into pornography and writing rape stories/incest stories/kids having six and communism via ArchiveOfOurOwn, Tiktok, Uncyclopedia and other websites selling "fun sexy stuff" to internet addicted, Ipad-addicted victims of silent, internet fueled, "legal" child neglect. WEF wants to merge human brains with the internet so Gen Z/Gen "Alpha" can be free to normalize and propagate sexually explicit content even without knowing what exactly pornography is.

If there is a "Public School Exit" program to get children and teens out of communist, atheistic/satanist pornography-loving public schools, why is there no "Ipad Exit/Internet Exit" program for youth and autistics who have willingly - or unknowingly due to mental delays/extreme normalization of sexually explicit stories and "fun articles" online - created pornography/sexual stories online or got sucked into communist youth platforms such as ArchiveOfOurOwn/Fanfiction/TikTok etc to permanently quit all internet-connected devices and quit highly addictive Ipads and related devices.

Angus Files

The clot shot is the cut/jab above the rest..

Deaths due to coronavirus (COVID-19) compared with deaths from influenza and pneumonia, England and Wales
Deaths due to coronavirus (COVID-19) compared with deaths from influenza and pneumonia, England and Wales: deaths occurring between 1 January and 31 August 2020
Comparison of deaths from the coronavirus (COVID-19) with deaths from influenza (flu) and pneumonia. Includes deaths by date of death occurrence and breakdowns by sex and age.

1.Main points
Of all death occurrences between January and August 2020, there were 48,168 deaths due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) compared with 13,619 deaths due to pneumonia and 394 deaths due to influenza.
Influenza and pneumonia was mentioned on more death certificates than COVID-19, however COVID-19 was the underlying cause of death in over three times as many deaths between January and August 2020.
The highest number of deaths due to influenza and pneumonia occurred in January 2020, however influenza and pneumonia deaths were below the five-year average (2015 to 2019) in every month.
Deaths due to COVID-19 were higher than deaths due to influenza and pneumonia between March and June.
Age-standardised and age-specific mortality rates for deaths due to COVID-19 were statistically significantly higher than mortality rates due to influenza and pneumonia when compared with the five-year average and 2020 rates.
The proportion of deaths occurring in care homes due to COVID-19 was almost double the proportion of deaths due to influenza and pneumonia (30.0% and 15.2% respectively).
In comparison with the deaths due to influenza and pneumonia occurring in the year to 31 August 2020, deaths due to COVID-19 have been higher than every year monthly data are available (1959 to 2020).
Statistician's comment
“More than three times as many deaths were recorded between January and August this year where COVID-19 was the underlying cause compared to influenza and pneumonia."

“The mortality rate for COVID-19 is also significantly higher than influenza and pneumonia rates for both 2020 and the five-year average."

“Since 1959, which is when ONS monthly death records began, the number of deaths due to influenza and pneumonia in the first eight months of every year have been lower than the number of COVID-19 deaths seen, so far, in 2020.”

Sarah Caul, Head of Mortality Analysis

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Theres more..

Pharma For Prison


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