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Parents Are Watching: Campaign To Halt Pfizer's EUA For Babies And Toddlers

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By Larraine AbbeyKatzev, RN, MS, CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist)


How is it even possible that Pfizer is pursuing FDA authorization and approval to inject even more children with this “poison death shot” as Dr. Vladimir Zelenko calls the COVID-19 shots? They are currently planning on injecting babies 6-months through 4-years with this highly experimental technology, for which we have NO long-term safety data and plenty of short-term damage and horror stories, for children that have virtually zero risk of COVID death or disability.

How does this title strike you? “COVID-19 shots’ effects on fertility, targeting children with social pressure and coercion to get jabbed”: Robert Malone and Candace Owens Interview at

The U.S. has about 73.4 million people from age 0-17. Want to guess how many have died of COVID? CDC reports a total of 1112 as of 3/26/22! While any child death is a tragedy, 1112 children is 0.0015% of our kids—a statistical zero. Multiple researchers report that no healthy kids were among those who died of COVID. Those deaths were children with serious co-morbidities, and some of those deaths may have been WITH COVID rather than FROM it.

So, what could possibly justify risking our entire nation’s 73.4 million children this way? We all know the adage follow the money. Dr. Toby Rogers tells us, “…if Pfizer can get the mRNA shot added to the childhood vaccine schedule, then it will enjoy permanent liability protection under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.” 

The pharmaceutical industry greatly profits by these liability-free, taxpayer-funded vaccines, especially for COVID-19, given their hope to use them repeatedly, and possibly annually, on the entire 7.8 billion population of earth! This appears to explain the aggressive suppression of treatment of any sort, as an emergency use authorization (EUA) cannot legally be granted unless there are no reasonable treatment options.

The manipulation and law breaking in granting these EUAs is breathtaking, and on full display for all to see. Successful early and home treatment are reported all over the internet at such websites as,,,,,

Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, MPH and has estimated that 85% of COVID deaths could have been prevented had this truthful information been promoted instead of censored by the powers-that-be and their lackies in the media. This attempted pharmaceutical capture of mankind represents the greatest crime against humanity in the entirety of world history.

Dr. Rogers shocks the senses in sharing, “Even though Pfizer’s clinical trials of the genetically modified mRNA shot have already failed twice in this age group, Pfizer is planning to submit another application for Emergency Use Authorization…” WHAT? may ask? How is this possible?

Well, the agendas run wide and deep, but these greed-driven pharmaceutical companies offer up the claim that children can transmit COVID-19 to adults who do carry a risk of death. But here’s the catch. Despite many surveys there are virtually zero reports of teachers getting COVID from students, which demonstrates that transmission from children to adults is of little concern; plus, we now know that these shots fail to prevent infection and transmission anyway, and their presumed protection quickly wanes within a few months! Then there’s the well documented fact that COVID-19 deaths are mostly among those above 70 years, with the overwhelming age being 80 and beyond.

Dr. Rogers also says, “We now have to add Moderna into the conversation because they are trying to get their mRNA shot authorized for kids as well — even though it does not work against Covid and has a 15% adverse event rate.

These shots for kids are totally unnecessary, offering nothing but health risk. As Dr. Rogers so aptly points out:

  1. There is no Covid emergency for children under five years old.

Children have a 99.997% recovery rate and a body of medical literature indicates that almost zero healthy children under five years old have died from Covid.

  • A large study conducted in Germany showed zero deaths for children under 5 and a case fatality rate of three out of a million in children without comorbidities.
  • Johns Hopkins study monitoring 48,000 children diagnosed with Covid showed a zero mortality rate in children under 18 without comorbidities.
  • A study in Nature demonstrated that children under 18 with no comorbidities have virtually no risk of death.

Real world evidence shows that after one month, the Pfizer shot was only 12% effective in kids 5 to 11; after 6 weeks vaccine effectiveness was a shocking MINUS 41% (meaning vaccinated children were significantly more likely to catch Covid than the unvaccinated). Recommending a shot with negative efficacy is insanity.

The Moderna mRNA shot… “made no difference in hospitalizations or deaths from Covid in kids. The Moderna mRNA shot caused a 15% adverse event rate and has been linked with myocarditis (which is why Moderna’s application to inject teenagers has been stalled since last June).

In testimony before Senator Ron Johnson’s recent senate hearing entitled, COVID19: A Second Opinion, Peter McCullough, MD, MPH states, “I will tell you as a cardiologist, it is crystal clear that these vaccines cause myocarditis (heart damage) far in excess of what the CDC ever imagined. It is clear the risks of the vaccines are far greater than the risks of COVID-19. Under NO circumstances, under ANY circumstances, should a young person ever receive one of these vaccines, let alone ever be pressured, let alone ever be mandated. When they do MRIs on suspected myocarditis, 100% have heart damage.”

So, we are coerced and possibly mandated to sacrifice our 73 million children and the better part of our 330 million total U.S. population that have many years of life ahead of them, to protect folks that could have largely been protected by early treatment and whose projected remaining life span is in the middle single digits! When have we ever sacrificed children to protect elderly? It has always been the other way around. Weirdest of all, with world leaders and eugenicists predicting climate change and other horrors to result from the impact of what they deem as overpopulation of earth, why would with interfere with the deaths of elderly folks, particularly noting the grim pending bankruptcy of Social Security and Medicare upon which the elderly depend? You would think they’d welcome a pandemic as a population reducer!

Looking back to our little ones, even the recommended kid boosters shots wane after a few months and have little to no benefit against omicron and newer variants. It makes zero scientific sense for Pfizer or Moderna to be granted authorization or approval for any of their COVID shots when early treatment is highly successful.

We’ve all seen break through infections become been rampant after injected doses. Breakthrough infection is the industry’s name for what everyone else calls a failed vaccine. These so-called vaccines are failing all over the world, resulting in more COVID hospitalizations than among the unvaccinated.

After two years of real-life data, we are no longer guessing about the issues with Covid-19 or the vaccines.  We have the information.  We have the numbers.  WE NOW KNOW THAT…

THE COVID-19 VACCINES AND BOOSTER DO NOT WORK! Here are the details at By now you’re likely convinced to keep your child as far away as possible from COVID shots, but for additional reinforcement explore these websites.

CHD – Protect the Kids: Demand the FDA Vote No on EUA for 6 month olds up to 5 years!

CHD – Moderna to Seek Authorization for COVID Shots for Kids Despite No Proven Efficacy Against Omicron (PK)

CHD - 12-Year-Old Suffers Life-Threatening Pericarditis After COVID Jab (PK)

Worst Fears Realized: Pfizer mRNA Transcribes into DNA

Steve Kirsh - “Moderna vaccine for kids 6 months to under 6 years doesn't meet the FDA's own bar

Steve Kirsch - How can they explain any of this data?

Dr. John Campbell - “The Pfizer documents” (PK)



Laura Hayes

Kathy Sincere,

Thank you for sharing the story of the indoctrination of your great niece’s 5 y-o, harrowing as it is. May it serve as a warning for parents.

Hoping you will have time to update us on how things went in CO today at the hearing you mentioned in your post below.

Thank you for your many years of excellent comments here on AoA!

Kathy Sincere

@Angus -

Stuff the Disney Cruise, for sure! The story of your two unvaccinated kiddos looking for a sick day off made me LAUGH!

For anyone who is in Colorado - CO Health Choice Alliance is sponsoring a meeting at the State Capitol tomorrow to educate our legislators.

April 6th, 1:30pm Colorado Capitol for HB22-1100 & Reception

Dear CHCA Supporters,

Our movement is growing. It is time to meet in person and to support each other in solidarity.

On April 6th at 1:30pm, HB22-1100, “Prohibit Discrimination COVID-19 Vaccine Status,” will be heard. We invite you to testify in favor of this excellent bill and to attend a reception in the halls of the Colorado Capitol. This will be a wonderful opportunity to welcome the many newly awakened warriors whom we have been waiting for.

Here’s what you have to look forward to:
On March 16, CHCA attended the Health & Insurance hearing for HB1015, to remove restrictions on doctors for prescribing off-label drugs to treat SARS-CoV-2. While we waited until midnight for the hearing, we met medical professionals who represent the hundreds who have quietly joined our side over the past two years on Informed Consent, Privacy in Medical Choices, and Exemptions. They were articulate, focused, and resolved. Medical professionals. Men. Veterans. Pilots. Iatrogenic Survivors. Widows.

We met a female doctor who started a group of medical freedom physicians…a male doctor who faces a court hearing for prescribing FDA-approved drugs…a female doctor who had her license suspended because the state received a letter of praise from her patient whose life was saved by early treatment…a male doctor willing to go on record explaining how the research on the effectiveness of Ivermectin has been suppressed…a nurse practitioner who has COVID medical kits available…an optometrist pointing to how Ivermectin has been used for eye conditions for years…a lawyer willing to stay all night for a hearing on the truth…and even a pharmacist able to explain the risk-benefit of drugs in comprehensive transparency.

Although HB1015 lost the vote, we witnessed our advancement in this battle for health freedom. Hostile legislators were silenced by the evidence. Supportive legislators were bolder than ever. Truth has won hearts and minds in an unprecedented breakthrough to people of all walks of life. We are no longer able to be diminished as a “vocal minority” of parents. We hold a value system that is now dispersed in every demographic, profession, and political affiliation. We must celebrate this advancement, and form new alliances with those who have joined our ranks. We must harness renewed strength in new friendships and build a powerful coalition with unstoppable momentum.

We invite you to Denver on April 6 at 1:30 to have a reception in the halls of the Colorado Capitol. Introduce yourself to new people. Testify in favor of HB1100. Strategize for the future battles against mandates and digital ID. Most importantly, be present so that you find those like-minded people in your local community. This is our homecoming, unlike the rallies of the past, in a new position of strength. Join us in the People’s House for the goal of camaraderie and a visible representation of how our community has grown.

Angus Files

Thanks Katy that made my day reading of your great great-niece,being unvaccinated.When my two unvaccinated came home one day and said why are we never off sick how do you become sick so we can have days off like our friends do-at that point you think your on the right track.

Well done to your family you have to be very head strong and clear in your head of the facts to buckle under the intimidation.Stuff their Disney Cruise! it aint worth a life of ill health and Im sure the parents and you realise that.
Congrats to the parents.

Pharma For Prison

Kathy Sincere

My great-niece has four unvaccinated children, ages 3-11. The 5-year old stunned her Mom the other day by asking "when are we going to get our shots so we can take our Disney cruise". My great-niece replied that first of all we don't get shots and second we are not taking a Disney cruise.

This child (my great great-niece) was raised in a family of non-vaxxers, so where did the brainwashing start? Conversations overheard at school or in the neighborhood? Perhaps among cousins whose parents are not like-minded regarding vaccines, especially the Covid vaccines. Or perhaps it was a comment by her paternal grandfather, a doctor.

It is a sobering thought that this 5 year old child believes this is the new normal for taking a family vacation. How easy it is to influence and indoctrinate the innocents.

Angus Files

Agree with Bob but left to me they wouldnt get a trial do to them as they have done to others and ours.

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

"This attempted pharmaceutical capture of mankind represents the greatest crime against humanity in the entirety of world history."



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