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British Drug Regulator (MHRA) Develops, Manufactures and Sells Its Own Biological Products Including Vaccines

397AE091-7113-430E-9219-22EEFBA237D7By John Stone

(UPDATE) It is disturbing to have confirmed by Megan Redshaw’s article in The Defender  yesterday  (June 27) that it will be the Gates/WHO/MHRA polio vaccine which is being rolled out in the UK which according to Dr Mark Bailey is not “proved” or in layman’s language “experimental”. Obviously, the Salk oral polio vaccine has not been in use for many years and his comparison is misleading and inappropriate , and we do not know why this product is preferred to the standard inactivated product (IPV).

This is a follow on to a UK Column Report last week with excellent analysis by retired nurse Debi Evans and News anchor Brian Gerrish which focused on the board meeting of the MHRA of Tuesday June 21. There were many disturbing features in the report which runs from 1.06.50 on the link, but one really surprising fact which emerged - and I have been following the MHRA closely since at least 2004 - is that they combine purported role as a regulator of the biologics industry with developing its own biological products and trading with the industry: this happens through its subsidiary since 2013 the National Institute of Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) though it’s  not immediately clear how long NIBSC has traded its own biological products.

Of particular relevance is that coincidentally with this meeting a new polio scare was being launched in the UK - no one as of this present time has been diagnosed with polio but polio has been detected in a North East London sewer. It is therefore fascinating to follow the conversation (which I have transcribed as best I can) between to the interim director of NIBSC, Mark Bailey, and Stephen Lightfoot, Chairman of MHRA (at 1.22.18):


Significant investment by NIBSC and also its partners the Gates foundation and of course its part of   the WHO lab in (indecipherable) and of course basically premiere eradication. There are three strains of polio and the team at NIBSC developed three different vaccines. It happens that strain two is the one that has been deployed most in clinical trials in Africa and it's listed product by the WHO which mean it can be used in emergency situations even though it is not proved. We are now moving to clinical trials with the other two strains as well, so it's very exciting: it's a huge huge combination: its effect is that this vaccine cannot revert. So the Salk vaccine which was used with most of us as kids there was always a low chance of it reverting back to wild type which means things like polio begins to appear in the population. This is a great leap forward here because it can't revert so basically its much safer.


Again I think this is a great example of how the MHRA is different from other regulators around the world because we have NIBSC or National Institute for Biological Standards and Control where do some basic looking at fundamental research and this is a good example of the work that we are doing in that area and the public health benefit it can have internationally and not just in the UK  so I think actually as regulator we've got some really important you know constituent parts that actually make us a very strong and capable organisation.

The reality of this is if the MHRA ever was functionally a “regulator” it has abandoned this role to facilitate business, it even trades with industry in Coronavirus spike-protein. This was emphasised in an earlier UK Column report when MHRA CEO June Raine excruciatingly discussed transforming the MHRA in 2020 from being “a regulator to an enabler” (at 47.30). And of course it is a whole different level of concern if the MHRA not only received research funding from the Gates Foundation as has previously been identified but is actually in business with them (and the WHO). Of course, the pretext was that there was an emergency and this was in the most formal bureaucratic terms an outright lie.

Back in December 2020 the British public were being assured that the MHRA was “fiercely independent” by the Health Secretary Matt Hancock which was manifestly untrue even then as I pointed out but thanks to the labyrinthine nature of the government pharmaceutical complex no one had identified that the agency had a direct financial interest.

And of course the trouble is that when governments refuse to acknowledge such absolute conflicts it is impossible for the public to judge whether they are actually newly at risk from polio or whether they are just being “had” again.


susan welch

Oops! I should have said that John's article is mentioned at 42 minutes on the UK Column link, but it is worth watching from a few minutes before that as a Conservative Women article is also covering the fact that the MHRA no longer regards safety as a priority.

susan welch


A good article from BMJ.


It was great to see this article featured on UK Column yesterday

Jenny Allan

Headline -"Vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 (VDPV2) detected in environmental samples in London, UK"
Well it's official- The WHO has now admitted those polioviruses found in London environmental samples, were VACCINE DERIVED. Almost certainly, these viruses originated from oral polio vaccines, administered to children. These oral polio vaccines are now being phased out.

I hope Emeritus Professor Hugh Pennington has the grace to apologise for his article (below) blaming 'yummy mummies' and 'deluded conspiracy cranks' for not vaccinating their children, since this problem was actually caused by parents who COMPLIED with child polio vaccination schedules in the UK.

Angus Files

Could be that they the Pharma phaithful are trying to muddy the waters by introducing Polio to be the Patsy for the link between MMR and Crohns which Dr Andrew Wakefield linked the MMR with Crohns without any doubt decades ago.Crohns disease has gone up alongside Autism but thats just coincidence right?

A subgroup analysis did link poliomyelitis vaccination with increased risk of developing Crohn’s disease (RR, 2.28; 95% CI, 1.12-4.63) or ulcerative colitis (RR, 3.48; 95% CI, 1.2-9.71), but the studies were dissimilar enough that the results need to be interpreted cautiously, they added.


Pharma For Prison


susan welch


This is an excellent article spelling out the frustration of trying to get the MHRA to take the situation regarding safety of the 'vaccine' seriously.

So many credible people are having the same response from this corrupt agency, i.e. an acknowledgement - then nothing.

susan welch

Thanks for this article, John. I have been following the MHRA horror on UK Column who have been reporting on how they are no longer interested in safety. The arrogance on those who work for that agency is mind blowing. Any vestige of hope I had for truth emerging from government agencies has now dissipated.

The only way we will overcome the absolute corruption of those who we pay to 'look after' the interests of the population is by growing the numbers of people who will not comply.

They are exposed now for anyone who wants to see. The more injuries and deaths that, sadly, happen, the more people will look.

Ronald N. Kostoff

An OpEd titled "Underreporting factors for VAERS are vastly underreported" has been published on Trial Site News (https://www.trialsitenews.com/a/underreporting-factors-for-vaers-are-vastly-underreported-e3a21062). The OpEd shows that the underreporting factors (URFs) for COVID-19 “vaccine”-induced deaths in VAERS have been vastly underreported, resulting in lower numbers of COVID-19 “vaccine”-induced deaths in the total population than have been actually experienced. The OpEd will present the URF computations in the context of a cost-benefit analysis of COVID-19 “vaccines” for the elderly (65+), where costs are the deaths induced by the COVID-19 “vaccines” and benefits are the true COVID-19 deaths that only a COVID-19 “vaccine” could have prevented. The analysis will start with a cost-benefit analysis based on CDC-supplied COVID-19 death numbers and COVID-19 “vaccine” death numbers and then correct for both these CDC-supplied numbers to get real-world cost-benefit results for the COVID-19 “vaccines.” Both the URFs and the cost-benefit ratios are high, even for the 65+ demographic who have highest priority and need for any COVID-19 “vaccine” or treatment.

Morag Lyons

Thank you, very good article ,UK Column has it's finger on the pulse of the [MHRA? ]
Don't let them know their opportunity for a "Memorandum of Comfort" has passed them by ?

"Who Watches the Watchmen ?" "Who will guard the guards themselves?" by Roman Poet Juvenal.
We are professional coughing dodgers at ,
Health Advisory &Recovery Team ; HART

Look what the cat dragged in ? The Fact-Checkers suppurating semantics at,
https//www.logically.ai > articles> hart-files-anti-vacci,
The Hart Files ; Inside the group Trying To Smuggle Ant- Vaccine Myths into Westminster .
July 27 2021 .
AI -assisted Fact-Checking leveraging their dual-pronged ,multi-pronged approach to fact checking .
Legal but Harmful , Paralytic Political Perception ?
Two Ronnies 4 Candles sketch YouTube .

No Name Soup of The Day Special . Describe in detail the "label "of" harmful" or substandard but substancial cac-handed special .

See Cultic Milieu "Label" by Colin Campbell British Sociologist 1972 "Label"

Road Rage Cowboy Colin Campbell YouTube .

Would the fact checkers prefer their daily dose of laughter suppositories before or after we check their "core temperature?" Bavarian Krankenhaus fashion! Because that's their choices, that's their options ,so they can take it or leave it !

John Stone

It is disturbing to have confirmed by Megan Redshaw’s article in The Defender yesterday that it will be the Gates/WHO/MHRA polio vaccine which is being rolled out in the UK which according to Dr Mark Bailey is not “proved” or in layman’s language “experimental”. Obviously, the Salk oral polio vaccine has not been in use for many years and his comparison is misleading and inappropriate , and we do not know why this product is preferred to the standard inactivated product (IPV).


Angus Files

Plumbers fixed the sewage disposal and fixed the problem with Polio at the same time.It was never vaccines that fixed any virus ever.MHRA running a monoply nice work John thanks.

There are sometimes when I think that whatever gets written on here the Pharma phaithful double down and try even harder to disprove fact and prove their lies.

As Dan reported on Polio


Pharma For Prison



The polio vaccine is a scam as well. They have known all along that the vaccines cannot eradicate it. Wild polio disappeared a long time ago. The "polio" circulating now is caused by the vaccine. Even Dr. Walter Orenstien admitted it at the last in-person meeting of ACIP in Atlanta- just before the release of SarsCov2. I watched the meeting live and they discussed this vaccine "problem" and even honored a young man who had died from this polio vaccine strain. Orenstein headed up the vaccine program over the CDC, was U.S. Assistant Surgeon General (as well as a member of EIS), worked with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and spent years monitoring the polio vaccine program. He frequently traveled to Israel to monitor polio levels in their sewage system. Orenstein was Julie Gerberding's boss during the CDC MMR study fraud scandal exposed by Dr. William Thompson. Orenstein continues to give support to the Covid jab push through his leadership position at the Emory Vaccine Institute, just down the road from the CDC. Finally, he was Stanley Plotkin's understudy and was a coeditor for the Vaccine "Bible" authored by Plotkin. This textbook is the standard for all immunology courses.

Jenny Allan

"The anti-Establishment warriors are often joined by affluent metropolitan liberals and so-called 'yummy mummies' whose attachment to organic lifestyles leads them to oppose the idea of putting anything 'unnatural' in their children's bodies.
The big concern is that, following the Covid pandemic, take-up rates for the polio jab have fallen, partly because the energies of the NHS have been focused elsewhere, partly because of distrust in certain ethnic minority communities, and partly because of the disinformation campaign against vaccines led by deluded conspiracy cranks and right-on middle-class households.

The statistics highlight a worrying trend. Although 95 per cent of UK children have had the correct number of polio doses by the age of two, that figure falls to 90 per cent in London, the incubator of the new outbreak.

Even worse, when it comes to the pre-school booster, just 71 per cent have had it by the age of five in London. Moreover, less than half of all teenagers in eight local authority areas in England – mainly in the capital – have been vaccinated against polio.
Large numbers of visitors and migrants arrive from the two countries where polio is still endemic – Pakistan and Afghanistan. Indeed, it is likely the outbreak in London will be traced to a traveller from one of those countries Moreover, less than half of all teenagers in eight local authority areas in England – mainly in the capital – have been vaccinated against polio.."

I was formerly a huge fan of Hugh Pennington, having met him more than a decade ago at a seminar on hospital superbugs -and how to prevent them. Our campaigning won a judge led inquiry into the state of our hospitals in Scotland. Our then Health Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, now First Minister, has held a grudge against Professor Pennington ever since, and has refused to acknowledge, far less implement his common sense advice on Covid prevention. She stated the Prof was only an expert on bacteria, not viruses, which demonstrates her ignorance on microbiology.

I have to say I was utterly shocked by Professor Pennington's reference to 'yummy mummies' and 'deluded conspiracy cranks' . Yes there has been controversy in the UK over the MMR, HPV and DTP vaccines, but Polio vaccines have been quietly administered to children for decades, with very little dissent from parents, 'yummy mummies' or not. This was admitted in the article which stated, "95 per cent of UK children have had the correct number of polio doses by the age of two." It is only in London that this has fallen to 90%, and this is more or less admitted to be due to the large immigrant population, many from countries with no child vaccination schedules.

The article also appears to admit Covid has caused a considerable drop in the administration of other child vaccines. This is most likely to have been caused by lockdown restrictions, rather than parental restrictions. As for the 'teenagers', in the UK children over the age of 12 can consent (or not) themselves for vaccinations. Their parents do not even require to be told.


The Rot is So deep & wide.

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