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Disinformation Chronicle on Dr. Peter Hotez

Disinformation ChronicleNote:  Paul Thacker, Investigative Reporter; Former Investigator United States Senate; Former Fellow Safra Ethics Center, Harvard University, has a Substack newsletter called The Disinformation Chronicle. He wrote about Dr. Peter Hotez, author of Vaccines Did Not Cause Rachel's Autism, and longtime topic here at AofA.  Hotez is the go to media expert on vaccinations and seems to have replaced Dr. Paul Offit. Below is an excerpt, and you can subscribe if you so choose. We have no affiliation.


Peter Hotez Sees Aggression Everywhere But In The Mirror
Patrolling scientific discourse, Hotez has a knack for discovering "antiscience" in anyone who disagrees with him.

Jeffrey Sachs, economics professor at Columbia University and chair of an international commission on COVID-19, charged in a wide-ranging interview last week that the National Institutes of Health and allied scientists were impeding an investigation into how the COVID-19 pandemic started. Since the pandemic’s beginning, virologists have been attacking anyone who asks hard questions about what might have started this outbreak.

Predictably, Baylor School of Medicine’s Peter Hotez went on the attack, tweeting that Sachs, as leader of the Lancet Commission, did not represent the views of science. Much like a Pentagon general wrapping himself in freedom and the flag to demand more federal monies for another foreign war—no questions, you anti-war hippie!—Hotez has been shrouding himself in the mantle of science to attack anyone who questions taxpayer funding for dangerous virus research by the National Institutes of Health.

Unfortunately for Sachs, he is just Hotez’s latest target. Read more here.


Morag Lyons

Well there ye go fredrick chopin ma wee chum , nice tae hear from you .
Any idea about this !
Sloth evidence with evidence based sluggards ?
Why does The World Health Organisation have diplomatic immunity ? with a sloppy standard of work ,indicates and demonstrates it ain't got the capaicity or compitincy to make any public health suggestions or recomendations ?

Why The WHO TOOK TWO YEARS TO SAY" Covid is airborne" same as measles chickenpox and TB
Transmission ? if masks worked they could have saved millions of people from contracting infectious Tuberculosisis ?

Https//www.Nature com
Why The WHO took two years to say Covid is airbourne Nature 6 Aprl 2022
Article by Dyani Lewis

WHO Dithering and guessing said masks may and could prevent slpash transmission of covid from direct cough and sneezing ?
WHO HAS NOT APPARENTLY UPDATED IT;S HEALTH AND SAFETY RISK ASSESSMENT FOR PUBLIC USING MASKS / If Not Why Not ? after admitting Covid is airbourne ? with no updated risk assessment !
Diplomatic immunity does not cover deliberate or accidental "Death By Misadventure?"

Billy Joel - You may be right [ Official Video ] YouTube


Emma The article/link you gave did not say much at all? Did I miss something?
IF you ask me; Trump underestimated them.
Is is Epstein's documents that he gave to Cappie and Cappie gave it to Trump before the sucicided him?

Speaking of suicides how many body counts are there now that committed suicide that saw Weiner's labtop?

I ain't got time for this; I got to get back to the store, and buy a bunch of more bags of cornmeal and put them in mylar bags. You know that you have to get the iron out and iron them all shut and everything to keep the air out.

You can't ask some one from the Appalachians to just live on green beans and no corn bread.

Which brings me to your comment on another post , "The Catastrophic Costs of Complying" all about Nazis and Freud's nephew that was all about manipulating the masses.

So I wonder if they could be making shortages so we all go out and buy, buy, buy thinking this is our last chance.

It happened to me before with 100 watt light bulbs. They said they were going to stop selling them and I bought a whole cart full. They still have them by the way to sell, meanwhile; I have a cabinet full of them.

Now I need to go down and count out how many mylar bags I got left.

Frederic Chopin

Vaccines causing autism is just a "longtime topic" at AoA? Isn't that belief the central dogma?



They may have underestimated Trump. I don't think they found the documents. Did their tipster give a bad tip?


Susan Welch Well, well, now what do you know! What a find!


Maurine is it on sale at Amazon? I did not know you had a poetry book. I bet it is great!


Emma don't bet on it .
I don't see that they show any fear at all
Naomi Wolfe put this in words a month or two ago- that there may not be elections. That there many not be fair election cause from her view point and mine; they don't seem really worried about anything.


I read Hotez's book ("Rachel"). It has a very disingenuous plot of measles cases vs. the onset of vaccination. He deliberately only shows the mid-20th century onward because the full plot of the 20th century would show that measles cases PLUNGED long before the vax!

susan welch

It seems Peter Hotez has many questions to answer.


I really hope Professor Sachs opens a dialogue with the many scientists who are asserting the lab origin, and I hope we are able to prosecute its purveyors. So many lives ruined. I keep wondering if there’s more of an international outcry and we’re just not hearing about it in the US? Of course, no one was ever held accountable for lying about WMD’s in Iraq, so I won’t hold my breath. I thought Ms Gray’s interview with Professor Sachs from a couple of months ago was very good:


Interesting article.
Maureen, glad he got your book.


Looks like Hotez is the only one Fauci has left to be his attack dog. The NIH gravy train will likely end in '22 or '24 elections. Who will the next master of grants be?
Whatever happened to Dorit Reis?

Angus Files

thats great Maurine are your poems published and if so where can they be bought from.I would like to see Hotez accountable when the Feds come a knocking for this crie against humanity which they will ..

Maybe he should explain how this giant of a man got his Autism genetics? how come his twin brother never got it...

World's strongest brothers left to train in car park after being evicted from warehouse

"Tom grew up with autism and now he's the two time world's strongest man - adversity is something we know all about.

"If the warehouse isn't an option we will just have to build one of our own."

Pharma For Prison


Maurine Meleck

A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to hear the Hotez lies in person when he came to an autism conference in Jacksonville, Fl. Imagine an autism community inviting him, of all people, to speak on how vaccines don't cause autism. I did manage to hand him a copy of my poetry book on autism before he left. Can't confirm he read it or trashed it.

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