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Alex Martinez The Woke Twitter Dope Makes Fun of Musk's Asperger's

Alex Martinez

Infuriating. Twitter, the bastion of woke, woker and wokest, where only vaccine injury is a fairytale, showed its hypocrisy when a pouting, tantruming, "you're not going to be the boss of me" jackass named Alex Martinez openly mocked Elon Musk's Asperger's diagnosis, erasing 20 years of trying to get a grain of SALT's worth respect for our loved ones across the spectrum.  Remember woke only applies to those deemed worthy by the namby pamby numbnuts who control what YOU can say. Woke is inclusive of those who identify in a zillion different ways, as long as it isn't vaccine hesitant or God forbid, injured. And it looks like woke excludes Autistic too. Elon’s Musk’s Asperger’s is a very different version of the spectrum from what many of our AofA community have, but that’s no excuse to belittle him. 

"A senior Twitter executive has been caught mocking Elon Musk for having Asperger's, in a video where he also hit out at free speech. Alex Martinez, a lead client partner, was secretly recorded condemning the Tesla billionaire - who could be his next boss - to an undercover reporter at a bar. He claimed the entrepreneur is 'literally special needs... so I can't even take what you're saying seriously' during the lengthy conversation, adding: 'He's a loony tune.'

From DailyMail.UK

'Twitter exec trashing free speech & mocking people with Asperger's': Elon Musk retweets undercover vid of Twitter exec saying he can't take Tesla CEO 'seriously' due to his Asperger's diagnosis as he boasts about limiting free speech

Alex Martinez, a lead client partner for Twitter, was caught on camera by undercover operatives from Project Veritas
In footage released on Tuesday, Martinez mocks Elon Musk's diagnosis of Asperger's and calls him 'literally special needs'

Musk responded with scorn, tweeting: 'Twitter exec trashing free speech & mocking people with Asperger's …'

Martinez boasts about limiting freedom of speech, and also laughs off a warning not to get caught up in a Project Veritas sting
On Monday Project Veritas published footage of another Twitter employee discussing the company's 'hard left' culture, saying it was 'commie as f***'a

Read the full article HERE, have a barf bag ready.


susan welch


It sounds like you don't like the people who support Age of Autism.

Do yourself a favour. Stop reading it and allow the rest of us to support each other in peace.

Angus Files

Bill just your own opinin-ion-ion any links?Heres a micro dose of your Red Pill Bill read..

5 Reasons Symptoms of High-Functioning Autism Can Be Missed
By Lisa Jo Rudy Updated on January 08, 2022
Medically reviewed by Huma Sheikh, MD
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is typically diagnosed in toddlerhood or early childhood,1 but it is possible for clinicians and parents to miss or overlook the symptoms of high-functioning autism (HFA), in particular, until late childhood, adolescence, or even adulthood.

Even when someone is diagnosed later than usual, their symptoms will have been present since they were very young. In fact, to qualify for an autism diagnosis, symptoms must have been present from early childhood. Here's why HFA symptoms can fly under the radar, sometimes for a long time.

Phara For Prison



Wow, Bill! You're quite the authority on the subject. Who knew? LOL 😆 Oh, that's ✅ right. No one new, because you're not. Look for a different soapbox. You don't belong anywhere near this one!


"He claimed the entrepreneur is 'literally special needs... so I can't even take what you're saying seriously' during the lengthy conversation, adding: 'He's a loony tune.'"

Elon's new meme.....

He should just shut Twitter down and say, "THAT'S ALL FOLKS!"
Trump can restart The Apprentice, bring in all the ex-employees and tell 'em YOU'RE FIRED!

Meanwhile, 50% of Biden's Twitter followers are FAKE.

I've always considered Twitter to be a form of 1984 Newspeak; the goal of which is to shrink the language so that thoughts are better controlled.

Angus Files

I hope Ellon gives us all a bit to cheer about maybe ban this moron from Twitter.One thing I cant stand is mocking where the mockers know nothing about what they are mocking,know all know fxxk all.

Pharma For Prison



Sounds like Age of Autism is going right wing "woke". Who cares what this Alex Martinez says it is his right to say it 'hypocrite" or not. I hate those hypocrites from "Project Veritas". These people are not advocates of free speech either. Project Veritas is just a bunch of neo-conservative hacks. "Asperger's syndrome" is over diagnosed so is "Autism" . Asperger's and Autism are a group of behaviors and symptoms not one disorder, Most people who have them have other disabilities such as Mental Illnesses like Bipolar, Mental Retardations like Intellectual Disabilities and Medical Conditions like Rheumatic Arthritis, or even genetic disorders like Fragile X among many others.

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