Many Infant Deaths Classified as SIDS Are Actually Caused by Vaccines
FDA Adds Moderna to the Forced March of Covid Vaccination for Children

Gut Science Was Slower Than A Colon After Surgery

Microbiome7Dr. Andy Wakefield thrust the gut connection into the spotlight more than 20 years ago. "Science" is slower than a colon after surgery. And often treats the originators like.....  From Safeminds:

June 13, 2022

Gut Bacteria Alterations Are Dependent on Offspring’s Sex

To prevent newborn sepsis caused by maternal Group B Streptococcus exposure, antibiotic use was promoted during labor and delivery starting in the 1990s. Since then, the use of prophylactic antibiotics given to laboring mothers has increased to more than 30% of all deliveries in the United States. However, this practice was implemented before our present-day and still emerging understanding of the microbiota’s important role in many aspects of health. Recently, researchers at the MIND Institute published a study investigating the effect of antibiotics administered to pregnant mice on offspring gut microbiome composition and metabolic capabilities. The researchers also investigated how these microbiota changes can influence the offspring’s immune responses. The study’s design involved administering a broad-spectrum antibiotic orally to pregnant mice during late gestation through birth. Post-birth, bacterial DNA was taken from offspring fecal samples and was then sequenced and analyzed. The offspring’s serum and brain tissue cytokine levels were also analyzed. The results showed that the antibiotic cocktail given to the pregnant mice produced significant diversity and taxonomic changes in their offspring’s microbiome. Also altered in the offspring were genomic and metabolic pathways. Interestingly, an increased Firmicutes/Bacteroidetes (F/B) ratio was found in female offspring but not males. An increased F/B ratio is associated with dysbiosis and metabolic disorders. The MIND Institute researchers concluded that maternal antibiotic exposure could produce long-lasting effects on the offspring’s gut microbiome and neuroimmune responses. They believe their findings demonstrate how important the role of the early microbiome is in the development of gastrointestinal and immune systems. 

Original Study


Angus Files

Great work from Dr Wakefield as always.

Effectively the babies are born with no natural immune system not even the bits passed on by the mother naturally.IF YOU LET THEM.

Stand up for your new unborn or your bay is on the revolving pharma door of ill health medication before its born.

Pharma For Prison




Thanks for the info. Glad you found something that helped.
I'll look into it.


Gut issues and autism you say? Well have you "autism parents" heard of a Colonoscopy a kind of medical procedure and Mesalamine a minor autoimmune medicine? I had taken Mesalamine recently and it lowered my Calprotecin a enzyme that is elevated in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. For IBD there are: Ulcerative Colitis, Chrohn's disease, lymphocytic colitis ( quite rare), and Behcet's disease (Very rare but more common in Turkey and Japan). Get a CAT scan of your child's abdominal area first and then a Colonoscopy follow up with a Calprotectin stool test. This is the order of procedures that I used. Your child's "behavioral problems" could be caused by Multiple Sclerosis of Transverse Myelitis autoimmune disease that impact the brain.


Speaking of food.....

Are you stocking up for the fast coming food shortages and prohibitive prices?
Now is the time to watch prepper/homesteading videos and stock up on food items in your child's special diet. Plant a garden- I'm using 12" pots on the patio. Pray.

Meanwhile, Americans are becoming reverse migrants to escape the rampant inflation:
"Hordes Of Americans Are Moving To Mexico To Escape Rapidly Rising Inflation In The US"


The food tube is actually outside the body.

It makes sense that God would have designed the body to have major defenses in that area to keep out harmful substances. It would make sense to target that area of the body if one wanted to create a compromised immune system. "Gut issues" are quite frequently associated with "autism."

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