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The Passing Years Since The Age of Autism Was Published By Olmsted & Blaxill

Commemorating Memorial Day

CD2956A5-68B2-45FE-987E-D98336DA7711I’ve been trying to explain Memorial Day to my daughter. So far, she’s grabbed onto “…war, people died.” It’s a better grasp than mattress sales and potato salad to start the Summer. How do you explain the concept of death. Of war. Of life as it stands today, to a pure soul like our kids?



Most if not nearly all of those conservatives patriots types both in politics and not these people claim to care about veterans but they do not really care about veterans regardless of if the veteran died of a service related cause or something else. This statement is even more true if that veterans is African American or indigenous Native American and disabled like my father. These supposed conservative patriots type people could NOT have cared less about autism families, specially minority veterans autism families even as exposure to XYZ chemical on the military base significantly increases the risk of autism in the veterans and spouses children and grand children. Getting $550 in Naval veterans survivors benefits plus $750 in SSDI is not enough for this young man with autism at least add a 1 in front of these numbers.


The ultimate sacrifice of one’s countrymen is that of her children.

Angus Files

Ditto Gayle for us as well.Last Sunday one of our cockatieal s added to the gone to heaven list after 16 fast bad years.

Pharma For Prison



I have moderate autism and the rare genetic tumor disorder NF and I understand the concept of death. My father had the same rare disease at a time when people with some diseases were still allowed to join the Navy which my father did in 1966. Some with autism are in so much pain from life threatening seizures and auto immune diseases such as from Tuberous Sclerosis. "Self injurious" behavior is a suicide to escape that pain and not a meaningless behavior as those Applied Behavioral Analysis people may claim.


Kim-My mom passed away recently and she lived with us for 30 years and my adult son with autism misses her terribly. I try to explain death to him and tell him that she is now in Heaven. Every day he says that grandma is in Heaven, but I don't think he knows what that really means. However he accepts it, but talks about her all the time and says we all miss her very much. Our adult children are so innocent and death is a very hard and abstract concept for them to understand. God Bless our special adults and children with autism.

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