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Autism Jama'ing On: 1 of 30

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Pediatricians Watching Autism Skyrocket

By Anne Dachel

JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Assoc.): AUTISM IS NOW ONE IN EVERY 30 KIDS. (That's also one in 18 boys.)

Just last year it was at one in 44, but  that "increase in awareness" never ends so the numbers will only get better, I guess. Below are a couple news reports on the findings. (The new rate didn't get a lot of coverage.)

I'm sure researchers won't rest until we reach numbers like they see in Northern Ireland, one in every 20 kids or Hong Kong, one in every 27 kids.

ABC News: 1 in 30 American children have autism, diagnoses up nearly 52% since 2017, new study says

The number of kids in America living with autism is apparently growing at a considerable rate, according to a new study.

Published in JAMA Pediatrics on Monday, the new study reveals a nearly 52% increase in autism spectrum disorder diagnoses among children in the United States between 2017 and 2020….

As of 2020, the percentage of American youth who have been diagnosed with ASD has reached 3.49%, according to the data….

While the new study didn't discuss reasons for the spike in ASD among American children, experts have already said increases in diagnoses can most likely be attributed to an increase in awareness of ASD by both parents and doctors.

However, as the CDC admits, diagnosing ASD is "difficult" as "there is no medical test, like a blood test, to diagnose the disorder."

New York Post: One in every 30 kids in US has autism — a 50% jump from 2017

…Study authors did not discuss potential causes for the stark rise, though many experts have attributed the increase to greater awareness of the condition among parents and doctors.

UK Daily Mail: Autism among American children and teens surged 50% in three years from 2017, with one in 30 kids diagnosed with the disorder by 2020, study finds

...some experts see them as more of a positive - believing that the number of people experiencing the condition has not increased but instead a sign a better surveillance.



If autism is rising exponentially, and vaccine refusal is as well, shouldn’t there be a significant cohort by now of unvaccinated autistic children? Where are all the unvaccinated autistic children?

Still with Trump

Autism rates of 1 in 30 and it is not a Pandemic yet. Another question for someone to ask of Dr. Fauci when he recovers from his 4 dose “covid escape” problem.

One would think with America watching the vaccine industry the past few years, they would be about ready to catch on and figure things out by now. Thank goodness the vaccines are FREE.


This is a tragedy. In twenty years we are going to have a substantial number of young people who will be underemployed/ unemployed.
This is going to bankrupt families, school systems and then our government at large.

The economics aside, it is a tragedy on a human level. Autism, in any form, is disabling to some degree. We are going to see a massive increase in suffering children across all strata of society.
It’s not going to be pretty.


Let's see.....

When it was 1/10,000/100,000 prior to 1987 we didn't notice.
So, between 1987 and 2020 we didn't notice children suddenly needing 24/7 care, physical and speech therapy, seizure meds, special ed classes, etc. The public school special ed budget hasn't increased a bit.



I am sorry; I really am.
Barbara Loe Fischer's The National Vaccine Information Center celebrated their 40th anniversary.

What we have here is not a decrease but an increase - is it not?

They just approved the covid vaccine back last week for 6 month olds to 5 years old.

Khmer Rouge in Cambodia got in their minds to reduce the population too. Stalin starved the Ukrainians, England starved out the Irish and still claim to this day that it was not intentional. Europe in WWII, Khmer Rouge of Cambodia managed to kill 25 percent of it's population and they all had the same culture, language, so the pitted rural against city living. Really?
My college buddy came to visit me a few years back and informed me that the city people were scared of the rural people? Is that true?

I noticed that Obama spoke about rural people rather in depth. I forgot what he said, but it was not pleasant, and here I was just busy with my garden, home, job, raising a family thinking I was okay when I was really limited, or evil or bias or something?

. I have this uneasy feeling that Obama thinks he is a reincarnate pharaoh from Ancient Egypt? His trip to see the pyramids and his reaction to that plus his deep feelings toward Hirari's book. Hirara hmmm I am (not sure of the spelling) but he is the guy that says free will is over, and Dr. Zalenko said he was at war with god -- well his book on a short history of human kind or what ever, made me feel there is more deep down a throbbing belief we don't know about. Kind of like I had no idea that there was a rural American and an urban American. .

Georgia Guidstones states - in STONE that only wanted 500 million people around.

I am not sure why the dark society choose Georgia. One theory is because it is near the town Dewy Rose which is some kind of symbol - dew on the rose cult that thinks their way of thinking goes back to the Egyptian mysticism or something. I would dismiss it out of hand except we have Epstein Island with a temple to basically the Bael God from the Bible that people sacrificed their children to. .

Blowed up-- or lightening strike; the latest thought is that it was struck by lightening those Guidestones.

Trump said he was a genius, but a sane one. Which tells me that he knows a lot of the thinking that is going on behind a lot of rich people.

As far as the Dewy Rose going back to the time of Egyptian glory; human history vs a single human; we all have a short life here on earth and a lot of people's wacko beliefs has caused a lot of suffering on a lot of other people for a good long time. They sure made it hard on a lot of us.

My son says that his manager is not a good guy. I asked how so. It took him thinking on it for a good two hours. he finally said because he treats people like they are stupid. Further reflection from my son; he came up with that maybe his manager is lacking something there as well which makes him not self confident about his own self.

So maybe we can divide the human race along that way? Or can we? I don't think we can.

Dr William Gaunt

How long can the authorities ignore the obvious? The answer appears to be forever.


Where is the sense of alarm at the new number of 1 in 30 now diagnosed with autism with one in 18 boys? What is going to be the plan by the CDC, NIH and other medical researchers to find the cause and solution to the discovery of an actual reversal/CURE of this neuroimmune dysfunction syndrome? Society will not be able to support such vast numbers of disabled people and the numbers keep climbing with no end in sight. Please read Dr. Michael Goldberg's book "The Myth of Autism," published by Skyhorse Publishing in which he says our children have a disease/illness process "neuroimmune dysfunction syndrome" that could be reversed and CURED using medications called Immune Modulators. He needs to have everyone spread the word on all media sites you use in order to get the funding needed to start the clinical trials to get to these life saving medications now! There is hope if we can get to the right people to fund these trials.

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