Invitation to Sponsor a Ukrainian Autism Family Coming to Vermont
Just Be Nice


Richard Farretta

I have to believe that many hardcore vaccine believers now have some doubt about the autism vaccine connection now that the vaccine companies have been exposed in a big way through the whole covid debacle. If the initial vaccine did not cause the vaccine believers to doubt, I have to believe the 2,3,4,5............. booster vaccines with accompanying deaths,blood clots,heart attacks, brain injuries ............ has to wake up some folks to the fact that since they have been lied to about the covid mess, then maybe,just maybe they may have been lied to about the autism vaccine connection? Is it just a wishful thinking or could it be more? Time will tell.

Morag Lyons

Autism awareness month ? who invented it in the first place ,don't know not sure ?

Sort of end of one season /year/ age , start of a new month,/Year, looking forwards, not backwards!

Angels from the Ashes know all about it !

Angels from the Ashes Runrig Official - Nokia Theatre You Tube


The correct title should be "Autism Coverup Month."


To hell with autism awarenesss month. Awareness does not mean treatments or financial help for those with a condition. Next month which is May is called Tuberous Sclerosis and Neurofibromatosis "awareness" month. It was only 2 years ago that an FDA approved medicines were finally release for these two rare genetic tumor conditions after decades of research. Selemetinib and Rapamune. are the medicines I was referring to their scientific names.

Still with Trump

Thankfully they have already paid for the first two doses of CV vaccine for ages 6 months to 5 years, even before there has no approval of the vaccine for this age group yet.

They will never stop because they love the children.
Still like this clip from 2012

Bev Johnson

When my grandson a was diagnosed I began the long winding road to find out why. His neurotypical twin sister has a "lazy" eye and gut issues. He regressed into rarely talking, arching his back and screaming for 45 minutes. His mom said "I am spending all my time and energy to help him have the best life possible." I respect that and applaud their wonderful results as he continues to evolve into an amazing human. I'm still finding out why. I will never stop finding out why. It has brought me to a very dark place in which my calling (pediatric nurse) is not what I thought it was/is. IMHO it is the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the ground and grass we walk on. The toxic "stuff" we rub on, inhale, ingest and inject and other wise do to ourselves. We are civilized and it is making us all weak and sick.

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