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Do You “Announce” Autism for Safety?

5FB40D2E-0A8A-422D-95E0-C3FEF7D2E046I purchased these stickers from Amy Yardley a few weeks ago. This one is on my front door, slightly doctored to reflect 3 residents, in case of emergency. I used to hesitate to "advertise" my daughters' autism like this. How about you? The fact is, if police, fire or EMS came to our home, it would be unfair not to give them a heads up, and unsafe for my daughters.

Speaking of police, on Saturday I took a mid afternoon shower. As I was dressing, Miss G came into my room and said, "The police are here." Not what you want to hear while toweling off. I quickly threw on a sundress and looked out the window. Sure enough, a police SUV was right in front of my house. Uh oh. My first though was that she'd called 911 by accident. Miss G kept saying, "The police are here! At the house." She was very matter of fact, not at all disturbed. (I was!)

As we walked outside, I saw a utility truck installing something atop a telephone pole. Ah HA! Police stay when utility work is being done, even on a tiny dead end street like ours. Gianna and I walked toward the officer.  She made me smile when she said, "The police keep us safe." I have drummed safety into her head every day for a long time!

I signaled to the officer to please roll down his window (I am roll down the window old, friends.) I explaineEmergency alert stickerd that Miss G has autism. and she had alerted me to his presence. He told her he was proud of her and was kind in communicating with her. Then I told him what she had said, "Police keep us safe." He smiled. I imagine he's heard a lot worse.

If you'd like a sticker, reach out to Amy Yardley, who created these durable, brightly colored, 4'” x 3" stickers.  They cost $5 apiece plus $1 dollar for shipping.  You can email Amy Yardley at [email protected].



How is Bob Moffit? Tell him he is missed.


I also have been hesitant to “advertise” but I agree a heads up is probably better. These look awesome.

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