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So You Want To Be Autistic: Transautistic Is the New Self-Diagnosed



To: Margaret,
That is not the point but You are right I do not know all the struggles with autism parents. I do personal know some people with severe autism. One more seriously disabled autism person I know has Neuro fibromatosis the same disorder I have while the autistic another does not. My mother a special education teacher whom baby sat for a few years a severely autistic teenager in the Long Beach before we relocated to northern California recently. This boy was sometimes violent and he was non verbal, I will admit I do feel scared and bored when I am around the seriously autistic but I could handle a moderately disabled autistic person If I were ever a caregiver as long as no diapers no frequent seizures and no extreme violent behavior I expected a few scratches and bites and slaps and to help with a reasonable amount person hygiene and occasional seizures or other medical issues I have had to deal with these issues before and help people with the what I just described.
I hear so many o Age of Autism challenge those with so called "high functioning" autism to watch and care for the seriously autistic for at least a little while. Challenge accepted. I bet no one would be willing to hire even for a very short while a person with "mild" autism to care for their seriously disabled child. Age of Autism supporters could set up a booth somewhere at an autism event and offer this challenge for a person with mild autism to care for those with serious autism. I live in northern California and accept this challenge to walk in these parents shoes for a little while.


Dear Will. We parents are very good at debate because we have been battling so-called experts for years, and sometimes we have been battling for decades. We do not exaggerate. You do not personally know what our children go through on a day to day basis. You are making assumptions based on your own experiences. Just as I would not deny the validity of your experiences, you should not deny our experiences. Some parents go through hell, can't find help, and far too often have their voices silenced. What is far too common is attitude, bullying, and convenient denial.


Autism mom,
this careers with children class was 11 years ago. The powers that be got rid of the vocational programs at LBUSD in 2011 because of budget cuts. Of course they may have gotten rid of that special education classroom at that school. There are dozens of schools in Long Beach and most of these schools are inclusionist oriented in special education now matter how futile the effort. What offended the "parents" here at Age of Autism is someone willing to challenge their rambling memes. You have no idea what another person experiences in their life or in their community so exaggerating your child's behavior will lead no where.

Autism Mom

Will, Are you saying getting "stuck" in 100 hour externship (moderate-severe class) at Prisk Elementary-Long Beach, means you are qualified to comment on the demands of high-needs autism? If your answer is yes, then I would like to point out, it was M-F, evenings, weekends and holidays off. No such thing in my life, late nights and early morning (after midnight) is the most difficult time in our home for everyone present, so, no you are not qualified to debate.
The following sites says Prisk doesn't have a mod/severe class.
My niece has scratches on her face from her 9 yr old daughter who is diagnosed with autism. She is qualified to debate.

L land

Sure Will! How many hours a day were you in the classroom? How many days a week? And you knew you would be finished in how many weeks? A bit different from 24/7 for the rest of your life.
Since you state they ‘stuck you’ it doesn’t sound like you have much in common with or sympathy for those who have severe autism.


I would like to see how someone who does not have autism in their family would react if they were awakened in the middle of the night by my adult son with autism, screaming and hitting his head against the wall and hitting himself. They would call me and say, " I'm outta here!"


How do you know they "advocate" has not already tried that. Dumb meme mean nothing. I am a person with high functioning autism and the life threatening genetic disorder Neuro fibromatosis.
I did a vocational class in high school in 2009 that was called "Career with children" . This class granted child development units from a local junior college after completion. Do you want to guess where they stuck me for my required 100 hour externship? In a class full of children with moderate and severe autism at Prisk Elementary school in Long Beach which is a city in California. Anyone want to respond to this ?

Maurine Meleck

I don't need to debate autism since I've lived it, but if I lived near you I'd be happy to give you a 24 hour break. I'd probably take Anne with me though.


Perfect!!! Of course, there'll be no takers. Not because they will get the point, but because it would require more effort than simply 'advocating' on social media. Also, someone will undoubtedly give you guff for using something called "Rotten Cards."

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