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Autism Prevalence Since 2000: Wayne Rohde Interviews Dr. Walter Zahorodny

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By Anne Dachel

The audio link above is to an interview by Wayne Rohde who produces the Right on Point podcast and the Autism File podcast, with Dr. Walter Zahorodny.
Dr. Zahorodny is the Research Director of the NJ Autism Study,  and has been studying the prevalence of autism since 2000. He was very open about what autism is doing to our children. He’s been watching the increases for more than 20 years, and he’s the first to tell us that they are real. More children actually have autism and something in the environment is causing it. He also makes it clear that the future is very dark because the numbers show no signs of slowing down.

I transcribed the entire interview, highlighting in bold the most noteworthy statements.

It’s impossible to dismiss the statistics and facts that Zahorodny cites here, yet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been doing just that for the last several decades. In fact, he describes the underhanded methods in play by the CDC to underestimate just how bad the increases are with the DSM-5 and what Zahorodny refers to as ADDM TWO.

The most recent CDC report, the one that reports on study year 2018, is very interesting in that for the first time, they’re not really concerned with autism prevalence. They’re not really reporting. If you read carefully, you’ll find out that they changed the methodology, and they’re not really concern with what is the true prevalence of autism.

One thing that maybe nobody understands, maybe through your podcast people will begin to appreciate the fact that the CDC no longer—and the ADDM Network—no longer does active population surveillance.

We’re not trying to find all the cases of autism. That’s the old system. I would call the old system ADDM ONE. You’re trying to find all the true cases.

Zahorodny cites statistics that should cause panic in officials who get billions of dollars a year to oversee our health. Not only do the people at the CDC refuse to acknowledge that more children have autism, but they’ve successfully covered up the real rate of autism.

While officially autism affects 2.3 percent of children, according to the CDC, Zahorodny cites findings of ever greater numbers.

Here in Zahorodny’s own words:

San Diego, California, four percent.

Newark, New Jersey, five percent. 

Toms River, New Jersey, seven percent.

One in five towns in New Jersey, in our region, have a rate of five percent or higher….

We have already in Newark and in Toms River eight to 12 percent of boys in the public education system [that] have a lifelong disability or most likely a lifelong disability.

 In Ocean County in 2016, while the overall New Jersey estimate was 3.2 percent, we found that the prevalence of autism was already over five percent in Ocean County. 

I’m not an economist, but do you choose to project five percent or 10 percent as a realistic metric for how many people will need significant, maybe lifetime support?

…We could really identify no specific reason why autism prevalence increased, not only in New Jersey, but in every other state in the Network.

And it increased for boys and for girls. It increased for white, black, Hispanic, Asian children. It increased across every state.

In the world of the prevalence estimates of the ADDM Network, we’ve only seen increases.

Throughout that DSM-IV period, only increases. When we shifted to the DSM-5 definition, we also only see increases.

In case you’re wondering why elected officials aren’t demanding action, Zahorodny says this:

Politicians are not responding because I think they have accepted for the most part the red herring interruption that autism has always been around.

And it isn’t just autism.

I’m familiar suggests that somewhere in the range of one in five children have some learning issue, problem or deficit.

The most quickly expanding group is those children with autism.

Next most frequently occurring are children with ADHD.

Zahorodny does acknowledge that something in the environment is doing this and we have to find out what it is.

I guess if I were to do one thing, it would be to identify the environment trigger that can be changed.

Still, autism remains a mystery. Zahorodny puts it this way:

That was perplexing. Perplexing because we don’t really understand what’s driving these rates.

…And the other phenomenon, we have yet to understand what’s driving autism increases.

And he warns about what’s coming.

When we say that five percent of the children in our region have autism, I think that’s a fair metric for anticipating the future scope or perimeters of care for adults, adolescents and  adults.  …

You’re planning for at least five percent of the population to be disabled.

That’s the future: at least five percent of the population will have autism.

And don’t expect the CDC do anything, because, as Zahorodny puts it,

They’re not really concerned with autism prevalence.




Emmaphiladelphia, don't forget about the Vitamin K shot (also containing aluminium/alumina) given at birth. Apparently it was introduced in 1961 but I wonder when it took off being given to almost every baby. I know it was given fairly routinely around the late 80s where I live but I wonder about the years prior to that.
I used to think it was just about money. Now, it feels like a total collapse of society as we know it is the end game. Why else would the powers that be continue to ignore the growth in 'autism' numbers? I might just be a conspiracy theorist but then again, most of my other theories have come to fruition. I think Stephanie Seneff might have been on the money with her prediction of every second child by 2032.
New bumper sticker should say, "Now can we deal with the autism epidemic?" Actually, wouldn't it now be classed as a 'pandemic? I know it's not a disease but then, could Covid 19 be considered a 'disease'? When I was flat on my back for 2 days with Covid, it never entered my head that I had a 'disease'.

Still with Trump

Almost impossible to believe what the vaccine industry has achieved the past few years, after getting away with the endless damage to children they have caused for decades.

The industry owns most of the media & governments of the world by financing those who will support their actions. Those who do not support them have to try to raise their own funds to run for office.


I have written before about a doctor that we have for our adult son with an autism diagnosis. His name is Dr. Michael Goldberg and he has written a book called The Myth of Autism, in which he states that our children/adults are suffering from a disease process he calls "neuroimmune dysfunction syndrome." Our children/adults have a dysregulated immune system and this is an illness that has the hope of being reversed with the use of medications called "immune modulators." He needs the money to finance the clinical trials needed to prove that these medications can reverse and CURE this disease process. Please read the book and post on all the media sites that you use, such as Facebook etc. to get the word out that it is not hopeless and there is a chance for a real CURE for our special children/adults. The book is published by Skyhorse Publishing.


"They don't care about our children. It's all about covering up the autism epidemic through fraud and denial."

Our government has become a p-harma business operating on the bottom line.
There is no other "environmental factor" which fits all the criteria other than vaccines.
The timing of the autism explosion fits perfectly with the introduction of the newly expanded childhood vaccine schedule rolled out in 1987 based on the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which granted pharma vaccine liability protection for the first time. The schedule included a new technology HepB jab for newborns, which was unprecedented and controversial. I always found it interesting that the 1999 EIS Verstraeten "smoking gun" report used this same jab for a case study purportedly on its 25 microgram Thimerosal dosage. This was one of the early uses of the "Vaccine Safety Datalink" established in the 1986 vaccine law. It used data from 2 California HMO's who allowed use of its detailed individual health statistics. Conveniently, one HMO gave the new HepB to its newborns, while inexplicably, the other HMO did not. This set up a "serendipity" case study to compare children who received the new full vax schedule versus those that received all but the HepB shot. The difference in overall Thimerosal injected was 25 micrograms. The Relative Risk for autism diagnoses was over 7 for those with the extra 25 micrograms from the HepB. Sleep disorders and speech delay also had scientifically significant RR. A hasty meeting at Simpsonwood was called and everything was swept under the rug. I could go on and on- VAAXED the Movie, Poul Thorsen (still on HHS MOST WANTED list for stealing $1 million in CDC grant money and contributor to the updated DM5 "autism" criteria), Hannah Polling, with an autism diagnosis, won full compensation in Vaccine Court by calling it "vaccine induced encephalopathy" to match the pre-approved Table Injury. These are BIG CLUES to the answer to the origin of "autism."

The good Dr. Walter Zahorodny has made a career off the backs of our injured children. He will NEVER find that elusive unicorn cause of autism. It is not in his best interest to do so. He has accomplished nothing in ten years. How does his grant define FAILURE?

As for Wayne Rhode, I am sorry he was "insulted" that a young adult who made it to college had a diagnosis of "autism". Wayne, you are being played. You have fallen for the divide and conquer strategy. The term "autism" is part of the coverup and government liability protection. As long as you call it "autism", you can't win in vaccine court. Hannah Polling's case showed us that. In my opinion, most of these cases are vaccine induced encephalopathies (brain injuries) which affects the victim in varying degrees. Many of the aggressive behaviors are an expression of pain, anxiety, and frustration due to their brain injury. Because they are injured as infants and toddlers, their injured brain is still developing. With early and CORRECT intervention, some of the effects can be reversed or made milder. I believe most of these children were born with average to above average- even gifted- intellects. Those who never regain speech may suffer the most because they are so misunderstood, and are often assumed to have a lower intellect. One of mine went from having "severe autism" to graduating from and engineering college with highest honors. He had no outside medical or government help. He had no special ed program and was never put on any mind altering drugs. I personally took all the "heat". Screaming meltdowns, compulsive biting, severe constipation, intermittent fevers, food texture issues, obsessive compulsive issues, etc. If I had not intervened with intensive private speech therapy at an early age, he would not be talking. It seems so much of their progress is dependent on early intervention (One thing Zahorodny gets right). If I had waited on the government or the doctors, NOTHING WOULD HAVE HAPPENED. My son would not have improved. I just used my raw motherly instinct and careful observation to figure out how to help him. We avoided harmful "treatments". I will never say that this son was "cured," but that enough of his injuries were repaired/improved for him to fully use his God given gifted intellect to make a career for himself and lead an independent adult life. Focusing on the true cause of our children's harm is the only way forward. United we stand, divided we fall.

Angus Files

And the maths Goverment revenue for the UK 21/22 is 820billion .,151%20billion%20pounds%20from%20VAT.

Spend 2017/2018 51 billion

The cost of disabilities will be higher but based on the 2017/2018 figures it calculates out at
6.21% spent of total revenue on disabilities .

Keep in mind the cost of the armed forces 2021 was 42.4 billion

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

Here in the Uk its anyones guess some facts and figures below..and the band plays on as the great one says..

£51 billion is forecast to be spent this year
The government is forecast to spend £51bn on this in in 2017/18. That’s forecast to go up overall in real terms until 2021/22.

Pharma For Prison


Maurine Meleck

Huh? Am I missing something here? We don't really know what's causing it? Hmmmm. Something in the environment, the doctor states. Must be too much tv, too many bull frogs jumping around, or maybe those environmentally old fathers? Here, let me help. How about vaccines? What about glyphosate? Well, at least he admits the numbers are increasing. Is that a caveat?

Anne  Dachel

One comment by Dr. Zahorodny that stands out to me is what he said about the actions of the CDC:

"One thing that maybe nobody understands, maybe through your podcast people will begin to appreciate the fact that the CDC no longer—and the ADDM Network—no longer does active population surveillance. "

They don't care about our children. It's all about covering up the autism epidemic through fraud and denial.

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