Gut Science Was Slower Than A Colon After Surgery
Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices to Vote Saturday on Moderna and Pfizer for Infants and Toddlers

FDA Adds Moderna to the Forced March of Covid Vaccination for Children

Vaccine piperA forced march: A movement of military prisoners faster or in more adverse conditions than would be normal to tire them excessively.


From ABC News: A committee of advisers at the Food and Drug Administration voted unanimously Tuesday in favor of authorizing the Moderna vaccine for kids ages 6 through 17, paving the way to add one more vaccine to the options available for this age group.

Currently, only Pfizer’s vaccine is available for kids over 5 years old. Moderna’s vaccine, which was stalled in the regulatory process for months, would give parents another option.

The process to get Moderna’s vaccine out to pharmacies and clinics now moves to FDA leadership, which must decide whether to issue an official emergency use authorization of the vaccine.

After that, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s team of advisers will review Moderna’s data, and finally, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky will issue her recommendation.

It's not clear whether adding Moderna as another option in the vaccine arsenal will move the needle for uptake in the kids and adolescent age group. Read more (and weep.)



If Covid jabs cause loss of appetite......

I guess there will be no need for baby formula.

Morag Lyons

Crispin St Peters The Pied Piper -You Tube

UK Column News 16 June 2022
MHRA following the Grenfell Tower disaster template of risk /benefit basic health and safety risk assessment implosion ?
See Alex Mitchell and his fight for vaccine- induced thrombocytopenia sufferers . Article by Iain Davis
6 June 2022

Tell the regulators not to bother to take their books tae the top of the class with them? cause they won't be there long enough tae use them ?


In my next life, I’m going to name my daughter Aspect, and then write a book titled:
Vaccines did not cause Aspect’s autism.

Largely in part because I am one million times less of a Mother Theresa than Kim!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Kim!!!!


Here's my Freud/Bernays inspired mass propaganda campaign against the Covid jab:


Does The Second Vaccine Dose Totally Change Your Appetite? A Very Serious Investigation

"Apparently, this is very real: The COVID-19 vaccination having an effect on how hungry people become dates back to at least December 2020, when early participants in the Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna clinical trials noted that they were warned side effects including a loss of appetite were possible following their shot."
"there is no clear link between the COVID-19 vaccination and a loss of appetite. What the loss of appetite could stem from, she explains, are the other vaccination side effects like nausea and fatigue.

“Loss of appetite was not something that was reported in the vaccine trials, but nausea and vomiting and diarrhea were common side effects,” Dr. Olulade tells Refinery29. “Some studies of people outside the trials have shown that a small percentage of people have experienced decreased appetite after getting the vaccine [as shown in a National Library of Medicine study Dr. Olulade shared]"
A relative of mine has had a loss of appetite for five months since getting vaxxed and boosted. She is still losing weight and has fatigue but not nausea. All tests for suspect illness have come back negative. This is getting serious.

Still with Trump

Are there links to the FDA covid vaccine meetings this week ? 21 to 0 votes both times ?

Always great when they are posted here where they can be located again,


And don’t forget! The most important part of vaccinating your infants, toddlers, children, & adolescents……(wait for it!)………VACCINE ADVOCACY!!!! Protecting your child from a deadly infection, (let alone a vaccine injury, wink wink) doesn’t really matter when it comes to your children getting injected with something to promote our products!!!

Don Draper could not have invented a better add campaign!
Wait? What happened to Elmo & Vivek Murthy?

Greg Hill

If we had a halfway responsible government they would have long since admitted that THERE IS NO EMERGENCY. Therefore all of the available sars-cov-2 "vaccines," biologics and medications cannot be granted Emergency Use Authorization and must be completely removed from the market immediately, not just for children but also for adults. Except for properly informed subjects in experimental studies they should not be available to anyone, whether they want them or not, until after they have received full FDA "approval," a process that takes many years. That "approval" hasn't yet happened for any of them except for the Comirnaty "vaccine", which is not yet available at all in the U.S. In my opinion there are a lot of people currently in the executive branch of the federal government, both elected politicians and appointed bureaucrats, who should not only be removed from office over this but also tried, convicted and sent to prison for committing crimes against humanity.


The inaccuracies & propaganda from this doctor had me fuming.


Meanwhile Fauci has mild symptoms from covid.
You can't make this stuff up.
Did he or did he not get the shot and all the boosters? I so doubt it.

Jill in MI

So they just use this info as their central talking point - “Recent data have shown that approximately 25% or one in every four children and adolescents hospitalized due to COVID-19 require ICU intervention,” said Carla Vinals, Moderna’s vice president of regulatory affairs strategy for infectious diseases.” - but they don’t mention a number of total cases of how many children and teens were actually hospitalized. One in every four children - out of HOW MANY? What is the comparison? 10,000? 50,000? A million? How many of those hospitalized had any co-morbidities? What is the actual number of children and teens who have actually died from straight up Covid? I am not diminishing anyone’s pain if this has happened in your family. But to use such a small percentage to justify putting the shot into 54 million kids? And let’s see, this wonderful shot has never stopped the disease What about the children who have already had Covid??
Same old, same old. I would like to know if this committee has ever turned down a vaccine. Of course, Everything must be OK because they’re giving the shots in “different limbs.” No worries here.
SIDS, SADS - I wonder what they will come up with for the adverse effects of this craziness - SIMS? Sudden Infant Myocarditis Syndrome - followed by ABV. Anything But the Vaccine.

Angus Files

Neither work but there you go sheeple Bob Hope or No Hope -two options..

Currently, only Pfizer’s vaccine is available for kids over 5 years old. Moderna’s vaccine, which was stalled in the regulatory process for months, would give parents another option.

Pharma For Prison


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