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The House We Live In: July 4, 2022

July 4 Happy
The House I live in, sung by Frank Sinatra.  The Lyrics continue under the video.  Happy Independence Day, 2022. We invite you to read the lyrics below the video.

What is America to me?
A name, a map, a flag I see
A certain word, democracy
What is America to me?
The house I live in
A plot of earth, a street
The grocer and the butcher
And the people that I meet
The children in the playground
The faces that I see
All races and religions
That's America to me

A place I work in
A worker by my side
A little town or city
Where my people lived and died
The howdy and the handshake
The air of feeling free
And the right to speak my mind out
That's America to me
The things I see about me
The big things and the small
The little corner newsstand
And the house a mile tall
The wedding and the churchyard
A laughter and the tears
And the dream that's been a growing
For a hundred and eighty years
The town I live in
The street, the house, the room
Pavement of the city
Or a garden all in bloom
The church, the school, the clubhouse
The millions lights I see
But especially the people
That's America to me


Morag Lyons

Happy 4th July - From The Tartan Ponderosa !

We got The Declaration of Arbroath instead , so independence to where exactly ? joined tae the hip with UN sustainable development goals 2030 -World Health Organisation - World Economic Forum -
Corporate social responsibility ?
Runrig Dance Called America YouTube
Still enough genetically inherited throwbacks around, to deal with "The latest Thing?"
Frankfurt School 1922 ,11 Point Plan Read it, wants to make western civilisation stink from the inside out ?
Any boxes left for them to tick-off?
Frankfurt School Corporate Social Responsibility - family decided that lot of "DUBH -ANS " dark soul people. were the opposite side of the same squinty threepenny bit as Hitlers politIal party!
Frankfurt School wanted/ expected communism to spread like wildfire across the whole world ,but peoples religious beliefs with conscience stopped it in it's track ! so no religion allowed except to the political party leader!?

Water Memory, 2014. Documentary about Nobel Prize Laureate Luc Montagmier YouTube

Dr Masaru Emoto - Messages From Water - YouTube
and Dr Emoto's Water Experiments YouTube

Runrig The Message YouTube .


Happy birth year Emma Philadelphia!

The house she lived in:
The gardens were designed by her grandfather.
Her father signed the Declaration of Independence.
Quite a different world we live in now!


I have loved hearing Frank Sinatra sing "The House I Live In" since I was a little girl and it always deeply affected me. How the lyrics expressed what America was like back when I was growing up as well as when Frank originally sang it now seem to be just a memory. I do not recognize the country America that he is singing about any longer and it is a sad reminder of what our country used to be. There was NO AUTISM when I was growing up and now it has reached epidemic proportions, continuing to increase with no end in sight. We need the researchers now who will help us find a true cure for our children's/adults immune dysfunction syndrome. There is still hope for the future.

Angus Files

I rember the last election when Trump was doing his rallies he said that Im funding my own campaign because if I accept any of your money you want to throw at me you will want it back in other ways.

Here in the UK they just ddont talk about these going onsand give it the respecatable title of pary donations.

More than two-thirds of Congress cashed a pharma campaign check in 2020, new STAT analysis shows

Pharma For Prison


Still with Trump

For 2022, we almost need to recognize our new 51st state, Pfizer. No boundaries of any kind set yet, but it borders every state in the Union.

It controls about 80 Senators and 400 in Congress, but may be given a few more votes for itself. Unlike other States, it has been provided unlimited access to the US Treasury. It can easily finance any political race in the Nation.

The new State is currently building a mega theme park for the children they love.

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