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What A Relief! Autism Portrayal or Betrayal?

So You Want To Be Autistic: Transautistic Is the New Self-Diagnosed


This ridiculous graphic is circulating on social media. WHY have our loved ones been SEXUALIZED?? The trans and cis language of gender identity has no place in securing the schooling, services and supports our loved ones need.  Autism is a life changing diagnosis. NEURODIVERSITY was the sneaky insertion of garbage talk that became the norm a decade ago. Self-diagnosis explained away years of failure and personality flaws. "I'm not a lonely, lovelorn jerk with no friends, I'm autistic!" The puzzle piece is deemed offensive while this rainbow, infinity claptrap ROBS our loved ones of their status as Americans with DISABILITIES, not jackasses who tell the politically correct they are unicorns.  It also hijacks a ride on the coattails of an important civil rights movement for gay Americans. Including the man who founded this site, our dear Dan.

PS: A story. 15 years ago, when my daughters were youngsters, I shopped at a natural food store near my home. At each visit, a soft spoken, languid, beautiful young man named Omar would help us. He was always so kind to the girls, even as we lurched through the store's skinny aisles with raised voices and Sesame Street songs and other autismy sounds. He disappeared for many months. I asked the manager, who simply said he had left. One day, I entered the store to see Omar, but it wasn't Omar, it was an even more beautiful young woman in a pretty skirt and top. In my gladness to see him, exclaimed, "Omar, I'm so happy to see you! We missed you."  And gently said to me, "My name is not Omar, it's Jasmine." Without skipping a beat, I stuck out my hand (pre-covid, friends) and said, "It's so nice to meet you Jasmine," then I continued my shopping. She beamed at me. We all deserve respect for who we are. And that includes my daughters with autism.



Angus Files

Aye Will and youve been asked a dozen times to supply your links but you dont why not anything to hide?

Pharma For Prison



The commoditization of identity politics is really quite disgusting!


So, you want to become autistic?

Check out this 2019 High Wire interview
Thank you Brandon's mom for showing us the truth.


This meme sounds like it was made up by pharma.

Another layer of ignorance to hide behind. The current definition of autism is subjective by design. There is no scientific method to prove "autism". But as Hannah Polling showed us, there is a method to prove vaccine induced encephalopathy.

Scientifically speaking, we are provably male or female regarding our chromosome makeup. As Will pointed out, the rare case of an extra chromosome is considered to be a harmful defect from the original universal plan. Let's not forget that the CDC records data on male and female differences and vaccine safety. Wasn't whistleblower Dr. William Thompson exposing the greater risk for autism in young black MALE children who had the MMR vaccine on schedule? Regarding certain vaccine risks, Kim's friend Jasmine is still Omar. If I don't believe in gravity and I jump off of a building, will I win?


As for my earlier post about Kleinfelter's syndrome and Turner's syndrome people with these conditions have learning disabilities and mild intellectual disabilities along with health issues like heart conditions and maybe an increased risk of sarcoma and leukemia cancer. Kleinfelter's syndrome is when a boy is born with 2 X chromosomes and a third damaged Y chromosomes. Turner's syndrome is when a girl is born with one X chromosomes. The people with Kleinfelter's syndrome and Turner's conditions are infertile and have some of their anatomy more similar to the opposite sex of their legally/medical defined sex. Turner's and Kleinfelter's syndrome are serious conditions autism parents may want to get your children tested for along with Tuberous Sclerosis and Fragile X and rarely Mosaic Down's syndrome.


I have already complained a dozen times at Age of Autism about how "autism" is over diagnosed. Schizophrenia is also over diagnosed especially in homeless drug addicts/alcoholics. Intellectual disabilities are possibly over diagnosed as well. There are many people who stand to profit or over diagnosis of mental illness and developmental disabilities an the range from Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy providers to pharmaceutical companies all the way to murderers who want to escape justice by claiming insanity and homeless people that want specially treatment at a shelter by claiming "mental illness".
I have mixed opinions on the transgender issue. The fact some people are "inter-sexed" or have Turner's or Kleinfelter's syndrome is a cognitive dissonance for the right-wingers who says transgender is a 'choice" or a "sin" and so on. What does bother me is the potential exploitation of the Civil Rights movement for political gain and potential abuse of "Affirmative Action" laws by white transgenders.

Morag Lyons

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Great Reset could not have come up with a better idea, to encourage humans not to reproduce more humans, on an overcrowded planet!

Pride Political Flag, 50 years old , Politicians need urgent emergency predjudice training modules set up for them, before they are let loose with equality diversity and inclusion ,Corporate social responsibility?
People get respected as is their personal situations .
Safeguarding training taught us that for abuse of power to take place in the first place, then the abuser needs to have "Substantial Access" to who or what they want to abuse ? Not all people who work in banks will want to commit fraud ,but they have "Substantial Access" should they want to do so?

I'm transhuman. I'm going to become digital -BBC-You tube.

The Daily Sceptic
News Round Up 30 June 2022 .
# groomed-How schools Sexualise your children . Video from Reclaim The Media With Laurence Fox . How will kids with learning disabilities/learning difficulties ,spot safeguarding issues ,problems and difficulties , chances are, they will not at all ?

Billy Connolly -Political Correctness YouTube

During the Highland Clearances the people cried "Woe to thee ,oh land, here comes the great sheep"
"wee will not repeat it with "Woe to thee ,oh land ,here comes the great reset ?"


Sorry, but there is no middle ground anymore, so "accepting" people for who they claim to be is no longer viable in my book. If my views are open for ostracizing, then so are yours, and that includes how you CHOOSE to see yourself/identify. My views make up who I am for better or worse, but because they are not literal fringe, they are marginalized. Want me to call you a particular name or pronoun? Sure, no problem. But once you start imposing your view, all bets are off. This is especially true if you FEEL you can self-identify as disabled (autism STILL is a disability) and eat into the limited resources upon which my children and family rely. Of course, if you don't view autism as a disability, you really should want to claim those resources as they are currently classified, but that's a conversation most aren't quite ready for. #based #bringonthebullies

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