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I See How Hard You Work

Feel seenIt's the day after Mother's Day. We hope you had good day, whatever that means to you. Many of us live a Through The Looking Glass version of parenthood, Moms and Dads alike. Same could be said for siblings. Some are grieving the loss of their child, like Tim and Sheri Welsh, whose son Tanner passed away in the Spring. Like Harry and Gina Tembenis who lost their Elias so many years ago. Holidays are just different when your child has a developmental disability. I'm of an age where my friends are celebrating their kids' weddings and first grandbabies. Not to be for me. Some of are single parents (raises hand) pulling double duty for our kids. The world moves forward, and often you feel left behind. Left out.

The girls and I drove to Massachusetts to visit my Mom for the day. It's not a bad drive, 143 miles North on I95 from Connecticut through Rhode Island into Massachusetts. We left at 10:00am and were home at 7:00pm. As I was getting a quick meal together for them, my doorbell rang. Standing there was my neighbor, a lovely Mom of 3 kids from 8 to late teens. She handed me a bouquet of flowers and said:

"You are a strong Mother. I see how hard you work. Happy Mother's Day."

I can't tell you the last time I felt so appreciated. Such simple words. Really struck my soul. I felt seen.I didn't even know that was important to me. I hope you feel seen from time to time too.



Morag Lyons

Hi Benedetta ,good comments, ne problems ,nae hastles ,nae worries! All good stuff !
We might need tae skelp "The WHO Pandemic Treaty "hard and sore with The Declaration of Arbroath
See Natural Health 365 Powerful Solutions
News -- Incredible Video Reveals the WHO'S diabolical agenda behind the Covid-19 pandemic .
Video May 9 2022 --- Nausia warning ! first part best watched on an empty stomach ?
The Plan -The Who has planned for 10 years of infectious diseases from 2020-2030 . Are You Ready ?

The Prince of Wales Foundation For Integrated Health .
First published 2005
ISBN NO 0953945383
Fantastic initiative ,soon got slashed and trashed using the Ivermectin Template at the earliest opportuinity !

WHO Pandemic Treaty
See Nacht und Nabel Wikipedia
1940's Under Darkness and Fog Templates ?

The Cop 26 Conference in Glasgow Nov 2021 was astonishing ?
No Vet Passports ?
or Vet Health checks ?
Live animals in crates with breathing holes ,straight off the delegation planes and away to posh Edinburgh Hotels ,with their own chefs in tow to cook whatever was in the animal crates ?
So much for Bio-security Eh !
Edinburgh Head Chefs were going verbally ballistic about as well Nae blinkin wonder !!!

The Loch Maree Islands Alistair Gillies YouTube [ The Singing Dentist !}


Morag Lyons
Thank you for sharing this ancient beautiful song.
The Scotts had a real way with words, and music.

Such a struggle for freedom is an on going theme of the human story. Every generation that has ever lived upon the earth runs into it. It is just this constant thing that keeps showing up. We have people always anting to hurt, and kill in order to rule over other people, and then we have lots of people that just really don't understand that such people at all.
I think I could write a much better short book about "Brief History of Man" , but unlike Yuval Noah it would be a more truer history. My book would not inspire the likes of Commie/socialist loving Obama whom is pretty certain he is a reincarnated pharaoh of ancient Egypt.

My book would start with the two brothers killing each other at the very beginning of the Bible.
A compare and contrast book in every way. The whole of it would be just a struggle for freedom.

Morag Lyons

Kim, we see it, buckle- up, stormy weather ahead?
Additional info re WHO proposed Pandemic Treaty
See- World Health Organisation . World Health Assembly . upcoming World Health Assembly .
Seventy-fifth World Health Assembly ; Learn More.
Item on agenda .
Provisional agenda item 18.2 No A75/30 . Title -Behavioural sciences for a better health initiative .
Report A75/25 by the Director General Mr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Check out the "Behavioural Insights "intentions? because "We are Not serfs, and We are Not slaves!"

More info at,
https//www.ukcolumn .org
News 11 May 2022 Re -Who Pandemic Treaty
And , https //daily sceptic
The Daily Sceptic - Article by Will Jones Re WHO Pandemic Treaty .
Kim ,can we tell them ?
" Nae Man Can Tether Time Or Tide " From Tam o'Shanter by Robert Burns
Behavioural Insights Teams Originating out of the UK, wants Tae Have A square Go with it!
Have no doubt about it This Pandaemic Treaty Is An Origional" TOLL Dubh" /"Black Hole/Dark Hole !
Runrig Song An Toll Dubh YouTube
See translation from Gaelic To English .

Morag Lyons

Very good Kim ,people do see the hard work ,and small appreciations have a lovely impact !

There is a lot of hard work going on .
Homepage /UK Column
UK Column News -9 May 2022 .
Interview with, Dr Tess Lawrie Covid -19 Policy ,Failures, Vaccine Reactions ,Regulatory Failures ,
WHO Takeover .

World Council For Health /There's A Better Way.
See Post - Better Way Confrence Moves Forward after Local Council Revokes Venue.
Council States - The Conference would bring their "name and reputation" into "disrepute"
I thought I was going to rupture ma suspenders elastic, out loud, with laughter!
Tip of the day for busy people " Make sure your kitchen clock, wristwatch and consulting room clock is running about "Two Days Behind Your Appointments Diary Schedule " That way you will be prepared for any smelly stuff getting dropped on you from a great height ?
Last week TV Weather reporter said " No rain expected over next few days ,but their may be some showers ? Oh What !!!


What a sweet gesture and so well-deserved.
Thank you for all you do!

Angus Files

I hope you had a lovely day Kim what a great gesture and well deserved.
Thank you from us as well.

Pharma For Prison



You are an inspiration to so many Kim! Thank you!!!

susan welch

This brought tears to my eyes. You thoroughly deserve the bouquet, Kim. You are an inspiration to so many of us.


Kim-you are an outstanding mother to your three beautiful daughters and I always think of you and how strong you are when I get too stressed out or depressed caring for my adult son with autism. I say, if Kim can do all that, than so can I. You are an inspiration to us all! God Bless you and your family.


What a kind gesture and a well deserved blessing for you, Kim!

Michelle Wandrack

What a lovely reminder that being a parent is the most important job there is. Thank you for sharing that Kim.

Anne Dachel

I can’t say enough about all you do. Where would we be without you?


I am so glad your neighbor did this for you.
Because it is true.
You are an exceptional person, Kim.

Every one around you knows that.

Your neighbor is an exceptional person too. cause she not only noticed and knew it; but she acted on it to let you know she has noticed.

This is how we all are suppose to be, this is what God wanted for us.

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