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Dr. Naomi Wolf: Inside the (Covid) Beast

OutspokenAge of Autism is partnered in an organization called Millions Against Medical Mandates. MAMM is a coalition and collaborative effort between many smart people in a wide range of organizations across the country.  Please subscribe to our free information, including printable materials. I think you will like what you see.

Founded in 2019, Millions Against Medical Mandates was born of a need to bring collaboration to the health freedom movement. We focus on building relationships with organizations, experts, and individuals. These relationships bring multi-faceted credentials and skills together to educate and equip the millions.

Autism has been the canary in the coal mine for the greater picture that's happening today. When pediatricians and public health officials and legislators and Presidents turned a blind eye to the autism epidemic, they opened the door to the erosion of medical freedom for everyone.  When they actively gaslit us, censored our work, called us names and BANNED our children from school via vaccine requirement laws, they set the stage for losing jobs, and the Jim Crow segregation tactics of Covid.  They pitted American against American in a macabre civil war based on shame and coercion.

I was asked to share this article by Dr. Naomi Wolf. I'm excerpting it and will send you to OUTSPOKEN,  her Substack site. The article is free to read with a few clicks. We've been yelling in the wilderness for so many years. It's a much needed comfort to know that Americans are waking up at last and speaking out. This might be the "gift" of COVID. It has exposed the hypocrisy, disregard, cruelty and lockstep agenda of public health, CDC and WHO.  Autism families have been turned inside out for a long time. Now, we have company. Lots of it.


Facing the Beast
Can We Really Confront the Biggest Crime in Human History?
Dr Naomi Wolf
July 17, 2022

I was relaxing in our screened porch in our little cottage in the forest, feeling rather pleased with myself. It had been an arduous week of the usual combat for liberty, but there had been victories.

I was reading a decorating magazine (we all have our vices). The grass was dewy; birds were loud. The morning was glorious...

....When I saw the eighteen months’ worth of sudden deaths, slow deaths, encephalies, strokes, heart attacks, pericarditis, myocarditis, Guillain Barre, Bell’s palsy, MS, blood clots, lung clots, leg clots, blue-green breast milk, spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, neonatal seizures, neonatal multi-organ system failure, liver damage, kidney damage, suppressed lactation, suppressed sperm count, disrupted menses, all detailed the Pfizer documents; when I saw the fact that 34,000 plus of the 42000 plus adverse events “cases” itemized in the worldwide rollout of the Pfizer injections, were sustained in the US — with the next largest group being sustained in Western Europe - and that the 56 countries around the world that also had Pfizer injections rolled out, amounted for only a bit over 7000 adverse events total — I knew I was seeing not just medicine gone wrong on a massive scale, but rather that I was seeing an act of war.

When I saw the doubling of neonatal deaths in country after country, the rise of 34% above normal in stillbirths and spontaneous abortions for vaccinated versus unvaccinated mothers; when I saw that 3816 vaccinated women in the VAERS database lost their babies — 57% of all the neonatal deaths in all the time that VAERS records had been kept — []; when I saw that of 36 pregnancies followed in the Pfizer documents, 28 of the babies died []; when I saw the rise of 40 per cent in death rates and the shocking rise in cases of disability in the West [—] I knew I was not seeing just medicine gone wrong on a massive scale, but that I was witnessing an act of war.  Read and comment at Dr. Wolf's Substack HERE.


Tracey RN

Hats off to Naomi. I work Newborn ICU and we have been packed . We have premature , full term with temperatures instability and Blood sugar issues. It’s crazy and I have been at this hospital for 35 years. The first thing I do is check the prenatal records and sure enough the shot was given and booster too. No one even questions it, but if the mom had covid during her pregnancy then of course that is the problem causing these issues.. I’m vocal and point out the stats Dr. Wolf has discovered.
I will very carefully question the mom about her last prenatal appointment and was there anything different about it. If they mention the shot , I just hmmm and let it sink in.. Yep I’m the rabble rouser in my unit. I’m sure they are counting down the days when I retire!! NEVER.... haha


Is pharma upping its Covid treatment advertising game?

"WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden tested positive for Covid on Thursday and is experiencing "mild symptoms," the White House said in a statement.

Biden, 79, is being treated with the antiviral Paxlovid and is fully vaccinated and twice boosted, the statement said. White House Covid coordinator Ashish Jha said Biden is tired, has a runny nose, and a dry cough."

Still with Trump

Dr. Wolf has a great collection of material and makes her points very well.

With four vaccine doses that do not work and telling America to put on the masks again, most of America has had about enough.

Monkey pox was created to try to sell a few more doses until it is time for the Flu shot.



This is exactly what we need, and Wolf's story holds many TRUTHS. We have been too nice, polite, quiet, and accomodating. Had she been more vigilant in scaring off the bear earlier, it would not have become habituated to her house, and not tried to break in later. The message here is that need to, and CAN, step up our game, and do better at sharing info and working with our family, friends, and allies!

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