US FDA Lowers The Efficacy Bar for Covid Vaccine EUA for Toddlers to 6
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Flip The Script


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I posted the above Tweet yesterday, and then posted it on Facebook with a caveat. Caveat means warning.  It read: "Boobies! We set our snark meter to stun on this one. Followed by, Mandate breastfeeding to ease the formula shortage. Medically exempt moms can buy formula. Medical exemptions will only be granted by La Leche League, not your own Dr. It's for the health of babies. Don't complain."  And.... madness ensued in the comments. 

Most readers got it - the irony. Others not so much.  I'm not taking a stance pro or con breastfeeding. I  have three kids who had both. My Mom made formula for my brother with a Karo syrup recipe in 1970. I'm fully aware not every Mom can breastfeed - for reasons personal to her.

The nation would go into an uproar if breastfeeding was "mandated" to stretch the limited supply of formula for those who could not breastfeed. You know, for the greater good of babies. And yet, we just came off of a year and a half where men and women, Moms and Dads lost their jobs, were banned from all aspects of society and ostracized with glee across social and mainstream media for their Covid vaccination choice.  So I wrote a quick Tweet that was meant to point out how crappy medical mandates are.  All of them.

If one person sees that vaccine mandates are just as intrusive as my imaginary Tweet topic was, it was worth losing some Facebook followers.

Silence is submission. I won't be silent.




Angus Files

Shape up guys,jeez!

Midwives told to say chestfeeding instead of breast feeding to be more inclusive

Pharma For Prison


Bev Johnson

Bill, good with your hands, what a sweet, self-less offer. Just join the others who are lining up now.


Snark away, Kim! I instantly understood the (valid) point you were trying to make. It’s not about breastfeeding! Some people are just unreasonably triggered.


How about we mandate meat inspection for meat processing plants and slaughterhouses? There was a fatal outbreak at an unspecified disabled" group home in Holon a city in Israel very recently according tot the Jerusalem Post. 3 people died and 33 where sickened. Let us not forget about safe food handlin and related training for the staff as their action may have contributed to the deaths.

Beverly Johnson

Waving a red flag. To warn people away from the rocky shore. Still legal. So far.


I just happened to read something on karo a day or two ago:

Maurine Meleck

Soon we won't have to worry about supply and demand. No joke--Bill Gates is now funding a company to produce lab made breast milk-guess it's kind of a Wuhan lab work out. One part water, one part cow udder, 1 part glyphosate and one part aluminum. Have patience-it's only about 2 years away


Um, I have a great idea!
I'm pretty good with my hands,
....maybe I could help you ladies best as a breat-milking machinery maintenance man?
You know, keep the flow going and all....?....

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