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Lifting the Veil

Easter SunriseBy Cathy Jameson

...the people who sit in darkness 

have seen a great light,

on those dwelling in a land overshadowed by death

light has arisen...   Matthew 4:16

Darkness.  The last two years have been covered by darkness.  Thoughts, words and deeds, as well as other parts of life as we knew it, were taken over by covid.  In some places in the world, its grip is still pretty tight.  Travel restrictions haven't been completely lifted.  Mask mandates are still being enforced.  Despite the risks, that liability-free covid vaccine is still being required for some.  Those running the covid show are not ready to walk away from what they started.  Nor are they willing to give an inch to the rest of us.  How can we find our way out of the darkness?

By not giving up - even though it feels like every odd is against you.

By keeping one foot in front of the other - even though you've tripped so many times already.

By finding one, just one, tiny positive thing to think about - even though negatives may be all about you.

I keep thinking that at some point, things have to settle back down.  With all the changes the public was forced to make, including the most bizarre ones that have happened, I don't know when that'll happen.  But this time of sacrificing that we've experienced has to end.  Some people aren't waiting for an official end to be declared and have successfully taken a stand.  They've stopped sacrificing their children's mental health, their own jobs, and their family's livelihoods in 'the name of Science'.  They've taken back their rights and are living life as normally as before.  I saw that building up at the beginning of 2022.  I saw that happen through the recent Lenten season also.  

The time of Lent is a season of repentance and reflection of Jesus’ suffering.  It's a purposeful season that builds up to new life and new beginnings.  As this season ends, we celebrate something.  We get to celebrate in hope again!  Covid didn't bring that.  It didn't bring much hope at all when it was ushered in.  What we got was a dangerous agenda that brought death and destruction.  No wonder its grip is so tight.  No wonder so many have said, "Jesus, come quickly!" when they think about how changed life is now compared to what it was just a few short years ago. 

For those who celebrate Easter, today's the day to rejoice in everlasting hope.  It isn't the second coming of Jesus, like some people are actively praying for, but it's the day we remember that He has indeed risen.  Today we remember not just that life here matters but that life after death matters so much more.  The suffering we live now, and how we handle it, impacts life eternal.  With that, I'm turning any suffering moment around for good, including the last two years of forced suffering.  May be you're doing that, too.  

Any chance I can say a quick prayer, I do.  And when I pray, I am re-energized. 

Any chance I can turn my disappointment into a quick learning moment, I do.  And when I learn, I can do better next time. 

Any chance I can help another person gain an ounce of good, I help.  There is a time for suffering, but it should never be at the hands of another.    CJ dark to light

The veil of darkness is heavy, especially when someone else is pulling that veil over you.  It can weigh down every decision and every action that needs to be made.  May the light of Easter that shines brightly across the world today lift some of the weight you may be under.  May it also bring you a sense of peace, even if only for a brief moment.  

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 



My favorite Easter quote, given here in honor of all the parents whose self-sacrificing love reminds me of Christ’s cross:
Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people,
And ALLELUIA is our song! (Pope St John Paul II)

How often I have seen Ronan’s parents seemingly reach the end of their limit. Yet in the next instant, they reach into their Faith, into their Love, into their Hope. Thank God for being the Easter people for our children.


Thank you Cathy, happy Easter to all there. Unfortunately the news in Canada just seems to get worse by the day. We are the only country that dues not allow it’s unvaccinated citizens to fly even within our own country, even if you’ve already had Covid (antibodies). And there was a recent announcement of a partnership of our major airline (Air Canada) with WEF and digital ID/social credit system. Help! Very dark indeed.


Good news in California!

California delays COVID-19 vaccine mandate for schoolchildren until 2023
Under 34% of California children between the ages of 5-11 have received the vaccine

"Newsom said he was waiting for final approval from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulators to enforce the mandate."
""So based on these two facts — we don't have full FDA approval, and we recognize the implementation challenges that schools and school leaders would face — that we are not moving to have a vaccine requirement for schools in this coming academic year and no sooner than July 2023," California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly explained in an interview."
"A bill that would have blocked students from using the personal belief exemption to avoid the vaccine is being held by Democratic Sen. Richard Pan. "

Could The High Wire's Sunday STOP THE MANDATES rally in their capital city have had anything to do with this about face?

Hold the line. Stay vigilant!

Wonderful Easter concert:
Sinach at Easter! Live


Meant "Cathy"

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you! Joyous Easter to you and yours, Cathy, and everyone!


Cathy-You have written another very inspirational and beautiful article. Jesus is the light and today we celebrate his Resurrection into Heaven. Happy and Blessed Easter to you and your wonderful family.


Thank you Kathy! Beautifully written.

This song sums it up...
Acappella - Be Ye Glad

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