Commemorating Memorial Day
Summer Breakation and Autism

The Passing Years Since The Age of Autism Was Published By Olmsted & Blaxill

Mark and Dan at AO book debut
Facebook should come with a box of tissues. Yesterday's memory was from 11  years ago, when Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted shared advance copies of their book titled, The Age of Autism Mercury Medicine and a Manmade Epidemic at Autism One. Dan has been gone for 5 and a half years. Ed Arranga passed away last December.. (I hope that isn't springing the news on you.) This blog was launched by Dan and Mark in preparation for their book. Dan's life work became autism. After a stellar journalism career, he devoted himself to the epidemic. To a degree, we all abandonned our initial careers when autism broke into our homes. We were drafted. Dan enlisted. He provided a steady, guiding hand, and together he and Mark produced Pulitzer quality work that was often largely ignored or suppressed. Blogs ruled the landscape, and we had intense rivalries, that, looking back, seem quaint. HeraldBlog, Orac, Kristina Chew, Kevin Leitch, Amanda Baggs - how they dined on us in their never ending effort to make sure no one believed in the autism epidemic.

Last week, the United States was pummeled by another school shooting. 19 schoolkids, 2 teachers, 1 husband who could not bear the grief. Another epidemic that seems to have no resolution even when its carnage can not be denied. It's tough to gaslight families when there are corpses. A Facebook commenter made a reference to something Dr. Bernard Rimland may have said or written, about a generation of angry boys growing up.  If you have the reference, let me know. It seems to be real.


Morag Lyons

Age of Autism is a valuable resource service for families , as far as assessments go, there are probably as many different types of autism and how it affects people living with the effects of this situation/condition ,as there is colours and patterns of "Harris Tweed " All individual tweed all beautiful in their own pattern and behavioural design ? People are individuals not a label handed down from The DSM Dictionary of medical label hand-outs ?
Person Centred Assessments , Person Centred Care Plan Co-ordination ,is always enough tae give the institutionalised ignorance the heave- ho, straight into the middle of last week !
Age of Autism is a silver lining, in a landscape of the training deficiency of ethical and moral defectives?
refusing to look at their own landscape of failure, with selling, all vaccines are safe and effective?

Hi Ho . Silver Lining Jeff Beck [with lyrics] YouTube

Anita Donnelly

The book Age of Autism is a medical thriller. It should have won every award. It should have changed history. It reads so well you can't put it down.

I used to think that they just didn't understand, that they were so afraid we would all die of XYZ if they admitted a vaccine ever caused an injury.

The disillusionment caused by watching your child suffer, and watching the world literally not care . . . a burden we will all bear to our dying day. Thank God there are those who do care, those who enlisted, who didn't have to, as Kim put it so eloquently. TO destroy a people, create disabled, don't kill. IF you disable the enemy they can't fight they are caring for their loved one, brought down by grief and sadness. If you kill them, the family is bereft but has the time and energy to truly fight.

I don't want to think it was deliberate. But it's clear that not fixing it has been deliberate. And I say that with a heart that I would allow to break if my son didn't need me.


The Amish have come full circle....

Wasn't Dan the first to report on the almost zero autism rate among the Amish?
Coincidentally, very few Amish vaccinate their children.

Currently, the Amish are speaking out on their Covid 19 experience. The results are not surprising to us. Dan Olmsted would be proud of them.

Amish minister: COVID-19 'left before salvation arrived'
'Even if we had accepted the vaccination, coronavirus still left us prior to the vaccines'
"In five years an illusion will erase reality. People will believe something about 2020 and COVID-19 that won't be true if no one speaks up now."

"The Amish community, 38,000 people strong, braced for its approach with narratives from 'it's political' or 'it's really nothing to worry about' to 'it's demonic.'"

"But, for the most part, life among our 38,000 members quickly resumed normal. Thousands attended auctions. No masks in sight. No six feet between bodies. Business as usual. Our schools didn't close.

"When it did some of us left earlier than we expected. We had a few more funerals than usual. But then COVID left. COVID exited."

""Even if the vaccine had arrived prior to COVID's exit the vaccine would have failed its purpose for a very important reason: almost no Amish were or are vaccinated. Very few of the Amish population chose to vaccinate."

"Not the Amish community. COVID came, then COVID left. COVID exited, then the vaccine entered. Note the order here."

Angus Files

Diet intervention number one step I would say if you can do it.Thanks to Dr Rimland Dan Max Ed Dr Wakefield and everyone who gave sensible direction.Nobody can say they never tried to warn the ones taking the $ the outcome of vaccines,dodgy foods,and all the poison that a body can legally be pumped with.God Bless.

Pharma For Prison



Exactly John.

John Stone

Hi Kim

‘Dyslogic Syndome’ - dystopia has well and truly arrived. Of course, there are SSRIs and there could even be microchip implants. Weep…

Rimland was attending to the problem that the toxic soup was not only causing autism but affecting people’s ability to reason. Of course, by the time he wrote it he was already being written out of medicine’s official histories.

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