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15 Week Course on How Pharmaceutical Vaccine Liability Falls to the Consumer Courtesy of Uncle Sam

Product liabilityWe need you to know about this 15 week University level course beginning on September 13 from IPAK-EDU on the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program used for emergency authorized biologics.

In this course, students will learn the structure, function and defects of the programs in the US created by Congress to award compensation to adults and children potentially and actually harmed or killed by vaccines. We will review a variety of important topics, review case histories. This course is for parents and lawyers new to US vaccine injury compensation programs.

Read the course description and register here.

Taught by Wayne Rohde, author of Vaccine Court, this class is available through The Online private University, IPAK-EDU.  Many of us KNOW what these programs are - but we don't know the details of their inception and execution.  The knowledge can boost your conversations with, trolls, BOTS, family and friends - just THINK of the Thanksgiving table arguments you can start! You might just get the whole pumpkin pie to yourself. XOX


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The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program & Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program

15-week, 1 hour course, both live and on demand

  • reading list will be provided 2 weeks prior to each week’s topic of discussion.
  • Q&A will be reserved for the last 15 minutes of each class
  • Weekly topics can be changed, added or removed by class suggestion.

Email: [email protected]

Course Objectives

  • Understanding of Terms and Acronyms within Program.
  • Basic understanding of legal recourse of injury prior to NVICP.
  • Why did Congress pass NCVIA of 1986 and components of the Act?
  • Early years of the NVICP and amendments to the Act.
  • 1995 & 1997 – radical changes to the Program.
  • Understanding of Congressional hearings.
  • US Supreme Court rulings including Bruesewitz, Cloer and Whitecotton
  • Courts use of Omnibus proceedings. Not just Autism.
  • Mechanisms to add vaccines to the Program.
  • What is the Advisory Commission for Childhood Vaccines (ACCV).
  • Special Masters, DOJ attorneys, HHS, HRSA and the Federal Courts.
  • The Vaccine Injury Trust Fund.
  • Understanding of Table Injuries vs non-Table Injuries.
  • How to prove causation.
  • When did adult vaccines become part of the Program?
  • How to access court decisions, appeals and opinions.
  • Petitioner attorneys, fees and medical experts
  • Compensation
  • Data from court decisions
  • The CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program & COVID
  • Basic review of The PREP Act and Public Health Emergency declarations

Week 1 – General Overview of the NVICP, the purpose and what did the Act establish. Brief review of why Congress passed the NCVIA.

Week 2 – Components of the Program. Who is the defendant? Who administers the Program? What is a Special Master? Are you really suing anyone?

Week 3 – The PREP Act, The CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program and adding COVID-19 vaccine injuries to a compensation program.

Week 4 – The CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program - continued

Week 5 - VAERS, (Dr. Jessica Rose)

Week 6 – Filing a petition in NVICP, the pathway thru the Program and the adjudication of each case to final decision including appeals (Robert Krakow)

Week 7 – The Trust Fund, the failure to publicize the Program

Week 8 – Vaccine Injury Table and how it is revised, Year 1995 & 1997 and the fallout of Sec’y of HHS actions

Week 9 – Omnibus Autism Proceedings and other omnibus rulings

Week 10 – Rolf Hazlehurst, father of Yates. 2nd petition in OAP & Nick Kottenstette, father to child who was compensated in NVICP.

Week 11 – Medical experts in the NVICP (Dr. Theresa Deisher)

Week 12 – US Supreme Court rulings (Mary Holland)

Week 13 – Why SIDS, POI, Epilepsy, POTS and other medical conditions are not compensated

Week 14 – The effort to remove SIRVA and Sec 17 from the Program. Reforms Needed. To repeal the Act or to reform.

Week 15 – Review of the NVICP and the CICP



"Ruh Roh"

"Targeting one of more than 3000 sites within the human genome with Crispr-Cas9 gene editing could lead to unwanted effects like cell death and genomic instability."


They are all in it together......since 2013.


We should keep our eyes on this case:

"Coast Guard pushing questionably sourced Comirnaty vax on objectors: whistleblower"

Remember when CHD filed a brief regarding what appeared to be a "bait and switch" of the Pfizer EUA Covid jab product and the then newly FDA licensed Comirnaty Pfizer jab? The FDA approved product would not be available in the U.S., only the experimental EUA jab. However, it was advertised as "FDA approved" and U.S. citizens thought that was what they were getting. The military whistleblower is giving evidence that the vials received by the Coast Guard have an UNAUTHORIZED Comirnaty label. The academy is telling the recruits that they must take this vaccine because it is FDA licensed. This evidence of possible foul play has been sent to Senator Ron Johnson. This case has far-reaching consequences. Please take the time to read the article and look at the evidence for yourself.


This sounds like a worthwhile course. If you want to talk about vaccines, you must understand the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, and now the EUA Act as well.

@Angus Files
Good question!
Most Americans would not be able to answer. One must go back 200 years to find the origins of the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service uniforms:
Basically it has been 200 years of mission creep. They now aspire to rule the world!


Wayne Rohde Thanks for the reply.
So health insurance companies are also subsidized by the our government.
I see.


According to China Insights, Chongqing is the most tormented Big Pharma city in China. SWAT Teams deploy large toys against anti-swab people, they're swabbing everything from fish, chickens, seafood to non-living items such as phones and trucks.

Someone on the internet (probably in England/UK) put a test swab under a back-light and it glowed electric light blue. Luciferase is openly being utilized in the medical field for its illuminance and ability to mark people. Since Colebid appears to be caused by the measures, Transhumanists are literally swabbing every complex organism in China with Metaverse Luciferase to be registered into a digital reality world after destroying our physical world via urbanization, politicians, pollution, and more. China is turning the souls of swabbed Luciferase creatures into digital hackable metaverse avatars.

Wayne Rohde

Benedetta, for the typical injuries for compensated cases in the NVICP, there are not enough of them. For all those who are injured because of a vaccine and did not file or were dismissed, it is a cost shift from the responsible party (pharma) to the parents and families, then to private insurance (premium increases over time) to the taxpayers for SS disability, CMS.
However, for COVID related. It is a pure battle right now. Insurance is pushing back really hard for approval of medical tests, procedures that are not established for COVID related injuries. Sooner or later, insurance premiums will jump again once insurance provides coverage. Then another set of dominos will fall. The state regulated plans will have wild price increases, thus the states will have to jump in and subsidize state regulated premiums.

Angus Files

According to Pharma-should precede every topic/question.
I would like to add one as a topic.

Why the Centers Of Disease Control(CDC) need to wear Nazi like uniforms?

Pharma For Prison



If some one would please explain to me how health insurance companies don't mind paying out tons or money for vaccine injuries. and do so cheerfully? Even strong arms and encourages them to be taken and then pays for big expensive test to see what in the heck is wrong with their insurer.

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