Would Kids With Autism Survive A Shooter?
Safeminds: New Study Shows 1 in 100 Children Are Diagnosed with ASD Around the World

180 x 6 x 13

Salvador ramos180 school days x 6 hours a day x 13 years (K-12) = 14,040 hours in the care of professional teachers, therapists, social workers, school psychologists, administrators and surrounded by peers.


Here in Connecticut, we are still dealing with the aftermath of a stabbing at a high school party two weeks ago. One teen named Jimmy McGrath was killed, three injured, and the aggressor, a 16 year old student, is out on a $2,000,000 bond awaiting trial as an adult.

I can't bring myself to call these young men monsters - though their actions are monstrous. They aren't serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer, who can be profiled back to childhood with violent fascinations. I cringe when I hear in almost every case, "He was a loner. He didn't talk to anyone. He had no friends. He dressed weird.  He kept to himself." 

I suppose will we learn bits and pieces, while the media politicizes most of the tragedy.



Wow Willie;
Those are good questions. Creepy, scary, terrible.

I now just had to add your comment to my brain of things that Naomi Wolfe said on Dr. Mercola this past weekend.

I got to go buy some more rice and put some more in mylar bags. That is what I do; and I am running out of room. Maybe instead I should buy ammo?

Interesting times. Darn it.



I am happy to report that the scientific literature has recently albeit tacitly acknowledged that opening moniker "VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM" that I come out with when I comment.

With respect to this young man this is not his doing as he was programmed and set up most likely by a drug cartel. Conspiracy theory? No consider the facts
1 you must have a state government ID to prove that you are 18 in Texas.
2 This person had no such ID and could not drive because he did not have a driver's licensure
3. The guns alone cost $4000.00 and the ammunition and other paraphernalia including body armor was another $5000.00 for a total of $9000.00
4. Where does an 18 year old with no driver's licensure with a part time fast food job get $9000.00 to buy guns and ammo IN CASH?
5 This was a drug cartel orchestrated hit at the behest of a political ideology

This is a unspeakable tragedy

We have to protect our children



Actually, water fluoridation was introduced in 1945 (as a way of invisibly getting rid of WWII-related industrial waste) and has been going strong since at least the late 1960's. The CDC/NIH - not to mention the American Dental Association - are ecstatic about this "success."


"180 school days x 6 hours a day x 13 years (K-12) = 14,040 hours in the care of professional teachers, therapists, social workers, school psychologists, administrators and surrounded by peers."

We do have a choice. I call it free market education. I have four adult sons, all with differing health, learning, and vaccine injury issues. We supported our family on one income. One son was home schooled K-12. The next two went to private school K-3 and 4. One of these home schooled 4-7, went to a different private school for 8th grade home schooled 9-12th, went straight to work and has a steady decent paying job. The other home schooled 5-8, went to a top public charter STEM high school, graduated with honors, entered a top engineering school on full scholarship as a sophomore, graduated in three years, had three paid internships, and was recruited by a fortune 100 company where he still works. The eldest was home schooled for kindergarten, attended private school 1-4, repeated 4th grade for home school, attended a different private school for 5-7, and home schooled (by request) for high school. He worked part time at several jobs while in high school and continued working full time after high school. He worked and completed a 2 year technical school degree in a computer related field. He taught himself advanced programming on the side, and was ready when a job opened up in that area. It took him 5 years to advance to a high level that most might take 10 years to do. He has found a successful career that fits the unique way his brain works.

I never had any professional help for my children except for vision and speech therapy (which we paid for), and I worked with them every day at home. None of mine had any special curriculum or special ed teacher ( no IEP) for their disabilities- none existed at the time (1987-2000). Helping my children with their health issues and getting them educated was my full time career. It has been an unbelievable journey- with high highs and low lows. If I had it to do over, I would still choose this same path. I took whatever educational path that worked for my children. No two are alike. Each had unique "issues" and talents. If something wasn't working out, WE TRIED SOMETHING ELSE. I look at education as part of the free market, just like anything else. Many public schools have become corrupt monopolies and no longer serve their customers. Parents, we need to find a better way for our children. It is up to us. Our future is at stake. OUR CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE. Nothing is impossible with God.

Benedetta Stilwell

He was in special ed.
Sure know about that.

So sure was below the average brain.
Of course I think brain injury from something. I have my theories and so did Harris Coulter.
I have read this book - in bits and pieces. I finally finished this book not last winter, but the winter before. It is a tough book and not because it is hard to understand science wise either.

I sent it to Mitch McConnell back maybe a decade ago. He never even sent me a thank you, in response.

What was that title.
Let me see if I can remember it? Nope, eye sight and memory is going. I had to look it up: Here it is:

"Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American Brain"

A brain injury, then comes the miracle drug to make it all better like SSRIs . How does that work out for most people? Not well in my house hold.

Harris Coulter says that most of these children damage by vaccines do have seizures, but for many these seizures are so far apart that they are seldom caught, and recognized.

And worse still not all seizures are what I thought either. Not all are falling down and having jerking stuff going on.
Instead there are bizarre behaviors.
One case study that stood out for me and made me too sad is about
One little boy that said he wanted to be adopted out, that he hated his mother. Finally one day after a tantrum , the Mother says that if that is what he wanted well that is what he gets. So, thus began the Foster Homes - one after another. One family that fostered him; were rock solid people that were loving and good. They did their best to help him. But they woke a few times too many with him holding a knife and standing by their bed.

Years later when Harris Coulter interviewed him ( I think that is the way it was) He was living in an apartment all alone, he weighed over 600 pounds. When questioned about these foster parents he thought they were great people, that he remembered fondness. He didn't know what went wrong and he ended up alone.

Harris talked of seizures a lot, he thought that these seizures came off in bizarre behaviors.

What if that little boy that said he wanted to be adopted out was voicing his greatest fear in a moment of some time of seizure.

This book took too much out of me; haunts me.

Linda Englander

180 school days x 6 hours a day x 13 years (K-12) = 14,040 hours warehoused in a toxic environment by abusive adults in a jobs project that serves those adults and the children's parents so they too can go to work.

Add to the 14,040 hours homework time, before and after school time, prek and college time. There isn't a lot of time left.

The list of abuses is long. This generation is being handed an empty soulless chaotic world that makes no sense and that makes insane demands on them 24/7.

We seem to have forgotten that 5G was turned on and added to the other G's. Would have been illegal in a civilized society. No science showing safety. Especially for children. Most people either don't know, don't care, or shrug their shoulders. Same with "smart" utility meters and appliances. Deadly technology. And the cell phones and tablets and lap tops children are forced to used in schools instead of nontoxic books and nontoxic wired land lines. Heaven forbid they look up from their addictive brain damaging screens to see and adjust to the real world.

Then there are the clueless on the take pediatricians who misdiagnose and mislead and destroy children's mental and physical health. For a fee.

There are also those who are determined to use incidents like this to achieve public policy and political goals.

Why are we surprised that this is happening?

Morag Lyons

Do the schools, adult training placements ,and day centres, have regular fire drills with evacuation practice ?. Some kids on the spectrum will freeze, and be too scared and frightened to budge an inch /
with a fire alarm going off ? Especially if it is a real fire and there is smoke ?/ confusion ?
Fire ? more likely than sporadic violence ? either from prescription drugs .street drugs or glue sniffing solvent abuse ?
The effects of solvent abuse are horrible ,permanent brain damage . one young laddie we had admitted had frazzeled his poor head totally, no self care skills left for eating! , drinking, washing, or dressing himself . Very sad indeed . Very gang style grumpy temperament .Told us he was going tae pooke aw oor we eyes oot one by one . [Poke all our eyes out individually ?] Gave us a physical demonstration on how ? left hand under right wrist for extra support . thumb tucked into palm of hand . fingers next to thumb and middle finger splayed into a "V" shape . then he would take a runner at us or one of the patients on the ward ?
What came first the brain disintegration or the mind emplosion don't know not sure ?
The best medical minds at Carstairs Hospital and Broadmoor in England not sure if there is a dark enough diagnostic dictionary for some of it ?. Too dark Too horrible !

Autism Mom

In 2003 a former psychiatrist teaching Ethics in a Public Health graduate program, said she gave up being a psychiatrist because where she practiced (Los Angeles) had only 3 "psych beds" in the whole city. She said she couldn't go on pretending there was a system in place to properly evaluate, let alone treat mental illness. That was two decades ago. Prohibition was enacted and repealed within 13 years, why the hell are we still putting up with liability-protection for a rapacious industry that is causing brain damage?

Natalie Riehl

Jessica - Thank you for your comment. Yes, it's the vaccines; plus the toxins of food, water, air, EMF, which are making recipients crazy or sick. By now, we should realize that it's by design. You are correct, "Our children don't have a chance."

Maurine Meleck

and you can add to your list, "he was often bullied." Classical signs of a troubled youth. It often begins with an unstable home life. I see it here in the apartment complex where I live. Too often a single working parent, kids that drop out of school at 14 or 16 years old and likely no other help from the outside world. Or perhaps a long list of psychiatric drugs from big pharma with little else.

Vicki Hill

I live in TX. My son with ASD also has mental health issues. I can speak from experience.

TX continues to rank 50th out of the 50 states for mental health services. Nearly every mental health hospital where my son got help as a child has since closed. As Gov Abbott said on Wed, for a population of 30 MILLION people, TX has just 1,000 psychiatric beds. So trying to get mental health help for a loved one is extremely difficult, even if the family is very engaged, very pro-active and has good health insurance.

Now...add in a fractured family in a poor community 90 miles from the nearest big city. Few mental health resources available, even if the family knew where to turn. Police or schools can't refer someone for mental health evaluation unless the person is viewed as a danger to self or others AT THE TIME of the police intervention. "See something, say something" is a joke - if the person can't be viewed by a judge as actively a risk at the time of the hearing, he can't even be evaluated for mental health issues.

This isn't just a TX problem. I had a friend in another state. Her adult son with a mental health history was deteriorating. She was very involved, tried to get him into a psych hospital against his will. Twenty-something social worker didn't see it; judge said no. Then he murdered his grandmother in a psychotic episode. Oh, NOW the judge could see it! This is the ludicrous standard - our society counts on "experts" with minimal experience with mental health to make decisions as to whether or not a person needs mental health intervention (against their will) for the safety of those around them. Mental illness itself can rob a person of the ability to make a rational decision as to whether or not he needs mental health help...yet we continue to take the individual's word over that of those around him who provide eyewitness to the deterioration.

jessica mcgovern

the ELEPHANT in the room, is 72 vax by age 18 as recommended by the almighty
CDC, Center for Destroying Children.
Va$$ines destroy the childs mind, parents put them on dangerous brain meds,
this is the cause of school shooting.
Add to that, more poisons in the last 25 years or more.
Fluoridation 1980
GMO glyphosate food 1998
Wifi radiation 2010
Social media ?
Parents addicted to cell phones.
our children dont have a chance.
NATURAL IMMUNITY, HOLISTIC HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, creates happy healthy thriving children.

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