State of Plague Part 10: The Final Installment
In an Emergency

Autism One Returns August 18 - 21

AO Back to the basics
Autism One was a more than a conference in its hey day, it was yearly retreat where autism parents could meet, greet, learn, eat, drink (mmm hmmm) and be merry in good company.  Most of us knew each other from Yahoo groups. The conference returns next week.  As you may recall, Ed Arranga passed away earlier this year, a huge loss for the community. We met Robert Kennedy, Jr. for the first time at Autism One, astounded that he understood our topics and was willing to stick his neck out for our kids. We watched film debuts. We met celebrities. We dodged neurodiverse spies and spiteful journalists. Ah... good times.  We old timers can forget that parents are STILL getting the gut punch diagnosis, at an ever quickening pace. Let's share what we know with them in the hopes they will strive to do more than the basics.

Learn more about the conference HERE.

AutismOne is a nonprofit organization dedicated to all that is autism.

AutismOne is here to support a parent when you are searching questions about autism, medicine, nutrition, schooling, social skills, recreation, and more. AutismOne has access to a variety of resources to connect you with, whether they are doctors, specialists, or parents, who have successfully experienced improvements. Or AutismOne can simply listen. We are all in this together. AutismOne knows you love your loved one whether young or old.



Hans Litten

Ed Arranga RIP a great man, and the very best conference that there is.
A salute to his family for carrying on.

Will be very interesting to see how much the plandemic influences events\talks this time

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