Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth
Thanks, Dr Mercola For Covering Autism and Including Age of Autism

A Peek Under the Shell of Turtles All The Way Down Vaccine Science and Myth

Turtles All The Way DownThank you to an astute reader for providing a .pdf of the first chapter of Turtles All The Way Down Vaccine Science and Myth. Available on Amazon

Read the chapter then please support the authors by purchasing the book:


“We have found the book to be well written, serious, scientific and important... We sincerely recommend it as a scientific, medical, and public ‘must read’. This book should be central to a scientific, rational, logical, skeptical, and critical discussion on routine vaccination. The authors should be congratulated on their vast scientific in-depth endeavor as well as on their courage to think outside the ‘establishment box’.”

—Nati Ronel, Professor of Criminology, and Eti Elisha, Senior
Criminologist, in Harefuah Medical Journal, Sep. 2019


Tom Swift

Good delivery. Thanks for making the first chapter available. That helps it reach so many more people.

I sent it to my daughter's in-laws, to my daughter, and to my son-in-law. They rejected the idea of reading it. And got mad, They had put off vaccines at my urging. The kids even had covid with no serious effects. But then, the husband succumbed to his parents and gave his children their childhood vaccinations, and my grandson was made allergic to foods by those vaccines. My brother, a school principal says that anyone who shows early vaccine injuries is more likely to succumb to further vaccine injuries as he progresses through elementary school. It's termed developmental disabilities. The disabilities develop as they get more vaccines.

Saddest of all is that the repercussions of 65 doses of 16 vaccines has produced American children who don't even know if they are boys, girls, both, or neither.


Fauci IS the "science- falsely so called" 1 Timothy 6:20

This Is Coming ......


The Truth will out....

Kennedy: Dr Fauci is a fraud


The CDC, NIH, and FDA, are not the least bit concerned by the alarming new numbers of 1 in 30 people with autism. Society will collapse under the weight of the cost for supporting these huge numbers of disabled people. There is even now not enough funding to support the services our children/adults so desperately need and deserve. The only ones who really care about this shocking situation are we, the families, who must continue to care for our loved ones and live forever.


I've read the first chapter. Excellent!
I've already told an interested mom of two with ADHD how to order it.
Let's get the word out.

Laura Hayes

Our own Kim Rossi is quoted in the last paragraph in Dr. Mercola’s article today, which is about the ever-increasing, horrific to any civilized society, continually-ignored-and-discarded autism numbers. Go, Kim!


Below, at the end of the excerpt, is the quote from Kim:

Many, like Dr. Marc Siegel at the New York University Grossman School of Medicine, continue to blame the rise in autism diagnoses on parents being more aware of autism signs in their children, but even he acknowledged, “there’s also probably something that women are exposed to in the womb that we don’t yet know about that could be causing it.”25 But as noted by Kim Rossi, managing editor of Age of Autism:

“Autism numbers continue to rise unabated. But no one is really concerned … Notice how Siegel alludes to ‘something women are exposed to in the womb’ which is ‘probably’ also a factor. After thirty years of exploding autism statistics, we’re still totally uninterested in what that ‘something’ might be.”

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