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Loss of Brains

Abadnonned schoolIn the USA, we're seeing young boy/men turning viciously and vindictively violent and shooting innocent people at a rate that doesn't begin to be covered by the term "alarming." It's horrifying. It's called gun violence and mental illness but we know that the cancerous reasons run much deeper in this, the most heavily vaccinated and medicated and chemically damaged and diet poisoned generation in history.


By Anne Dachel

Officials must not really care about the welfare of children. There’s no other conclusion one can reach.

How can the stories out every day not raise concerns? How long can they keep funding more programs and services before the money just runs out?  Why is no one interested in the constant increases?

Reporters just repeat what legislators and school officials tell them about special needs students. There are more of them and we just have to keep on providing funds.

More scary stuff in this week’s stories.

Here’s what those in charge seem more than willing to accept as normal and unavoidable.

Ireland (Autism numbers in Northern Ireland are also accepted in Ireland.)

Increasing numbers of autistic children in Northern Ireland are being homeschooled as mainstream classrooms “aren’t fit to support their needs”, a charity has warned….

Official figures published last month show that one in 21 school-age children in the North has an autism diagnosis —quadruple that from a decade ago….

A third of parents are telling us that their children are on a reduced school timetable due to their autism.


"It was confirmed on Thursday that 43 new special education classes will open this September in Dublin, with the number of special classes in Dublin’s primary schools more than doubling in the last five years from 158 in June 2017 to the 340 which have been established for the coming school year….”


The minister said 106 children do not have a special school place but she believed the number will go down over the next few weeks because some of the schools on the list of 14 "will be in a position to open a special class so some of that will be reduced"….


Four leading advocacy groups have called for the urgent passage of proposed new legislation to speed up the process of compelling schools to open places for children with special educational needs (SEN).  …

It comes against the backdrop of a crisis over provision for students needing a place in primary and post primary schools next September, with about 100 places still required in Dublin alone.


The provision of school places for autistic children is a disgrace, Labour Party's Education Spokesperson Aodhán Ó Riordáin has said.

Speaking in the Dáil during a debate on his party's Autism Bill, Deputy Ó Riordáin said the legislation would provide for a National Autism Strategy to address what the party has described as the "inadequacy of services for people with autism and their families".



The number of children in England approaching councils for special needs support has increased by almost a quarter in a year, latest figures reveal, with 170 young people now starting support plans each day. …

  The LGA, which represents councils, says emergency action is needed now, to help meet the rising demand for SEND support.

It is calling on the Government to scrap the high needs deficits councils have built up, as a result of the spiralling costs of providing support outstripping the SEND budgets available to councils…

With councils having to make difficult decisions over where support is provided, there were 62,180 new EHC plans made in the last year, amounting to 170 children and young people starting a plan each day.

There are now nearly half a million children and young people (473,255) on ECH plans – an increase of over 100 per cent since eligibility for SEND support was extended in 2014 to people aged 16-25.

While eliminating high needs deficits will help councils in the short-term, the LGA says boosting the inclusion of pupils with SEND in mainstream schools is vital….


Earlier this month the Department for Education (DfE) published the latest statistics on Special Educational Needs in England. In Bristol there are currently 100 more pupils attending special schools than there were last year.

The number of children with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) in Pupil Referral Units (PRU) in Bristol has risen by almost 40 per cent in five years.

The total number of children and young people with EHCPs who are waiting for school placements, being home educated or not in education, employment or training, has risen to 32,700.


The number of children in England seeking special educational needs and disability (SEND) support from councils has risen by nearly a quarter in a year, according to the latest data.

The Local Government Association has called for emergency action to ensure this rising demand for support is met.

The LGA has said that Government needs to resolve the high needs deficits built up by councils as a result of rising costs which outstrip the SEND budgets available to them.


There are 52,000 children waiting for initial assessment and therapy.

The biggest waiting list is for speech and language therapy at over 30,000 children. Nearly 8,000 are awaiting physiotherapy and over 13,000 are waiting for occupational therapy.

And there are 9,500 children on waiting lists for further speech and language therapy appointments.


PLANS to transform the vacant Dean Row Centre at Wilmslow into a satellite special school have moved a step closer with the submission of a planning application….

“The satellite school will be required to accommodate a minimum of 70 students with ASD, with a top capacity of 80 students.”

The school will have 37 full-time equivalent staff.


Lancashire County Council is proposing to expand this special school with the creation of 34 additional places, increasing the school population to 189.


 NEW sixth form facilities will be created for two of Cumbria's specialist educational needs schools with an investment of nearly £1 million [$1.2M] by Cumbria County Council.

Demand for SEN provision has grown year on year causing special schools in the area to be oversubscribed.


It comes as the number of children in England approaching councils for special needs support has increased by almost a quarter in a year - with 170 young people now starting support plans each day.

The Local Government Association called for emergency action to ensure the rising demand is met, with councils struggling to manage soaring costs which outstrip the SEND budgets available to them.


Work on a building project that will transform education for pupils with additional learning needs in Powys will begin this month, the county council has announced….


Calderdale  councillors  heard one daily journey to and from an out-of-area school costs the authority more than £24,000 [$29K] a year, and other similar journeys cost sums averaging £8,700 [$10K] per pupil, per year….

This costs the council £22,265 [27K] a week. Of the 86 children, 26 go to schools outside of the local authority. The weekly cost for these pupils is £9,595 [$11.6K]….


The largest proportion of the £1.5 million fund will go towards improving the provision of special school places in the county, including £650,000 [$790,000] for a new 60-place school in Stroud and £150,000 [$182,000] for facilities at Bettridge Special School in Cheltenham.

Council leaders want to expand the provision of special school places amid increasing demand, which means children sometimes have go to schools out of the county or to independent schools when there aren’t places

Meanwhile in the U.S., the accommodations continue

Helping Hands Family (HHF) has expanded their New Jersey footprint by adding comprehensive applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy services to both Monmouth and Middlesex County, New Jersey. This expansion reflects HHF's commitment to the autism community, serving as many families and children in need as they can.

Currently, HHF is providing services to children across nearly 20 locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware, with plans to expand to Connecticut this Fall. …

Clinical Director, Hailey Gould comments "We are so excited to expand our services in New Jersey!


Apara Autism Center opened a new location on June 13 at 121 Vision Park Drive, Ste. 250, Shenandoah [TX]. Apara Autism Center offers services, such as evidence-based applied behavior analysis therapy, caregiver ABA training, speech and language therapy programs, and feeding therapy programs. Apara Autism Center has multiple locations in Houston and Dallas.


Michigan lawmakers agreed to hundreds of millions of dollars in new special education funding as part of a new state budget in which they tapped a historic surplus to pass one of the most sweeping school spending plans in decades….

SPECIAL EDUCATION FUNDING The new budget will sharply increase funding for students with disabilities. Districts will get 75 percent more per pupil with disabilities than they do for students without disabilities. They will also be reimbursed for 28 percent of their spending on special education, continuing past practice….

All told, the state will spend roughly an additional $312 million on students with special needs to address long-running concerns among educators that the state was failing to recognize the true cost of providing special education services.


Missouri State University-West Plains’ (MSU-WP) ASCEND Program received a significant boost from the state Thursday when Missouri Gov. Mike Parson signed legislation earmarking $7.5 million in capital funding for a facility to house the program, which supports students with autism. …

“Our kids with autism are going to one day be adults with autism, and our community should be ready to help them succeed,” said 33rd District State Sen. Karla Eslinger (R-Wasola).

That final story from Missouri says it all.

State Sen. Karla Eslinger is so typical of the people in charge who can’t ask the obvious.

Eslinger acknowledges that KIDS WITH AUTISM WILL EVENTUALLY BE ADULTS WITH AUTISM. They will need support and care. Legislators have allocated $7.5 MILLION to help them.

My questions for Eslinger and everyone else in the above stories talking about autism:




The answers are:

….They can’t because we’ve never had massive numbers of adults disabled with autism.

…It is because autism can be a truly debilitating condition.

…Yes, obviously.

No one wants to ask these questions of course. It’s much easier to sound compassionate and supportive and avoid the real problem.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


susan welch

As a great admirer of your untiring work, Anne, it was great to see this interview on CHD.

Morag Lyons

@ Emmaphilidelphia .Yes Emma, additional data, for dithering diddums ?
Systematic failure for systemic flunkies. A health and safety risk assessment like watching a train crash in slow motion !
See https//
UK Column News -7 July 2022
MHRA additional info at 40mins onwards .
The rancid revolving door syndrome shows face again ! Rancid from the inside outwards , you will smell the behavioural tendencies, before you see it?
We urgently need a" Corporate social responsibility " translation dictionary ,to spot who is speaking out of both sides of the one mouth at the same time ! They certainly are good at doing that?

See https//
Bob Moran art.
Non- verbal communication skills and abilities ,he's got it in one , one snap shot at a time ,"Excellent! " work. If you must wear a disposable mandatory Covid face mask . Write "Psalm 91" as "P-91"
Or Gaelic "Salm-91" as "S-91" on the front of your mask . People are nosy and will ask you what it means !


More evidence of loss of brains.....

Watch: Enraged Women Trash NYC Fast-Food Restaurant, Injure 2 Employees Over $1.75 for Extra Sauce
What is in that Special Sauce?


The Georgia Guidestones go BOOM!

'The Guidestones — before they were demolished — featured instructional writings that appeared to support POPULATION CONTROL, EUGENICS, and global governance. The stones also featured eight different languages.

Examples of writings that were on the stones include, “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature,” “Guide reproduction wisely — IMPROVING FITNESS and diversity,” and “Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court,” according to

While some referred to the former stones as “America’s Stonehenge,” others viewed the stones as “Satanic,” the AP noted."

Georgia Guidestones Demolished Following Early Morning Explosion
The monolith panels were located 90 miles east of Atlanta.....home to the CDC.

Angus Files

Nothing to see guys,move on...

More than a MILLION prescriptions for antidepressants now written for teens in England each year — up by a quarter since 2016 amid mental health crisis after lockdowns
2020 had 200,000 more antidepressant prescriptions for teens than in 2016
20-somethings also saw a boom in demand, with a 40% rise in prescription rates
Charities fear GPs are giving the drugs as mental health services are swamped

More than a million prescriptions for antidepressants are written for teenagers in England each year, official figures suggest.

The number of drugs doled out to 13 to 19-year-olds rose by a quarter between 2016 and 2020, latest NHS data shows.

Pharma For Prison




According to the recent UK Yellow Card count, the top two Covid 19 jab injuries are:

Nervous System Disorders – 82,068 (Pfizer) + 183,398 (AZ) + 21,278 (Moderna) + 933 (Unknown) = 287,677
Gastrointestinal Disorders – 42,844 (Pfizer) + 81,151 (AZ) + 11,506 (Moderna) + 420 (Unknown) = 135,921
Aren't these the same two resulting in an AUTISM DIAGNOSIS?
When one artificially messes with the natural immune system, this seems to be the default response, regardless of which jabs. The number of jabs seems to correlate with frequency and severity.

@ Joseph
If you look to our already bankrupt government for an answer, there is none. If you look to our Savior Jesus Christ in faith, there is great help and hope:

Morag Lyons

Officials must not really care about the welfare of children or adults?

For abuse of power of authority to take place there has to be "Substantial Access"
What does that look like .sound like, smell like, and behave like?
Pass the vomit bucket, it's enough tae give people the dry balk!

The Conservative Woman
Article July 6 2022 by Kathy Gyngell
The doctor who turned her health watchdog into a Covid vaccine Lapdog .


My concern has always been about the future. Special needs children become special needs adults. Many if not most of this current generation of children diagnosed with autism will need support for their entire lives. Many will be unable to work full time. Where is the money going to come from?

Jeanne J

Thank you for what you have said, Kim. These kids' unholy witch's brew lives have been boiling for years - ever since our medical complexes have made merchandise out of our children by prostituting themselves to pharma and our farms have been plundered to create high-yield, crap sprayed crops, de-natured of nutrients. People once knew guns were for hunting, protection and sport. The proliferation of the soulless, murdering young men (whether white supremacist inspired, ethnic gang inspired or bullied) has coincided with the same time span as the assault on our children's brains.


It does not appear that the Fourth of July shooter was a "white supremacist," if one can believe his social media/videos. He appears to be quite disturbed and reportedly had previously threatened his family.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Information Uncovered Overnight Shows Highland Park Shooter, Bobby Crimo, Is Tied to Socialists, Progressives, Antifa and the Occult

Of course, it is also possible that he was a victim of MK-Ultra - a pawn in a bigger game....
CIA MK-ULTRA Hearings - Survivor Testimony B - 1996 - Government Mind Control

MK-ULTRA Victim Testimony C

Shell Tzorfas

People are missing the POINTS. Some people blame the shootings on single mothers, others blame the bullies at schools. Some think the odd behaviors and obsession with causing harm or death is because of the Chemtrails blown into the sky, GMO's in food, toxic Fluoride in water and something else in the environment. Then there are lists of which shooter was on what medications, Psychotropics, Mood stabilizers, anti-anxiety, and others. But you might be missing the point. Almost no one I knew was on these types of medication and Autism was nearly unheard of until the 90's. Suddenly out of nowhere kids became agitated and violent while in infancy. By age 3, they were quite a handful to mine...even in the night as some of these kids could not sleep. It was not just the environment or even the drugs. The drugs were warranted because of the toxic Aluminum, cancer causing Formaldehyde, tumorigenic Fetal cell DNA, dangerous peanut oils, cells from Pigs dogs monkeys cows insects..,

As a society we have shot so many chemicals into the Brains of Babes that we have replaced empathy with drugs. We have Bombarded their souls. We have harmed their Conscience. I began writing about this topic years ago. The ROOT CAUSE of this kind of Violence are the Shots. Rudolph Steiner predicted this prior to his death in 1925.
Its simple-If there are more and more shots, there will be more and more school shootings. If I am right there will be school tragedies, but if I am wrong then the school shootings might just stop happening or go away,Right?

Kim for Maurine

Hi, Maurine. With his history, this 21 year old should not have been able to buy a squirt gun, let alone anything AR. His family is complicit, just as Adam Lanza's mother was. Every social worker, therapist, psychologist who ever knew him is complicit. These boys are the first generation of the neuro damaged, food is a chemical shitstorm, over-vaccination, ADHD and psych meds from age 5 up, glyphosate sprayed everywhere. Screen time destroying social abilities. We are seeing damaged males with no conscience and an ingrained rage and curiosity for violence. Like all losers, they go where the seem welcome. Here? The White Supremacists are a safe haven - even if they have never met one. Overseas, we call it ISIS. Failed virgins who have no idea who they are, no purpose, systems from K - 12 tsk tsking and passing them along like corks into a river of blood. Newtown buried the documents that would have shown their dereliction of duty when they buried 26 kids and staff. I know this firsthand. Families who pretend to be unaware. And pediatricians who've watched their patients fall into despair and ruin. SO MUCH BLAME. The assault style weapons are the end for sure, but the beginning and middle took decades.


This recent mass murderer sickens me even more than the Uvalde Texas murder. The killer in Illinois a few days ago tried to hid among the crowd after his crimes supposedly dressed in women's clothes. This is not mental illness this is pre meditated murder. I imagine if a Salafist terrorist or a communist dictator's henchmen claimed insanity during their mass murder-terrorism trial what would you far-right hypocrites say about the excuse for the crimes against humanity? Before the vulgar cartoon called South Park and Family Guy editors and writers become firmly right wing they used to have a joke in their cartoons about skin color comparison of who is called a terrorist because of their dark skin tone.

Maurine Meleck

Don't lose the significance of the ease in which a young man can purchase military type weapons.
People in the U.S own almost 50 percent of all the private guns (home guns) owned in the world. There are more private guns owned in the U.S. than there are people. I know the second amendment and I am not suggesting all guns should be banned. I am speaking of the military type rifles that can kill dozens quickly.

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