The Hidden Truth of Autism vs DS No One Talks About
Explosion of Special Education Needs in the UK

Is Mental Illness a Disease? Is Autism A Mental Illness?

3E215918-4219-4690-AC93-5B6968E9C0C7Country music legend Naomi Judd took her life after a long battle with depression. She was 76. Her daughter Wynonna wrote a heartbreaking Tweet that caught my eye for more than the sadness of the loss. She wrote, "We lost our beautiful mother to the disease of mental illness." For years, we've been told that autism is not a disease, it's a psychiatric diagnosis. And we are castigated for referring to it as such. That said, Autism is classified in the DSM-V, which is a manual of mental disorders.  Per CDC: The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) provides standardized criteria to help diagnose ASD.  If Naomi Judd can say that her mother had the disease of depression, why can't we have the same "courtesy" and discuss autism in terms of disease, which has a cause, a set of symptoms , treatments and cure. Oh - that's why.

We're beyond the ping pong matches of neurodiversity blogs versus Age of Autism that were prevalent in the 2000s and 20-teens. Not many of the bloggers are still active. And autism has been shunted aside, like the Little Engine That Couldn't while other diagnoses have chugged full steam ahead for media attention and social change. 

I sent out the Tweet shown yesterday. We're solidly tamped down, shadow banned, whatever you want to call having zero reach to our 36,000 followers. So we're asking here if you think of autism as a disease. And if the parlance even matters to you in the grand scheme of the zillion things you need to help yourself or your loved one on the spectrum.



Thanks again, Bernedetta. We won't be walking to a spring to get the water. We will be going straight to a supermarket shelf.


It seems to be Julie; an endless on going sharp learning curve. Never ending.

I don't think the Lard looks that bad to me? It is middle ground like olive oil.
Butter and coconut oil very low though.

Maybe this methylene blue . I started giving, it to my 92 year old mother this very night: since it also helps with bladder infections and we sure don't want that for her at this age.

The last few weeks on the methylene blue my son seems to have been a lot less anxious. I seem to have more energy. We take two drops in a small glass of lemonade. An yes it is artificially sweetened with over half being Splenda and some stevia. Cause stevia by its self - is - just not good. I can't get a handle on this health stuff. We have so much coming at us that messes with OCD - and is so good it is addictive, just maybe we all don't have a chance?

Silica water; I stell go to the spring and get ours, but I am so tired of lifting those five gallon water things after we get back - in order to put the silica in it. I have kind of let that go.


PS Benedetta, I didn't know that about lard. Looks like I need to go back to coconut oil. It's all very confusing, isn't it?


Thanks Benedetta. It's not me that I was talking about but a relative of mine. My nephew was seriously brain damaged by the MMR vaccine (autism diagnosis) and this other close relative (also relative of my nephew, hence with similar genetics, therefore more susceptible to damage from neurotoxins such as aluminium) has a rare, but serious autoimmune condition called antisynthetase syndrome. He is completely unvaccinated but had the Vitamin K shot at birth. I suspect that this has to do with the aluminium content of the Vitamin K shot. I know he is already on board with many of your suggestions. I guess the silica water would be his best bet but I just wondered if you or anybody had had much luck with alternatives for treating autoimmune conditions, aside from the dietary advice you gave. Thank you again for your suggestions. Thankfully, he is now seeing a more alternative doctor so fingers crossed.



White blood cells run on glucose.
If you can get them to die out or stop producing; then the newer white blood cells made in the bone marrow is different and not competing with the older ones.

I think that is how it works.

How to fast?
How long to fast?
Now that is a long drawn out, steep learning curve.
My son and I have fasted for as long as 36 hours, once a month.

But never 3 days, like a study in 2014 suggested. That is very hard and there is a reason that that ancient cultures sent off their young man into the wilderness to fast and to dream dreams, or to a sweat tent or something. like a cave.

But there are other ways to fast. Fast does not have to be not eating, but just burning ketones instead of glucose. In that case; the keto diet can be followed for two years. .

Then there is intermediate fasting. Eat in a six or eight hour window and make it low carb.
We do that; and we try to eat low carb every other day. That is lots of fat on veggies. Lots of butter.
Eat a breakfast of just a cup of coffee, with a Tb of butter, or/and a TB of MCT oil and a piece of turmeric and pepper.

We gave up gluten cause that protein drives inflammation which is an autoimmune thing?
I gave gluten up for my family, but found I benefitted. If I eat a pretty piece of swirled rye bread, it takes three days. I have done it over and over again cause I could not believe it, but in three days time my hands and feet tingle and burn. Oh and feel like they have swelled. Pretty painful. Who knew.

We have slowly given up more and more. It has been a long journey. Some times when we give up one thing, we buy a lot of something else that is just as bad for us. Then we have to give that up.

Now they are talking that not all fats are okay and good like Dr. Atkins thought, but should stay away for seed oils, well oils higher in linoleic acid. Corn, soy, sunflower, peanut.
Lard and olive oil are equal in linoleic acid, they are not high like the first ones I mentioned, but much lower; but not as low as . Coconut oil and real butter.

and on and on we go.
Best not to get a autoimmune thingy going. Don't you think. But that is not an option and we are working hard. A forty year learning curve. And some in this family still ain't willing to learn and live the right way.


'Gayle autoimmune but can be reversed is what ever caused it to begin with is gone and gone for good? I think you might be right, but it has to be stopped in a timely manner?'

Benedetta, have you (anyone else) witnessed anyone 'reverse' am autoimmune condition? Completely gone or just the symptoms of the condition gone when the cause was removed? Even if this was possible, I imagine that if an autoimmune condition was caused by aluminium, it would be impossible to 'reverse' because aluminium is so naturally prevalent in our environment. Do you have any thought on that?

Greg Hill

If somebody shot me in the back and I became paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of my life, would you call my disability a "disease?" Personally I wouldn't. I would call it a "debilitating injury." If the "shot" is the injection of a vaccine into the arm or leg of a child, and if it happens to be their brain that is physically damaged and becomes no longer able to function normally for the rest of their life, is that really any different? I understand that in casual conversation it can be convenient to refer to either the paralysis or the autism as a "disease," and I don't have a problem with that. But I hope it would be implicitly clear in both the speaker's and the listener's minds that what we're talking about is the long term symptoms of a debilitating injury.


Myself and My son are trying two drops of methylene blue in a small cup of lemonaide a day.
It is suppose to improve the mitochondria function.

I would include my daughter and husband in this, but they are on Monoamine oxidase inhibitors or something like that; so they did not want to chance it.

Well that an N acetyl cysteine.
Espcially since the FDA tried to banned it.


If strep can cause the immune system to attack the part of the brain that causes OCD
or causes our immune system to damage our own heart valves then Maurine Merleck is probably right in her assessment.

Emma I had no idea that Thorsen was involved in taking "autism" out of the realm of vaccine/medical injury and conveniently placing it in the DSM-5 PSYCH manual. I remember when they did it, and we all knew it was really about lowering the numbers of those with autism by placing them in other categories. We knew what was going on when they were doing it. And Poul was in on that. Perhaps it is a small world, with a small number of people involved in dirty, rotten tricks.

. Gayle autoimmune but can be reversed is what ever caused it to begin with is gone and gone for good? I think you might be right, but it has to be stopped in a timely manner?


I’m quite blind actually, but after years of benefitting from your wisdom, and being able to understand the causes and pathology of autism, and not having to worry about any of my three children wandering, or my fourteen year old’s period (so much), or seizures, or head banging, or whom will take care of my children after their father and I are gone, I was able to notice that You did it again later in the piece. “If *Naomi* can say her daughter…..”

Please, God, may that make you laugh - that is how it is meant.

With the greatest amount of gratitude always,

eagle eye annie

Angus Files

Brain damage induced by vaccines for me.Like this young lady below and her poor parents facing charges.

Parents of severely autistic Louisiana woman, 36, who died fused to a couch insisted it was HER decision to remain there for 12 years and use it and nearby towel for a toilet
Clay Fletcher, 65, and Sheila Fletcher, 64, insist their daughter Lacey, 36, made the decision to remain on the couch in their Louisiana home
Lacey Ellen Fletcher's emaciated body was discovered partially naked, sitting upright and partly submerged in a hole in a couch in her parents' home on Jan. 3
The Fletchers were indicted on second-degree murder charges on Monday
They allegedly told investigators that Lacey wanted to stay on the couch and use it, as well as a nearby towel, as her toilet
They also told investigators she had developed 'some degree of Asperger's syndrome of 9th grade when she started being home schooled'
Some close neighbors of Lacey's parents in the small community of Slaughter, Louisiana, didn't even know the couple had a daughter
Dr. Ewell Bickham revealed Lacey had been on the couch for at least 12 years

Many thanks Kim for all you do.

Pharma For Prison


Jeannette Bishop

What it looks like to me: NDs have been too often victims of one of many secret combinations' pyschological operations to neutralize opposition to one or more crimes they (the secret combinations that aim to get gain via theft and murder enabled by murder enforced secrecy) have committed. In this case, we have/had victims lobbying for the "right" of anyone who may be susceptible to this form of injury (most often via a double man-made assault IMO, often both stemming from a practice labled "vaccination") to not avoid assault and then lobbying further for none injured as such to have anything done to reverse the effects or promote healing or sometimes even seek injury compensation, any move that could enable those with these "genes" to have enough capacity to raise their own family, thereby becoming one of most ironic forces of many enabling the chemical and energetic "eugenics" going on, faciliating the removal of their own, sometimes dubbed "superior genes" from the human race. So worse, many may be fading in presence because they're less and less able to continue attacking the messenger in service of their assailants, but hopefully (pathological hope?) this might be because some are getting a better view of things and have better health options made possible for themselves because of it.

Some parallels are occurring with some now clamoring for the "rights" of susceptible children to be "supported" into sex-change before able to understand the impact (if ever being allowed to understand the impact, including that on their ability to reproduce). There's little to no discussion of the environmental exposures (I think vaccination is probably one) impacting "gender" bluring or confusion, so certainly no talk of chemical assault with grounds for compensation...

I don't think "mental illness" is a helpful phrase. I suspect most "mental illness" (excluding the tendency of a certain "industry" to label basic human emotional processes as illness or disease calling for treatment) has chemical and energy-based manmade causes, or possibly more accurately, underlying exposures that should be called something like "perpetuators" that prevent healing.

The term dis-ease definitely fits the frequent state of those labelled with autism, much of the time with many dis-eases occuring simultaneously. Though with the current knowlege base and willful lack of seeking to provide healing care, willful ignorance often, sometimes extending to demand for control of actions in a state of willful-ignorace or reluctant compliance by care-givers, with the continuation of causative and contributing "mainstream" medical practices, we probably should be using more criminalizing terms to be accurate. "Infant and continuing assault disorder, pharmacokinetics dominating," something like that... feels more accurate to me...


Thanks. Yup, I meant to write Wynonna. Thanks, eagle eye!


No biggie Kim but the Mom (RIP) was Naomi and the daughters are Wynonna & Ashley. Your piece is just a little confusing, but again no biggie…and Autism is definitely a disease and an injury.

Deepest sympathy for the Judd family!

Thank you always Kim & AoA for all you do!!!

Joanie Calem

Hmmm...I would call it a mental health condition rather than a disease. Autism causes mental health issues and therefore mental illness, along with the whole list of other things that are by-products. But even if they just classify it as a psychiatric condition, it still should be recognized as in need ot in-depth research and non-biased studies. And here in lies the absurdity.


MOST WANTED: Poul Thorsen

Let's not forget that CDC/Danish FUGITIVE Poul Thorsen was indicted by a grand jury in Atlanta, Georgia (home of the CDC) on April 13, 2011:
"POUL THORSEN 1 aided and abetted by others known and unknown to the Grand
Jury, did knowingly devise and intend to devise a scheme and
artifice to defraud, and to obtain money and property by means of
materially false and fraudulent pretenses, representations, and
promises, and by omission of material facts, well knowing and
having reason to know that said pretenses, representations, and
promises were and would be false and fraudulent when made and
caused to be made and that said omissions were and would be
material. "

Thorsen successfully fled the country and went back to Denmark where he continues to work. The U.S. has not tried to extradict him, even though he remains on the HHS MOST WANTED list. Thorsen is the researcher hired by the CDC to prove that mercury (Thimerosal) in vaccines does NOT cause autism. This highly questionable research paper is the main one used by the CDC to claim that there is not an association.

But that's not all.
At the same time Thorsen was allegedly embezzling CDC research funds in 2011, HE WAS an APA DSM5 WORK GROUP MEMBER. Yes, this FUGITIVE EMBEZZLER was involved in taking "autism" out of the realm of vaccine/medical injury and conveniently placing it in the DSM-5 PSYCH manual, which he had a hand in writing! You can't make this up.

Children's Health Defense did an excellent summary of this crime in 2017:

Set up a table at your local school board meeting with a large HAVE YOU SEEN?/ WANTED poster of Poul Thorsen. Make copies of the documents I linked to and give them out. Be ready to give background info to curious takers. Ask why our government has not extradicted him from Denmark. Tell them that Thorsen's one highly questionable research paper is the main one used by the CDC to deny a vaccine/mercury/autism link. Ask why his input on autism in the DSM-5 psych manual was published in 2012 while Thorsen was a fugitive charged with embezzling millions from the CDC. Parents using the term "autism" to claim vaccine injury for their child in vaccine court are automatically denied a hearing because "autism" is in the PSYCH manual. Hense, the condition is not an injury, but a mental health condition. This protects the government from billions of dollars in vaccine injury awards.

Poul Thorsen's WANTED POSTER
Thorsen's study:
2003 Danish Study on Mercury Fabricated? New Study Completely Different Results.
Dane indicted for defrauding CDC

Rebecca Lee

I think that autism is brain damage caused by chronic poisoning by mercury and often aggravated by other heavy metals and other toxicities. The reason autistic people have so many other health problems is because mercury causes over 250 different symptoms ranging from indigestion to psychosis.I think autism is poisoning because of the thousands of hair tests I have seen with the “deranged mineral transport “ that only mercury causes. And also because the kids, particularly, recover when you chelate them for mercury.
The “neurologically diverse” crowd apparently got the book “Fight Autism and Win” removed from Amazon because they think that curing autism is genocide.

Maurine Meleck

Autism is an autoimmune disease. Some other autoimmune diseases are: Lupus, MS, Addison disease,
and a slew of others. As long as those who "run the show" don't call it a disease, they don't have to answer to "Vaccines and Autism." As a neurological disease, autism affects the brain so putting it in the category of mental illness is a way to avoid the real issues and causes. Yet, I believe there are mental illnesses that can called a disease but I would never want to see autism called a mental disease or a mental illness. If you think what I wrote is confusing, imagine how I feel.


Autism is a disease process and not a mental illness! Our doctor, Michael Goldberg, calls it a "neuroimmune dysfunction syndrome" that is a dysregulated immune system, affecting the brain. He says it can be treated and CURED with medications known as "immune modulators" that would correct our children's immune dysfunction! He is finally getting some of the doctors he knows to believe that he is correct and that it is NOT a mental illness. He has written a book called "The Myth of
Autism" published by Skyhorse Publishing. Please read the book and if you have any way of spreading the word about this book and what it is telling us maybe the right people will see the truth and finally listen so we can have clinical trials done with these medications and prove that he is correct. Our children are suffering from a CURABLE disease process. The NIH and the CDC must finally recognize this and help our children NOW!

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