FDA Adds Moderna to the Forced March of Covid Vaccination for Children
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Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices to Vote Saturday on Moderna and Pfizer for Infants and Toddlers

Approved-stampBy Toby Rogers from his Substack:

BREAKING NEWS: CDC launches sneak attack; the ACIP will meet TOMORROW (Friday, June 17) and Saturday, June 18 to extend the mRNA Final Solution to little kids

The White House has kept these meetings a secret until now

`I’m the first to report this breaking national news:

This morning I listened to the meeting of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee. Melinda Wharton gave her update from CDC... and they have scheduled a special two day meeting of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) for TOMORROW (Friday, June 17) and Saturday (June 18). The agenda is here:


Friday they will discuss safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy of Moderna in kids 6 months through 5 years of age AND Pfizer in kids 6 months through 4 years of age. Saturday they will vote. The entire process is set up to rubber stamp the VRBPAC meetings from yesterday.

When White House “Covid-19 Czar” Ashish Jha went on TV earlier in the week and said that these shots would be available by June 19, he surely knew that these meetings were in the works. But they kept them secret from the public until Melinda Wharton let the cat out of the bag this morning.

Apparently, the CDC is going to hold off on debating Moderna in kids 6 to 17 years old until next week (they have another meeting scheduled for June 22 and 23). The CDC has decided to target the littlest kids first.

What is to be done.

Let’s light ‘em up right now. Below are talking points and contact info for the people who will be involved with the ACIP meeting tomorrow and Saturday.

Talking Points  READ MORE HERE



There’s always a point at which parents don’t allow for things injected into their offspring. That (I believe) is the point of evolution.

Morag Lyons

Who is doing the basic health and safety risk assessments ? Peppa Pig and friends perhaps ?

Health Advisory &Recovery Team HART
Article by Dr Clare Craig . FDA unanimously approve Covid vaccine for 0-4 years .


ACIP meeting update:
They have a new buzzword- "immunobridging"

This is the term they are using to cover for the fact that the 3 shot infant/toddler mRNA jab does not have sufficient efficacy data. The fix? Invent a "new" way to measure it:

Immunobridging still feasible, FDA says

"Immunobridging remains a feasible way of determining vaccine efficacy, even if the US does not yet have an official stance on the matter, the Ministry of Health and Welfare said yesterday.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday last week said it would adopt the alternative approach in lieu of phase 3 trial data when evaluating emergency use authorization (EUA) for locally developed COVID-19 vaccines.

Immunobridging compares the efficacy of an approved vaccine with a trial one by measuring the concentration of neutralizing antibodies in each group of recipients."

They discuss this at the very end of Friday's meeting (now over)


Kate Russell Woodworth is on the contact list, but works for the CDC and is NOT an ACIP member.

Here are talking points from the ACIP presentation:

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine: Children ages 6 months to 4 years

*Antibody levels after 3 doses in children ages 6 months to 4 years produces similar antibody levels after two doses in individuals ages 16-24 years.

*Reactogenicity post-vaccine similar after each of the 3 vaccine doses, and similar to reactions seen in placebo recipients

*Efficacy estimates difficult to interpret given small numbers and follow-up time
- Impact of LONGER INTERVAL in the trial between dose 2 and dose 3 on efficacy, reactogenicity, or safety are unknown"

My comment:
Why wouldn't the "small numbers and follow-up time" ALSO impact interpretation of safety, reactogenicity, and efficacy? An EUA designation gives NO MOTIVATION or NEED to do a proper safety study. UNCONSCIONABLE!
American babies are the new LAB RATS.


ACIP member Kate Russell Woodworth made an interesting Tweet:

I don't know if Dr. Mike Woodworth is a husband, brother or relative, but it is an interesting coincidence that he specializes in the gut microbiome at EMORY UNIVERSITY, also home to Dr Walter Orenstein who called the infamous meeting at Simpsonwood while head of vaccines at the CDC.


So they are finally and very , swiftly moving on to the real End Game. Continuous freedom from pesky lawsuits of injuries their product causes.

"End Game": I do believe that was the title of the movie of one of the Marvel comic series a few years back. It was about super heroes battling a super villain that has decided the population needs to be reduced in half. The super villain had to have elves of this one planet make a glove and then off he went to gather galaxy stones to fit onto it.

It is going to be a vote YES,
But they are just going through the motions at this point.
Poor things, I bet it is hard to even do that considering how many people are not watching.

Once that is done; and their summer is over, their vacations all enjoyed with maybe one more swing at the lake and boating for labor day which puts it all in September, then they can get back to the biz mandating for everyone and of course no more worries about talk of pesky lawsuits.

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