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Snug as a Hug on the Rug

FF654A11-FDAB-4A4F-A820-D7191F2BFF4FCheck out this cool squeezey boat thing my daughter got for her birthday. It’s 80” long, made of super durable material like an inflatable bed.  It's called the Comfy Hugging Peapod by BouncyBand. The bottom and sides are inflated, and provide Bella Steam pressure all along the body. I didn't think any of my girls would sit in it. But after just minutes, we were batting .666! (Uh oh.) 2 of my 3 enjoyed it from the get go. One is reticent, but I think she'll come along.

We owned a Steamroller  many years ago. One daughter liked to roll in and and stay for the pressure.  We have a Yogibo bean bag that's a complete bust. No one likes it.

I have 2 of 3 peas able to relax in a pod in my family room. And that ain't bad!

Thanks to Gianna's best (and only) Auntie!!

Bouncyband pea pod




Are you using sensory aids in your home?



My son with delayed speech also had sensory issues. He had trouble sitting in a chair. My sister recommended a giant exercise ball for him to sit on. It helped and he used it for about a year before transitioning to a chair. He also had a biting tic. This was challenging. To keep him from biting his brother, I got him some "chew" toys. Unfortunately they didn't last long. Because he was learning to write, many times he would chew off the pencil eraser and swallow it. I was horrified. I had to watch him constantly. I worked on transferring his need to chew to using a fiddle ball with his hands. He was disciplined if he bit someone. Over time it worked, however in the transition he began severely pinching his brother instead of biting. As an adult, he still needs to fiddle with his hands as a neural impulse outlet. What also helped was discovered by accident. This son was born with an overbite and the orthodontist wanted him fitted with headgear to extend the lower jaw. It works if done early while the child is growing. I was surprised at how well he responded to this treatment. I think the light pressure on his jaw from his headgear served the same function as Kim's body pressure roller for her girls. He had to wear the headgear for about a year and a half and it helped to radically suppress his biting impulse. Aligned teeth and no biting! A twofer.


Love this! For the record I’m team steam roller, but will take the squeezed boat any day! 😜✌️

Peter Hotez is as certain of his belief that “Vaccines did not Cause Rachel’s Autism”, the he is of his belief that the outbreak of Covid-19 has nothing to do with any lab. It’s strictly “zooonotic”.

I really wish Hotez had the courage to explain his conviction w/ Professor Sachs and/or Ms Gray. Or here’s a better conversation. Maybe Hotez could hold his own with Bret Weinstein, and/or Dr Heather Heying, or any of the thousands upon thousands of scientists that understand there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and GoF research can/ &does lead to the invention of pandemics.

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