A Thousand Steps
RFK Jr To Speak At Humanity Against Censorship Rally 5/19 Menlo Park, CA

Beyond Rainbows and Butterflies

7B805B30-84E2-433F-B6BF-CD9888814B30I saw this post circulating on Facebook yesterday, and had to share it. April was autism whatever you want to call it month. And a quiet one it was. Not as many feel good stories. A few arguments over awareness versus acceptance. Some nattering about the puzzle piece versus the infinity rainbow symbol.  Dr. Bogner, of Bogner Health in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan wrote the post. I was unfamiliar with Dr. Bogner. He's a functional medicine practitioner. It felt affirming to read his words in a world where autism parents are hanging on for dear life behind closed doors. Over twenty years I took Mia and Gianna to their first DAN! (RIP) doctor, a then elderly allergist named Frank Waickman, who was a colleague of Dr. Rimland. After examining Mia and Gianna, he turned to me, 36 years old, pregnant with my third baby, and said, "How are YOU doing, Kim? How are you taking care of yourself." I've never forgotten that moment of human kindness. Thank you, Dr. Bogner, for your affirmation of the struggles.


To all YOU warriors…

…standing at your son’s ER bed while he is restrained getting injected with antipsychotics for his rage.

…kneeling next to the bathtub at 2am while he is screaming and punching his face.

…screaming while he beats you in the backyard and the neighbors calling the cops.

…pulling over on the expressway while he pulls your hair so hard you almost flipped your car.

…pleading with the cops not to arrest him after he beat up a kid in the supermarket…

…ready to get in the car to pick him up early from school because he is punching himself in the chest 3000 times

…holding him tight at night when he is shaking in bed wondering wtf is going on.

Hardcore autism. That’s the life you live.

And you keep fighting! Because you are cut from a different cloth.

Where we go one, we go all.




L land

Hardcore autism. That’s the life you live.

Reaching out for assistance is so much fun too. (Also generally pointless). I can not count how many times I have reached out and gotten no reply.

Oh so long ago, called my state’s autism association and left messages. Never got a reply. Classic. Repeated so many times

Jill in MI

Emma - I wonder if Miss Ludie Mae Simpson could have envisioned such a "historic" event on her property. Sure the hotels in Atlanta were all booked up. If they had only turned the ship around back then. Sigh.

I know there was an investigation, but did they ever find out more information about Dr. Bradstreet's death?


Going...going....gone! Since 2015.

It's Official: Simpsonwood Becomes County's Newest Park
Gwinnett County announced it has closed on the purchase from the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church.

According to the Simpsonwood minutes (which had been read into the Congressional Record) Dr. Walter Orenstein chose the location for the (emergency) meeting because an event was going on in Atlanta and hotels were booked up. When I checked for that date, there were no big events at that time.
Gwinnett County is about a 30 minute drive from DeKalb County where the CDC and Emory University are located. Coincidentally, a satellite CDC Yerkes Primate research center is also located in Gwinnett County- about a 15 minute drive from Simpsonwood. The clinic of the doctor who was successfully treating autism symptoms in children with GcMAF (raided by the FDA) was about 5 minutes away.

After having read the complete Simpsonwood transcript several years ago, what stood out is that the HepB vaccine data was almost like a deliberate vaxxed vs unvaxxed trial. The HepB was a new technology vaccine rolled out only after the 1986 Vaccine Act was passed, giving vaccine manufacturers liability protection for the first time. HepB was controversial , being given to infants on the day of birth. This is the only "solo" vaccine on the childhood schedule. Were they also looking for data beyond mercury content on that particular vaccine?

Dr. Frank DeStefano was also a named author on that 1999 EIS case study.

Meanwhile, with all the global bad news- famine, war, pestilence- is our government prepping for PROJECT BLUE BEAM?

(Not so crazy now)
Project Blue Beam (Full Doc)

Congress holds historic open hearing on UFOs
Is Elon on board with this?

Fact Check: Did Sky Turn Crimson Red in Chinese Port City?Fact Check: Did Sky Turn Crimson Red in Chinese Port City?

Test run?
Matt 24:23-24

Jill in MI

I agree 100% with Benedetta.

A 1999 CDC study which sought to determine the relative risk for infants following exposure to thimerosal-containing childhood vaccines was conducted by Dr. Thomas Verstraeten and three CDC colleagues who examined the evidence documented in CDC’s Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD). They analyzed the medical records of 400,000 infants born between 1991 and 1997 that were maintained by four HMOs and assessed the risk of autism for the children at different ages.

This was a scientifically solid study; it provided scientific documentation that: exposure to thimerosal during the first month of life increased the relative risk of autism by 7.6 i.e., 760%.

The VSD data revealed additional risks as well: 1.8 increased relative risk for a neurodevelopmental disorder; 2.1 relative risk for speech disorder; and 5-fold increased relative risk for a nonorganic sleep disorder. The evidence documents that infants exposed to vaccines laced with thimerosal during the first month of life are at alarmingly high increased relative risk of serious harm.

In December 1999, Dr. Verstraeten sent an email to his co-authors and CDC colleagues, Dr. Robert Davis and Dr. Frank DeStefano; the subject line was “it just won’t go away”.

Other comments from those present at Simpsonwood (June 2000) include:

“We could exclude the lowest exposure children from the database”; “We could remove children that got the highest exposure levels since they represented an unusually high percentage of the [adverse] outcomes”; “We can push and pull this data any way we want to get the results we want;” “We could have predicted the outcomes.”

CDC’s Dr. Bernier reminded everyone: “consider this embargoed information…and very highly protected information.”

Dr. Kathleen Stratton “The point of no return, the line we will not cross in public policy is to pull the vaccine, [or] change the schedule. We could say it is time to revisit this, but we would never recommend that level. Even recommending research is recommendations for policy. We wouldn’t say compensate, we wouldn’t say pull the vaccine, we wouldn’t stop the program.”

23 years ago. Yes, they have not stopped the program.



It is scientifically absurd to believe that what -exactly what- is injected into developing infant & toddlers has no affect on their brains. Peter Hotez, Paul Offit, Anthony Fauci, are millionaires.

Those who have always asserted that which is not absurd, and their children, deserve TRILLONS!!!!!


The illustration says it all.

I still remember the horror when my two and a half year old son climbed into the crib of his one year old brother and left thirteen bite marks on him.

Jesus delivered us!
Matt. 15:29-31


Hello Everyone-Please read the book I have told you about a few times that is called "The Myth of Autism" by Dr. Michael Goldberg and published by Skyhorse Publishing. Dr. Goldberg tells us that our children/adults are suffering from an illness he calls "neuroimmune dysfunction syndrome" that can be cured with the correct medications called "immune modulators." Our children do not have classic autism, but a treatable, medical illness that can be treated and cured. Spread the word everywhere on social media and to others you know that there is hope for our children/adults with a curable disease process and they do not have classic autism. The NIH and CDC and others in the medical community must be made aware of this so we do not lose entire generations to a curable illness.

Greg Glaser

I have a strong suspicion that future historians will see the 'war on disease' as yet another misguided and unnecessary war. And all the vaccine-injured children were like injured soldiers whose very lives, brought home and visible, bear witness to the sorrow of that war.

And from the comfort of that future place in history, the historians will say these injured children together (WWG1WGA) did something that the individuals could not do alone: wake up the world. A world on the cusp of transhumanism that needs a punch in the face. A reckless world about to embark on unbridled artificial intelligence. Something needs to fundamentally change, and there is greater meaning that autists are participating in that fundamental change.

Hang in there. You're holding humanity as we shake in bed wondering wtf is going on.

I believe God is listening, and we will be delivered, but you have to hold on to the end.




"DAN" doctor? why not visit a neurologist or a gastro-enterologist or genetic's doctor that can help with your child's Medical issues? Hardcore autism what about Hardcore any mental and medical disease combined like Fragile X or Tuberous sclerosis they have very similar if not the same struggles as the so called autism community

Benedetta Stilwell

And it was done on purpose.
This is not by an accident.
This is not done because we are so afraid of disease.
But those up high know, knew it would lead to this.
This is why they don't care when you come into the doctor's office and report an injury.
This is why the doctors blow you off. It is not that they are in on it, it is their training, they have been worked hard and put away wet till they are brain washed.

It is not from ignorance, lack of intelligence, but rather really evil intelligence.

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