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Parent or Autistic Child: Who Dies First?

Emergency Alert Autism Sticker for Car & Home

Emergency alert sticker
Thank you to Amy Yardley for creating these durable, brightly colored, 4'” x 3" stickers.  They cost $5 apiece plus $1 dollar for shipping.

I am placing them in my daughters' bedroom windows, and on my minivan. Sometimes I hesitate to "advertise" their autism (says the woman who wrote a memoir, but you know what I mean.) If we had a car accident and I were incapacitated, the stickers would help emergency responders to help my daughters. Same in the home. It's a tradeoff that works for my peace of mind, and their safety.  

For info on how to order your sticker(s),  email Amy Yardley at amyisnow@hotmail.com.



I needed a bumper sticker that said, "Emergency Alert: Autistic driver."

Yes. I taught all of mine how to drive. My college bound one is the only one that got a ticket for a fender bender while he still had his learner's license. It was not his fault.
I am still recovering from the trauma of those years. This is a downside no one talks about for parents of those who have become more independent. We watched from our cell phone tracker while one navigated their way from the airport on the underground train system to get to their hotel...in another country. The little dot went dark for about an hour. Finally it began to move again. He had gotten lost. He did not know we were tracking him so we couldn't call. He is now 100% independent and figured out the tracking was on and turned it off. That was about four years ago. So far so good, although he rarely contacts us or responds to phone calls or texts. He is busy enjoying his job and lifestyle many states away.

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