Autism Prevalence Since 2000: Wayne Rohde Interviews Dr. Walter Zahorodny
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Florida Special Olympics Drops Covid Vaccine Mandate for Athletes

Florida threatened to fine Special Olympics International $27.5 million for requiring 5,500 participants at the USA Games in Orlando to be vaccinated against COVID, prompting the organization to drop the mandate.

“There needs to be a choice in this regard,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said at an event in Orlando surrounded by a cheering crowd that included athletes for the games set to begin Sunday. “Let them compete. We want everyone to be able to compete.”  Read more at Orlando Sentinel


AMEN. You should not be able claim to be an organization that welcomes all athletes with special needs and turn away HEALTHY athletes due to their vaccination status. Not for Covid, not for anything. Better to order and pay for titre and antibody tests for every single athlete before every single event.  See how many participate then.  Good job, Florida.



Hi Bill,
I wonder if the fact that hospitals in the U.S. were refusing to provide treatment to people with Downs Syndrome had anything to do with that.
From the article
"It was late March when the woman with an intellectual disability contracted COVID-19. She struggled to breathe.In the hospital, a medical provider wrote do-not-resuscitate (DNR) and do-not-intubate orders for the woman".....
"In addition, the hospital staff sent word to the woman's group home: Fill out DNRs in advance for your other residents, in case one of them comes to the hospital."

Letting sick people die without any treatment will certainly cause an increase in their deaths.

My neighbors brother, who has an intellectual disability and lives in a group home, was vaccinated per the group home protocol. He used to love the special olympics which his sister would take him to , but after the vaccines he was hospitalized with a new heart condition. I don't know if he is able to compete any longer.
Heart conditions are fairly common in some people with Downs Syndrome. Do you think it is possible that this results in a higher risk of myocarditis ( heart damage) from the vaccine?
When you talk about a "rare opt out" from vaccines,, you mean people have to provide all of their personal, private medical history to an outside organization, which then gets to decide whether or not you are allowed to refuse a medicine? I am very glad DeSantis stepped up to protect the basic rights to medical privacy and choice. We need more with his courage.

Angus Files

Emmaphiladelphia Thanks for the video a bright lady.We do our own growing of salads,spuds,carrots, peas etc and were growing gourmet mushrooms this year now thats a challenge.Ironic thing is that I stay in the wettest place in the world and I have to recreate rain all year round to grow them!If i just took the roof of the house the mushroms would be fine,the Shangri-La for mushrooms.

Pharma For Prison



"most with autism and especially those with Down syndrome are dropping like flies from COVID-19."

Could you cite your source for this?


There are some people who should not take the vaccine because of RARE side effects some people who have a RARE disease where a vaccine is more harm than good but most with autism and especially those with Down syndrome are dropping like flies from COVID-19. A full on mandate in the Special Olympics for a vaccine is ridiculous there should be rare opt outs for athletes. For De-Santis to threaten to fine a private organization is also freaking ridiculous.


@Angus Files
Thanks for the links.

"Choose Faith Over Fear" is a timely sermon.

Are you storing up extra food?
Who Will Not Survive A Great Depression

Angus Files

Emmaphiladelphia thanks the odd truth joke ha ha
! gets through and the odd break in ranks also just to give the impression the Pharma phaithfull are not biased or totalitarian in any way NOT!The Christadelphians FB page has the reply to the article below..

Fury as homophobic and anti-vax Scots fundamentalists cleared by charity regulator
The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator began an investigation into the East Kilbride Christadelphians after the Record revealed a catalogue of hateful messages on its Facebook page.



Pharma For Prison



Dilbert gets pharma-woke.....

Make copies before they disappear.
Series starts May 30- June 4 2022


I wish that we had a state leader like Ron DeSantis in Australia. Unfortunately, every state leader here, no matter their political persuasion, beats the same drum as your very Democrat states. People in the US cannot begin to imagine how we are looking to them to free us from this mess. Many other countries are so far gone, it's difficult to imagine a way back.

Hillary Adrian Han

Super wonderful news!! Gov. Ron DeSantis, is a saint!


DeSantis 2024!

He is the only elected official that has made all the right calls regarding vaccines. He is a true Constitutionalist. Trump could take his place as governor of Florida.


Those who believe in medical freedom (freedom from corruption on multiple levels) are constantly on the defensive posture from multiple top down oppressive measures.
I hope that those involved can use this time to move the goal line from fighting coercion to include foreknowledge, as the next level of unknowing intrusion on our food, or aerial, or self transmitting vaccines or genetic manipulation is likely upon us, soon, if not already.
That would include elimination of "standing orders" for vaccinations upon hospital admissions, a critical right of explicit, not implicit consent.

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