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Would Kids With Autism Survive A Shooter?

Go Talk QuietThe nation reels from another mass shooting at an elementary school. While listening to news reports throughout the day, I remembered something that happened to me several years ago. I was at the High School for one of my daughters' IEP meetings. I was in the classroom with students and staff, including paras. Suddenly an alarm went off and an Active Shooter Drill was underway. I was closed in the classroom with everyone. None of the students with autism was completely quiet, including my daughter. One student was loud. Could have been any of my 3 daughters, none of whom can regulate their voice or stimming for more than a few seconds. One Paraprofessional asked, "How would you keep him quiet," to the other. "Oh, I'd find a way to shut him up." I was appalled. But I know that if there were a situation like the massacre in Uvalde, Texas, or up the road from me in Newtown, Connecticut, some, many, most or perhaps all of the students with autism would be in grave danger because of their disability. This might be the ONLY time a quiet/seclusion room would be useful. I would like to think that most staff would try to shield the kids and keep them quiet. I'm not sure I could keep my own kids quiet. And so I ask, if there is a shooter in a school, what happens to the special needs/autistic students, and is there a plan just for them that honors their needs?



That is a great point Still with Trump. Where does an 18 yr old kid get the money to buy a weapon that can kill 19 ten yr olds? I don’t have health care, or money to pay my electric bill.

Still with Trump

Most shooters are on some psychiatric medication. That is certainly correct.

Nothing so far on where the guns were purchased, no application time delay needed ? Where did the money come from ? 345 rounds of ammo bought the next day ?

Are the guns safer or more dangerous than the vaccine industry ?


I think that there are many many risks in this world, often more for our challenged kids, than for others. I don't think though that anyone has a foolproof plan for what would really help anyone survive in such a situation.
Run and get away from the area, hide, or fight back, ( even if only by throwing things) are the three options. All of them carry risks and may or may not increase safety. If staying in place, a bulletproof door would be helpful, but at least being inside a locked room door may be as much protection as anybody in the school has.
Even neurotypical kids may cough, sneeze, have an asthma attack, have their phone ring, or cry, when trying to hide silently in a closet. And silence does not guarantee safety for anyone anyway. Kids are told to hide in closets; school shooters are often kids who have gone to the school, and know what the plan is, and that kids will be in closets.. If the shooter is wanting revenge for being bullied, our kids may be safer than some, as our kids, particularly ones with verbal challenges, are more likely to be bullied than be the bully, and the shooter may be much less likely to target the speical ed classroom.. It depends very much on the motivation of the shooter.
There are bullet proof back packs: don't know if this might at least give parents a little more comfort?
Deeply sorry for all who have lost a precious child in this way, and for all who are now worried about the safety of their own children at school.


While I understand this would be devastating for children with sensory issues is silence the best protocol? Perhaps an active shooter alarm be more conducive to protecting children?

Dr William Gaunt

Most shooters are on some psychiatric medication. Sometimes that information comes out but most times it doesn't. There is a book titled "Deadly Psychiatry" by Peter C. Gotzsche, MD which covers the downside of these drugs.


School resources officer need a lot more training to protect students and the staff members from extreme things like active shooters and even traffic accidents. Sadly all to often the resource officers over react to minor discipline issues and students and staff have been hurt because of this over reaction. Do not use private security guards in schools the guards are poorly trained and a liability issue that is increasing. You cannot keep any classroom 100% quiet disabled or non disabled it is impossible. Even in a small college classroom without disabled people. This is because people need to breath, and sneeze and pass gas (gross). It is more likely your child will be serious injured sickened or die from something other than a mass shooting whether that child is sever disabled or not. Examples include asthma and diabetes attacks, playground injuries, drunk drivers riding up on the sidewalks near a school. You need a school nurse to deal with the medical issues I gave an example of. You also need a school resource officer that is trained in something beyond first aid maybe an EMT certification?

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