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Grow at your own paceBy Cathy Jameson

I replied on a friend's thread on Facebook one morning back in 2015.  The topic was all about vaccines.  I don’t comment much on any social media threads like I used to.  It’s not because I don’t have anything to say.  Believe you me, I still do.  But if I did decide to comment more, I would consider using this same reply again. 


A friend and I have similar views on vaccines.  One of her friends is still searching for answers though.  Good!  There's a lot to know about them.  

I encourage people to read as much as they can about on this topic.  I did just that on my friend's FB thread – read!  Read everything!  As the day went on, other people chimed in on the thread, too.  Many of us had similar views.  The friend's friend who is on the fence questioned us.  Good again!  When it comes to vaccines, I think people should be questioning what they're told.  

I gave my two cents and then a little bit of advice.  I know that not everyone holds the same opinion as I do, but I was hoping that sharing my thoughts would make a little bit of a difference.  

It didn't. 

The friend's friend found the source I shared questionable.  Another mom of a vaccine injured child had offered information as well as data from reputable sources.  

Her input was questioned, too. 

As the thread got longer, and as I could see that my replies were not cutting it, I knew I would soon walk away from the conversation.  Before I walked away, I left one more comment:

I understand the need to find cold, hard facts, but it didn't take a research study, a blog, or a stack of statistics to educate me on vaccines.  It took my sons' vaccine injuries to open my eyes and to show me that vaccines come with risks.  

Despite what was written about them, vaccines resulted in irreversible damage.  We live with the result of that damage today, even 10 years later.  So, do keep reading and asking questions, but don't forget to consider parents' input -- that input may not be part of the CDC's data nor on some science groups' website, but it can be just as valuable.  

Hoping you find the answers you are looking for.  

Everyone has their own thoughts, their own opinions, and the right to believe what they want.  That includes vaccines.  Based on personal experience, as well as the information I have –and that I keep reading about on vaccines, I am firm in my belief.  But some people, like my friend's friend, is not there yet.

When I encounter people who are eager to learn or who are still on the fence about vaccines, I ask them to keep reading.  To keep researching.  To keep asking.  And to keep questioning.  I always ask them to make sure, whatever their decision will be, that they have not one doubt, not one hesitation, and that they will anticipate not one regret in their decision.  

I walked away from vaccines with doubts, with hesitations, and also with a good amount of regret.  I pray that other parents will do the research that I didn't so that they will be spared from what I wasn't. 


How about you?  Do you have go-to comment or reply?  How quickly do you say it?  What resources do you share with other parents?  The list of liability-free vaccines on the recommended childhood schedule has only increased, so give us your best replies below. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



I stated my case and cited loads of explaitory studies of how the disease progresses here on the pages of AoA.. No one, even here, believed me. Welcome to the party pal. I now think it is normal that no one believes anyone at AoA about vaccines no matter the reality or truth. AoAers are like the rest of the public when it comes down to it. Only believing what makes one feel better.

Dr William Gaunt

Correction: The documentary "The People's Truth" can be seen for free at (not .com). It is a wonderful experience to view and totally in line with Just do it.


"Many people trust sources that are not trustworthy."

So true.
The only trusted source is God's Word, Jesus Christ.

"...let God be true, but every man a liar;"
Romans 3:4


Dr William Gaunt

Many people trust sources that are not trustworthy. I wrote an article on this: "Tragedy of Trust" by Dr. William H. Gaunt. It comes up on and I hope it will help people who are questioning the safety of vaccines. My wife and I have five unvaccinated children. All are robustly healthy. The documentary "The People's Truth" is a must see for people questioning vaccines. It has a segment on families with unvaccinated children. It is available to watch free at Search for truth and keep searching for truth.


There is problem that I dont see discussed. I have been skeptical of "vaccine science" for decades. I have studied widely, many different sources, and come to my own conclusions. What I know now, beyond ANY doubt, is that WE ALL have been, and are being LIED TO. Fauci is a fraudster & liar. That's my belief. I'm ok with it.
But all those poor mask-wearers who "follow the science" are brainwashed, and fooled. Waking up to the TRUTH of REALITY can be painful. If we realize we've been lied to about the covid1984 Plandemic-Scamdemic, as I call it, then we are faced with something bigger & scarier. What ELSE have "they" lied to us about? When we realize the extent of the fraud & scam, it can be unsettling. Some people prefer to be ignorant & asleep. Sometimes, waking up to the TRUTH scares people.


Thank you Cathy, for another beautiful and thoughtfully written post. I started questioning vaccines back in 1988 when I was pregnant with my third child. The vaccine schedule was increasing and I simply wanted to know why my baby "needed" more vaccines than her sisters who were born in 1978 and 1980.

After starting Vaccine Choice Prayer Community in 2014, I connected with many parents of vaccine injured children and others who had lost a child following vaccines. What I quickly learned was that in addition to grief, they lived with deep regret that they did not know more before vaccinating their children. I made a promise to myself and to God to do all that I could to share information that I had learned in the hope that, like your advice above, would make a difference. I carry VCPC cards with me and leave them in many places. On the cards are pictures of two beautiful children who were lost to vaccines along with the following messages . . .

Zara was a perfectly heathy 15 month old who passed away within 24 hours of receiving 7 vaccines..."I want you to do the research that I wish I had done." - Zara's Mother

Tommy died within two days of receiving his two month vaccines..."Allow my pain to help you make a wise decision. I was ignorant. I thought, 'My child will be fine." I was wrong." - Tommy's Mother

I pray that Zara and Tommy's sweet faces and their mothers' messages have helped protect others from the harm and heartache that vaccines can and do cause far more often than we are led to believe.

Thank you again, Cathy. God bless and take care . . . Jeanette...

Gman's mom

Our vaccine injury happened back in 1999 when my son was a toddler. There was Wakefield and some hope that people would wake up. There was a doctor in our pediatric practice who was old and about to retire who warned us about vaccines, and we stopped them after DS stopped talking and making eye contact. We were put on the right track with the DAN protocol and were lucky with Secretin result. It took ten years but DS bowel disease did go into remission. Working with an immunologist also helped. At 25 years of age our kid is able to pass for neurotypical and prefers to bury the past. His job options are limited due to vaccine refusal.
What Covid has taught me is that there is no hope for the parents of today. Doctors who question vaccines are shut down and lose their licenses. Mainstream news is owned by Big Pharma. I don't speak out at all on social media, mostly to respect DS's privacy. I suspect that the new wave of Covid vaccine injured won't even know they are. I don't know what it will take to get our government to respect our health, powerful interests are just that--powerful.

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